Monday, December 9, 2019

What happens when you run amuck of the social media censors? A personal experience!

Free speech is the lifeblood of civil society.  Without it there is nothing but fear, intimidation and tyranny.

Today I was locked out of my Facebook page and I documented what happened on my blog.

Facebook locked me out today (12/09/2019) and attempted to intimidate me over these posts

 However, when I went to post the blog on my FB page, I got this message from FB:

Your post goes against our Community Standards on spam.  No one else can see your post. We have these standards to prevent things like false advertising, fraud and security breaches. 
We don't allow people to use misleading or inaccurate information to get likes, followers or shares.

We define spam as things like:

• Artificially increasing content distribution to make money • Requiring people to like, share or recommend content before they can view it • Pretending to be someone else
LOL, I get it.  FB censors have declared war on me.

Facebook locked me out today (12/09/2019) and attempted to intimidate me over these posts

I was briefly locked out of my Facebook page today and this is some seriously scary censorship and intimidation shit.  FB demanded that that I change my password and then proceeded to list a bunch of recent posts spanning 19 hours while asking me if I wanted to delete the posts.  I refused to delete any posts because I hadn't posted anything that was offensive or violated FB's notorious community standards.  Then FB also listed my responses to posts on the pages of my FB friends or responses to their comments on my posts while again asking if I wanted to remove the response.  Again, I refused.

Here's is the list of my recent posts that triggered FB censors and targeted me for intimidation, after 19 hours of intense FB censorship scrutiny:

Judy Morris Authorities searching for unaccounted Saudi nationals following Pensacola shooting #SaudiArabia #PensacolaTerrorAttack #DOD #Pentagon Armed jihadis are roaming America and they are here because Ameri... • 3 hours ago

Judy Morris Barr Approves Unredacting #ChristopherSteele Information Ahead of #IGReport Release The IG report is 400 pages. How do we know? Because it's already been mostly leaked to the Dems and media. Bar... • 3 hours ago

Judy Morris Ken Starr says #NancyPelosi engaging in ‘abuse of power’ and Senate may have to dismiss #Impeachment case #Democrats Starr knows a lot about impeachment! • 3 hours ago

Judy Morris Who Is Making US Foreign Policy?....An anti-neocon president appears to have been surrounded by neocons in his own administration. #TrumpForeignPolicy #Neocons • 4 hours ago

Judy Morris updated her status. The much awaited #InspectorGeneralMichaelHorowitz #FISA report is supposed to be released at 1:00 p.m. today. However, most of it has already been leaked and the Dems are supposedly breathing a sigh... • 4 hours ago

Judy Morris Alan Dershowitz to Mark Levin: Democrats Are Using Soviet Tactics to Take Down Donald Trump #Democrats #Impeachment • 4 hours ago

Judy Morris #Democrats Want To Monitor Credit Card Purchases To "Pre-crime" Red Flag Your Guns Away #GunRights #2ndAmendment • 5 hours ago

Judy Morris Paul Sperry @paulsperry_ BREAKING: New report on impeachment by Rep. Nadler relies on Lawrence Tribe as constitutional expert. Tribe is positing scheme to remove Trump by exploiting loophole in Senate... • 5 hours ago

Judy Morris 'Deadly Delusions': Europe's Deradicalization Programs You can't de-radicalize these folks; they are indoctrinated in western nations in mosques funded by #SaudiArabia and #SunniWahhabists. Mosques... • 5 hours ago

Judy Morris #ElizabethWarren’s “Foreign Policy”...Warren is a walking, talking establishment and neocon foreign policy bromide. • 5 hours ago

Judy Morris Breaking: Ukrainian Official Reveals Six Criminal Cases Opened in Ukraine Involving the Bidens #JoeBiden #HunterBiden #Ukraine #Burisma • 6 hours ago

