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Neocon Panic and Agony is one of my favorite blogs and The Saker writes some great foreign policy articles for the website.  According to Russian Insider who also publishes articles of The Saker, ""The Saker" is a pseudonym for a top level American military analyst who lives in Florida...".  The Saker has a blog, here.

Anyway, I'm posting an article titled Neocon Panic and Agony by The Saker in its entirely because it's worth reading and dives deeply into the geopolitics of a region that can't seem to ever escape war and misery - the Middle East .  Saker legitimately raises the issue that Trump cannot forge a new foreign policy in the Middle East so long as he commits to appeasing Israel.

Neocon Panic and Agony

There are clear signs that the Neocons running the AngloZionist Empire and its “deep state” are in a state of near panic and their actions indicate they are truly terrified.

The home front

One the home front, the Neocons have resorted to every possible dirty trick on the book to try to prevent Donald Trump from ever getting into the White House: they have

*organized riots and demonstrations (some paid by Soros money)

*encouraged the supporters of Hillary to reject the outcome of the elections (“not my President”)

*tried to threaten the Electors and make them either cast a vote for Hillary or not vote at all

*tried to convince Congress to refuse the decision of the Electoral College and

*they are now trying to get the elections annulled on the suspicion that the (apparently almighty) Russian hackers have compromised the election outcome (apparently even in states were paper ballots were used) and stolen it in favor of Trump.

That is truly an amazing development, especially considering how Hillary attacked Trump for not promising to recognize the outcome of the elections. She specifically said that Trump’s lack of guarantees to recognize the outcome would threaten the very basis of the stability of the US political system and now she, and her supporters, are doing everything in their power to do just that, to throw the entire electoral process into a major crisis with no clear path towards resolution. Some say that the Democrats are risking a civil war. Considering that several key Republican Congressmen have said they do support the notion of an investigation into the “Russian hackers” fairy tale, I submit that the Republicans are doing exactly the same thing, that this is not a Democrat vs Republican issue, but a “deep state vs The People of the USA” issue.

Most experts agree that none of these tactics are going to work. So this begs the question of whether the Neocons are stupid, whether they think that they can succeed or what their true objective is.

My guess is that first and foremost what is taking place now is what always happens when the Neocons run into major trouble: they double down, again. And again. And again. That is one of the key characteristics of their psychological make-up: they cannot accept defeat or, even less so, that they were wrong, so each time reality catches up to their ideological delusions, they automatically double-down. Still, they might rationalize this behavior by a combination of hope that maybe one of these tricks will work, with the strong urge to do as much damage to President-Elect Trump before he actually assumes his office. I would never underestimate the vicious vindictiveness of these people. 

What is rather encouraging is Trump’s reaction to all this: after apparently long deliberations he decided to nominate Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of Defense. From a Neocon point of view, if General Michael Flynn was bad, then Tillerson was truly an apocalyptic abomination: the man actually had received the order of “Friend of Russia” from the hands of Vladimir Putin himself!

Did Trump not realize how provocative this nomination was and how it would be received by the Neocons? Of course he did! That was, on his part, a totally deliberate decision. If so, then this is a very, very good sign.

I might be mistaken, but I get the feeling that Trump is willing to accept the Neocon challenge and that he will fight back. For example, his reaction to the CIA accusations about Russian hackers was very telling: he reminded everybody that “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction”. I think that it is now a safe bet to say that as soon as Trump take control heads will roll at the CIA.
[Sidebar: is it not amazing that the CIA is offering its opinion about some supposed Russian hacking during the elections in the USA? Since when does the CIA have any expertise on what is going on inside the USA? I thought the CIA was only a foreign intelligence agency. And since when does the CIA get involved in internal US politics? Yes, of course, savvy observers of the USA have always known that the CIA was a key player in US politics, but now the Agency apparently does not even mind confirming this openly. I don't think that Trump will have the guts and means to do so but, frankly, he would be much better off completely dissolving the CIA. Of course, that could get Trump killed – messing with the Fed and the CIA are two unforgivable crimes in the USA – but then again Trump is already very much at risk anyway, so he might as well strike first].

On the external front 

On the external front, the big development is the liberation of Aleppo by Syrian forces. In that case again, the Neocons tried to double-down: they made all sorts of totally unsubstantiated claims about executions and atrocities while the BBC, always willing to pick up the correct line, published an article about how much the situation in Aleppo is similar to what took place in Srebrenica. Of course, there is one way in which the events in Aleppo and Srebrenica are similar: in both cases the US-backed Takfiris lost and were defeated by government forces and in both cases the West unleashed a vicious propaganda war to try to turn the military defeat of its proxies into a political victory for itself. In any case, the last-ditch propaganda effort failed and preventing the inevitable and Aleppo was completely liberated.

The Empire did score one success: using the fact that most of the foreign forces allied to the Syrians (Hezbollah, Iranian Pasdaran, Russian Spetsnaz, etc.) were concentrated around Aleppo, the US-backed Takfiris succeeded in breaking the will of the Syrians, many of whom apparently fled in panic, and first surrounded and then eventually reoccupied Palmyra. This will be short lived success as I completely agree with my friend Alexander Mercouris who says that Putin will soon liberate Palmyra once again, but until this happens the reoccupation of Palmyra is rather embarrassing for the Syrians, Iranians and Russians.

