Friday, December 2, 2011

The Great Duck Dinner

Chapter 23 of The Creature From Jekyll Island (The Creature) is titled The Great Duck Dinner. If Americans want to understand what has gone wrong in America, look no further than Griffin's incredible parable about the Great Duck Dinner.

Are human indistinguishable from ducks? Our actions say yes. Our masters say yes. If we are ducks it's because we choose to be ducks.

Excerpted from The Creature

The story is told of a New England farmer with a small pond in his pasture. Each summer, a group of wild ducks would frequent that pond but, try as he would, the farmer could never catch one. No matter how early in the morning he approached, or how carefully he constructed a blind, or what kind of duck call he tried, somehow those crafty birds sensed the danger and managed to be out of range. Of course, when fall arrived, the ducks headed South, and the farmer’s craving for a duck dinner only intensified.

Then he got an idea. Early in the spring, he started scattering corn along the edge of the pond. The ducks liked the corn and, since it was always there, they soon gave up dipping and foraging for food of their own. After a while, they became used to the farmer and began to trust him. They could see he was their benefactor and they now walked close to him with no sense of fear. Life was so easy, they forgot how to fly. But that was unimportant, because they were now so fat they couldn’t have gotten off the water even if they had tried.

Fall came, and the ducks stayed. Winter came and the pond froze. The farmer built a shelter to keep them warm. The ducks were happy because they didn’t have to fly. And the farmer was especially happy because, each week all winter long, he had a delicious duck dinner.

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