Judy Morris #NATO No Longer Serves American Interests #AbolishNATO NATO is the private military of globalists, natural resource thieves and one world government advocates. • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris Infographic: The World's Biggest Arms Companies • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris Schiff, AOC Lambasted for Misrepresenting Trump Admin's New Food Stamp Rules • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris Schiff’s ‘#Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Held Mysterious Meeting in #Obama’s White House in September 2016 Likely Covering #Ukraine and #GeorgeSoros Groups • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris Impeach Trump Because of…Slavery? Now slavery is Trump's fault! • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris #Transgender Demands Are An Attack On Real #HumanRights.. It is not a human right for a grown man with male genitals to shower next to girls at the gym • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris Shocking photo of #JeffreyEpstein, #HarveyWeinstein and #GhislaineMaxwell attending Princess Beatrice's £400,000 Victorian-themed 'coming-of-age' 18th birthday party piles fresh pressure on #PrinceAnd... • 7 hours ago Judy Morris updated her status.

Paul Sperry @paulsperry_ Still waiting for statements from Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib condemning the Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. military installation in Florida and for statements of... • 17 hours ago

Judy Morris updated her status. “If Biden somehow gets the nomination this time, the Progressives will go berserk...If Trump then wins the general election, the Progressives will go full metal jacket. They’ll go hard left, the Repub... • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris The Next Pearl Harbour? China's Gold-backed Crypto Currency Will Blindside US Dollar • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris updated her status. Senator Rick Scott and former FL governor tweets: I'm very concerned that the shooter in Pensacola was a foreign national training on a US base. Today, I’m calling for a full review of the US milit... • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris updated her status. Paul Sperry @paulsperry_ BREAKING NEWS: US Marshals helping track down as many as 10 Saudi nat'ls who have gone missing since Fri's terrorist attack on Pensacola air station, as fed investigators susp... • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris Portland Eyes Forcing Private Property Owners to Provide 'Resting' Spots for the City's Homeless Translation: Squatters will have a legal right to camp out on your property. It's the abolition of... • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris Trump impeachment effort is about more than just protecting Obama and Clinton #Democrats #Impeachment "There have been numerous disclosures revealing that the Democrats were planning Trump's impeach... • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris California School Has “Condom Race” Where 10-Year-Old Girls Learn How to Put On Condoms Our culture is sick and debauched. • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris Hongkongers Are Fighting To Keep What They Have #HongKong "The protests in Hong Kong, which started in early June, were sparked by a bill that would have allowed China and Taiwan to extradite suspec... • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris U.S. Wage Growth Eclipses Mortgage Rate for First Time Since 1972 #TrumpEconomy "The U.S. economy reached an important milestone in October that ought to put it on a more sustainable footing going f... • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris Criminals LOVE gun control and disarmed citizens. • 21 hours ago

Judy Morris Medicare and Medicaid Destroyed Healthcare • 21 hours ago

Judy Morris Columnist: Schiff is spying on political, media foes in ‘stunning abuse of power’ #AdamSchiff #Impeachment • 21 hours ago

Judy Morris GUN CONTROL FAIL: PENSACOLA SHOOTER OBTAINED FIREARM ‘LEGALLY’… #SaudiArabia #PensacolaTerrorAttack This makes me sick! We still don't know how the shooter got on base with his firearm(s). The US m... • 21 hours ago

Judy Morris updated her status. Nadler Goes for it!..House Judiciary Report Implicates Trump in Ultimate Crime..‘Treason’ Breitbart Headlines #Impeachment #Democrats Treason carries the death penalty. • 21 hours ago

Here are my responses to posts on the pages of my FB friends or my response to the comments of FB friends to one of my posts.  This apparently triggered FB again.

Judy Morris replied to Doug Wickersham's comment. The only good thing is that alternate media is growing; folks understand that MSM is fake news and propaganda. • 4 hours ago

Judy Morris commented on Doug Wickersham's photo. Cute dude! • 4 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Doug Wickersham's comment. Judge Nap has turned on Trump. • 4 hours ago

I can't see ALL COMMENTS...FB selectively allows certain comments. If I click ALL COMMENTS, they all disappear. • 5 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Wayne Black's comment. Wayne Black Biden is doing well in states with significant black populations like SC and that because he's viewed as the reincarnation of Obama. His name recognition factor is huge and most voters re... • 5 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Wayne Black's comment. Wayne Black I don't know...he's still leading in the polls and by a lot. • 6 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Pete Mountanos's comment. John Houlgate Antifa and AOC seem to be the face of the Democratic Party...ruthlessly totalitarian, intolerant and evil. • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to David Barrow's comment. Christopher Fortner The censorship is getting worse on FB and Twitter. • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Susan Eldridge's comment. Who is in this pix besides Epstein? • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Pete Mountanos's comment. The Dems used to care about the middle class and civil liberties but that was decades ago. Yeah, I do believe that the R's don't give a crap about civil liberties either but they aren't nearly as hor... • 7 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Wayne Black's comment. He's clearly losing it but that is typical of loose cannon Biden. • 8 hours ago

Judy Morris commented on Rob Tolp's post. The only thing missing is big piles of shit in the streets. • 8 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Afi James's comment. Hating Pelosi won't get rid of her as Speaker of the House. Electing Trump in 2020 should flip the House back to the R's. • 17 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Andre Yashin's comment. Colleges used to focus on serious stuff but once the government stepped in and started funding all kinds of dubious nonsense erroneously labeled 'education' then colleges went to hell in a hand baske... • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Danny de Gracia II's comment. I wonder if this is taxpayer funded 'art'. Remember The Piss Christ and the Virgin Mary Covered in Elephant Dung horrors that were dubbed 'art'. Turns out they were funded with tax dollars. • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Terri Kurowski's comment. Terri Kurowski I know and it totally pisses me off. Earlier I posted: The REAL reason we have #SunniSalafistWahhabists from #SaudiArabia committing terror on US military bases? The Saudis spend a t... • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Brandi Wilson Docev's comment. ‘FBI director helped cover up Saudi role in 9/11 terror plot’ • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Brandi Wilson Docev's comment. I don't believe the FBI; hell they covered for the Saudis after 911. Paul Sperry is a REAL investigative journalist with a very high level of credibility. • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Rob Tolp's comment. I think it's the job of the folks in CA to impeach Schiff and Pelosi but we both know that will never happen. GRR! • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Terri Kurowski's comment. It's insane! The US is training jihadists on military bases. Our soldiers are disarmed on military bases but jihadis are not. • 18 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Afi Keita James's comment. We also need to stop selling military weapons to rogue nations like Saudi Arabia. • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Barry Hess's comment. Since when does government like anything that is VOLUNTARY? • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Afi Keita James's comment. Anytime the government interferes in anything, it gets worse. • 19 hours ago

Judy Morris replied to Susan Eldridge's comment. Agree, I'd be pulling my kids out of those schools run by perverts. • 19 hours ago

Sunday, June 30, 2019

America, a big country with low population density, How many people do we want?

One of the great things about America is that we are still pretty much a wide open low population density country.

How big is America? We are a whopping 3.7 million square miles and the 3rd largest nation on earth in terms of landmass size, behind #1 Russia with 6.6 million square miles and Canada with 3.8 million square millions.  However, much of Canada is a frozen tundra that is un-hospitable to human life.

What does size and population mean?  It means a lot because population density definitely affects the quality of life so let's look at some stats.

Nation               Square Miles In Millions        Population In Millions (2019 estimates)
Russia                6.6 million                             144 million
Canada               3.8                                           37 million
USA                   3.8                                         329 million
China                 3.7                                          1.4 billion
Brazil                 3.3                                         212 million
Australia            2.9                                           25 million
India                  1.2                                          1.35 billion
Argentina          1,1                                             45 million


Several things jump out.  China which is close in landmass size to the US has over 4 times the population.  Astoundingly, India is 1/3 the size of the US but has 4 times the population.

On a Wikipedia list of nations ranked by population density, America ranks 146 out of 194, here.

The population of the world is 7.5 billion and total landmass excluding Antarctica is 52 million square miles.  India and China alone comprise 37% (2.75 billion) of the global population while occupying a significantly smaller percentage of the global landmass.

Extreme poverty is widespread in India and China yet both nations have implemented economic policies that have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty.  Photos like this are not uncommon for nations with huge populations.

While deplorable high density slums are common sights in China and India, extreme poverty is actually decreasing.

India’s pulled at least 170 million people out of poverty since 1990

In a little over two decades, starting in 1990, India pulled the second-most number of people in the world out of poverty. And the country is not done yet, as until 2020, it will lead the pack with its stunning GDP growth numbers exceeding 7% annually.
Despite reservations about the accuracy of its growth numbers, Asia’s third-largest economy is batting in the big league, according to a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report released today (Sept. 12). It is ranked among 18 “outperforming” emerging economies that have cumulatively lifted a billion people out of extreme poverty between 1990 and 2013.

MGI’s study involved a 50-year (1965-2016) analysis of 71 countries.

India made the second-biggest impact by pulling 170 million people out of poverty between 1990 and 2013, reducing the number of its citizens living in extreme poverty by 25%. During the same period, life expectancy in the country rose by more than a decade.

China topped the chart with 730 million people.
Capitalism is making the world less poor and that's a good thing.  But let's get back to America.  America has never experienced high density populations and extreme impoverishment, although video clips of the homeless in CA are indeed alarming.  Still, the worst impoverishment in America is nowhere near as extreme or pervasive as it is elsewhere.

With immigration becoming a big issue in America, we need to ask ourselves this: How do we envision the future of America and what will we look like as our population expands or explodes?  It's a valid question.  Will more and more of our cities look like San Francisco and Los Angeles?  What are the social costs of alleviating poverty?  How does mass migration and open borders affect our poverty levels as well as demands for more extensive and expensive social services?  That's a tax burden forced upon the native population.

Do Americans want to remain a low density population nation with considerable open spaces or do we want to explode our population and eventually look like China or India?

Obviously, the decisions we make now relative to immigration will permanently affect how we live and what America will eventually become.

With 7.5 billion folks on the planet, many of them would do anything to get to America.   Frankly, I can't blame them because who wouldn't want a better life in a better country?   However, when a better life for someone else decreases the quality of the lives of our own citizens, that's a huge issue and a big problem.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with racism or nativism but everything to do with maintaining the quality of life for Americans. You can't import the 3rd world without becoming the 3rd world.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Howard Schultz, NEOCON, & a clear and present danger to America.

Listening to Howard Schultz, the billionaire former Starbucks CEO, can be surprisingly refreshing.  There is a lot to like about what he says including criticism of Medicaid for All which he has called unaffordable.  Schultz has also called our monstrous debt the "greatest threat domestically to the country".

Howard Schultz: The $21 trillion national debt is the ‘greatest threat domestically to the country’

“I think the greatest threat domestically to the country is this $21 trillion debt hanging over the cloud of America and future generations,” Schultz tells CNBC.

He also says “the economy is strong” and gives Trump “some” credit for the gains.

Despite his criticism for the corporate tax cuts, Schultz also had choice words for what he characterized as the increasingly left-leaning economic policies of the Democratic Party.

“I will say that it concerns me that so many voices within the Democratic Party are going so far to the left, and I ask myself how are we going to pay for all these things in terms of things like single payer [health care],” he said.

“I don’t think that’s realistic,” Schultz added.
Schultz is a classic rags to riches American success story.  He grew up poor in the projects of Brooklyn and literally achieved the American dream. Although Schultz is critical of Trump's tax cuts, he's also opposed to the 70% tax rates proposed by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez aka Occasional Cortex (AOC).  AOC, a self avowed socialist-Marxist who birthed the Green New Deal, attacked the self made billionaire.

Ocasio-Cortez Slams Schultz Asking Why Billionaires Aren't 'Told to Work Their Way Up,' Prompting Some to Point Out His Background
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) responded to criticism from former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Wednesday by wondering on Twitter, “Why don’t people ever tell billionaires who want to run for President that they need to ‘work their way up’ or that ‘maybe they should start with city council first’?” 
Her tweet was in response to Schultz’s comments criticizing her proposed tax increases on the wealthy and even citing them as the reason he’s considering a 2020 presidential run as an Independent rather than a Democrat.
Schultz is a lifelong Democrat and compared to the current crop of socialist-Marxist Dems who have tossed their hats into the 2020 POTUS ring, Schultz is definitely a moderate.  As a businessman he understand the economy, job creation and a lot of what is needed to lift the poor out of poverty.

As an independent voter who voted for Trump, I'd conclude that there is a lot to like about Schultz.

However, the dude has one FATAL FLAW, he's a neocon who likes and respects Trump hating Bill Kristol.  Schultz tweeted on Feb. 14, 2019:

Howard Schultz ‏ Verified account @HowardSchultz Feb 14 More A fantastic conversation with @BillKristol at the Philadelphia @FreeLibrary tonight. Thank you to all those who attended!

Anybody who would even been seen with the evil rat bastard Bill Kristol is probably a Never Trumper and a dangerous neocon.  Kristol is a diehard neocon warmongering psycho.   Schultz has foreign policy views that are definitely more aligned with Kristol and the interests of Israel.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on the Nation's Biggest Issues
Schultz called the decision to pull out of Syria a strategic mistake that was not in the interest of the country. First, Trump did not communicate with U.S. allies Jordan and Israel, he said. Second, he didn’t listen to military advisers like Secretary of Defense General Jim Mattis to fully understand the consequences related to leaving. 
By leaving, Russia and Iran get a stronghold in the region, and the U.S. won’t discover the full effects of that for years to come, Schultz said.
Is Schultz a neocon Israeli Firster who is determined to wage war on Iran?  It would appear so.

As an antiwar activist who voted for Trump because I thought he would be less dangerous on the foreign policy front than Hillary Clinton, a proven Saudi Stooge and neocon, I'm hardly happy with Trump on foreign policy but still view Trump as less aggressively neocon than Hillary.  She destroyed Libya and Syria to appease her Saudi-Israeli masters, and even bragged about murdering Qadaffi.  Moreover, I believe that the real axis of evil on the planet today is the US-Israeli-Saudi Alliance because it not only promotes endless Middle East wars but it also spreads the evil known as Sunni Salafist Wahhabism, the sect of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia and spreading everywhere.  15 of the 19 911 terrorists were Saudi nationals and there is ample evidence that Saudi Arabia and/or rich Saudis funded that horrific deed.

While Schultz may be the sanest Democrat running or considering running for president, he's said that he will NOT run as a Democrat but as an independent.  Obviously, that has caused liberals and Dems to stroke out because if Scultz were to run as an independent he would indeed peel off a lot of independents and moderate Dems.  Right now the Democrat POTUS field consists of lunatics who are all out trying to 'Out Bernie Bernie' by offering even higher taxes, more government powers and the nationalization of many industries and even the entire economy.

What America really needs is a massive dose of LESS government enshrined in the principles of peace (end the damn wars), liberty (restore civil liberties & abolish the surveillance state) and prosperity (lower taxes and regulations to propel free markets).

Schulz isn't the answer - he would just feed the military industrial complex and its endless, murderous wars.

However, for anybody who loves US wars, death and destruction, Schultz is your candidate.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

#Facebook is Censoring Posts on the Green New Deal and Meat Being Banned

When I attempted to post a Daily Caller link on the Green New Deal on Facebook, it was flagged as offensive and would not post!  It's a harmless link that calls out the Green New Deal for its clear  intent to ban meat and dairy foods in a radical move to not only criminalize what we are used eating but to radically control what we will be permitted to eat.

Here's the offending link:


The Green New Deal isn’t just a climate change manifesto targeting U.S. energy, it also looks to drastically change how food is produced and, ultimately, what Americans eat.
“I think it’s pretty clear they want to change people’s consumption habits,” Nic Loris, an energy economist at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey introduced highly anticipated Green New Deal bills in early February, calling for “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions within 10 years through a radical transformation of America. The bills also call for a slew of new social justice and welfare programs totally unrelated to global warming.

The accompanying FAQ’s reference to eliminating “farty cows” sent ranchers into a panic, fearing Democrats were taking aim at their livelihoods. Environmentalists have targeted the beef industry for years, and concern over methane only gave activists more ammunition.

“Livestock will be banned,” Wyoming GOP Sen. John Barrasso, who represents lots of cattle ranchers, warned on the Senate floor after the Green New Deal was introduced. “Say goodbye to dairy, to beef, to family farms, to ranches.”

“Farty” was eventually deleted — in fact, most of the methane cows emit is from burping, not farting. The entire gaffe-riddled FAQ was eventually taken offline by Ocasio-Cortez’s staff amid the ridicule.

Speaking the truth about the Green New Deal is verboten on Fascistbook!  However, I did successfully post the link on Twitter.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Government Healthcare, Reaper Curve, the Complete Lives System and Healthcare RATIONING

The issues of late term abortion and post birth infanticide/abortion are now embraced by the Democratic Party.  Of course it's gruesome, genocidal, barbarous, savage and grotesquely immoral.  However, it's also the next related issue that is currently getting attention: Who is next? Well, the answer is obvious as it's the old and chronically ill who will be targeted next for planned extermination.

Sound familiar?  It should because the Nazis were the last folks to implement human extermination as a matter of government policy. 

Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel and brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has been dubbed the godfather and chief architect of Obamacare.  Rahm is a very close friend and associate of Barack Obama, as well as a former Obama Chief of Staff.  Dr. Emmanuel also developed what is known as the Complete Lives System.  Basically, it's a system of bureaucratic healthcare rationing wherein the old, chronically ill and 'expensive to maintain' will be denied healthcare services because they are expendable and viewed as worthless garbage because they are no longer tax contributors but significant tax eaters.

The American Thinker did an excellent job of explaining the Complete Lives System aka The Reaper Curve.

Ezekiel Emmanuel's Reaper Curve
Ezekiel Emanuel has written extensively, before and after he helped draft ObamaCare, about who should get medical care, who should decide, and whose life is worth saving. Emanuel is part of a school of thought that redefines a physician’s duty, insisting that it includes working for the greater good of society instead of focusing only on a patient’s needs....
In numerous writings, Emanuel chastises physicians for thinking only about their own patient's needs. He describes it as an intractable problem: "Patients were to receive whatever services they needed, regardless of its cost. Reasoning based on cost has been strenuously resisted; it violated the Hippocratic Oath, was associated with rationing, and derided as putting a price on life. . . . Indeed, many physicians were willing to lie to get patients what they needed from insurance companies that were trying to hold down costs." (JAMA, May 16, 2007).

Of course, patients hope their doctors will have that singleminded devotion. But Emanuel believes doctors should serve two masters, the patient and society, and that medical students should be trained "to provide socially sustainable, cost-effective care."
Whenever you hear the words 'socially sustainable', it's a big red flag that screams genocide.  Medical care under socialized medicine is defined as a 'medical intervention' and only certain folks are worthy of that intervention.  Who makes life and death decisions regarding who lives, who dies and who gets medical 'interventions'?  Government bureaucrats of course! 

Obamacare was never anything but a back door to a government controlled single payer heathcare system.  Be careful what you wish for!  Meanwhile, a nationalized single payer healthcare system is being marketed by Democrats as a human right and voters are buying it.  According to nearly every poll, Americans want the government to nationalize the healthcare system into a single payer system.

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