It seems exceedingly unlikely to me that the Daesh movement towards Palmyra was undetected by the various Syrian, Iranian and Russian intelligence agencies (at least once source reports that Russian satellites did detect it) and I therefore conclude that a deliberate decision was made to temporarily sacrifice Palmyra in order to finally liberate Aleppo. Was that the correct call?

Definitely yes. Contrary to the western propaganda, Aleppo, not Raqqa, has always been the real “capital” of the US backed terrorists. Raqqa is a relatively small town: 220,000+ inhabitants versus 2,000,000+ for Aleppo, making Aleppo about ten times larger than Raqqa. As for tiny Palmyra, its population is 30,000+. So the choice between scrambling to plug the holes in the Syrian defenses around Palmyra and liberating Aleppo was a no-brainer. Now that Aleppo has been liberated, the city has to be secured and major engineering efforts need to be made in order to prepare it for an always possible Takfiri counter-attack. But it is one thing to re-take a small desert town and quite another one to re-take a major urban center. I personally very much doubt that Daesh & Co. will ever be in control of Aleppo again. Some Neocons appear to be so enraged by this defeat that they are now accusing Trump of “backing Iran” (I wish he did!).

The tiny Palmyra was given a double-function by the Neocon propaganda effort: to eclipse the “Russian” (it was not solely “Russian” at all, but never mind that) victory in Aleppo and to obfuscate the “US” (it was not solely “US” at all, but never mind that) defeat in Mosul. A hard task for the tiny desert city for sure and it is no wonder that this desperate attempt also failed: the US lead coalition in Mosul still looks just about as weak as the Russian lead coalition looks strong in Aleppo.

Any comparison between these two battles is simply embarrassing for the USA: not only did the US-backed forces fail to liberate Mosul from Daesh & Co. but they have not even full encircled the city or even managed to penetrate beyond its furthest suburbs. There is very little information coming out of Mosul, but after three months of combat the entire operation to liberate Mosul seems to be an abject failure, at least for the time being. I sincerely hope that once Trump takes office he will finally agree to work not only with Russia, but also with Iran, to finally get Daesh out of Mosul. But if Trump delivers on his promise to AIPAC and the rest of the Israel Lobby gang to continue to antagonize and threaten Iran, the US can basically forget any hopes of defeating Daesh in Iraq.

Our of despair and spite, the US propaganda vilified Russia for the killing of civilians in Aleppo while strenuously avoiding any mention of civilian victims in Mosul. But then, the same propaganda machine which made fun of the color of the smoke coming out of the engines of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (suggesting that she was about to break down) had to eat humble pie when it was the US navy’s most expensive and newest destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, which broke down in the Panama canal and had to be immobilzed, while the Kuznetsov continued to do a very good job supporting Russian operations in Syria.

Over and over again, the AngloZionist propaganda machine has failed to obfuscate the embarrassing facts on the ground and it now clearly appears that the entire US policy for the Middle-East is in total disarray and that the Neocons are as clueless as they are desperate.

The countdown to January 20th

It is pretty obvious that the Neocon reign is coming to an end in a climax of incompetence, hysterical finger-pointing, futile attempts at preventing the inevitable and a desperate scramble to conceal the magnitude of the abject failure which Neocon-inspired policies have resulted in. Obama will go down in history as the worst and most incompetent President in US history. As for Hillary, she will be remembered as both the worst US Secretary of State the US and the most inept Presidential candidate ever.

In light of the fact that the Neocons always failed at everything they attempted, I am inclined to believe that they will probably also fail at preventing Donald Trump from being sworn in. But until January 20th, 2017 I will be holding my breath in fear of what else these truly demented people could come up with.

As for Trump, I still can’t figure him out. On one hand he nominates Rex Tillerson in what appears to be a deliberate message of defiance against the Neocons, while on the other hand he continues to try to appease the Israel Lobby gang by choosing a rabid Zionist of the worst kind, David M. Friedman, as the next US ambassador to Israel. Even worse then that, Donald Trump still does not appear to be willing to recognize the undeniable fact that the US will never defeat Daesh as long as the anti-Iranian stance of the Neocons is not replaced by a real willingness to engage Iran and accept it as a partner and ally.

Right now the Trump rhetoric simply makes no sense: he wants to befriend Russia while antagonizing China and he wants to defeat Daesh while threatening Iran again. This is lunacy. Still, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but somebody sure needs to educate him on the geopolitical realities out there before he also end up making a total disaster of US foreign policy.

And yet, I still have a small hope.

My hope is that the latest antics of the Neocons will sufficiently aggravate and even enrage Trump to a point where he will give up on his futile attempts at appeasing them. Only by engaging in a systematic policy of “de-neoconization” of the US political establishment will Trump have any hopes of “making America great again”. If Trump’s plan is to appease the Neocons long enough from him to be sworn in and have his men approved by Congress – fine. Then he still has a chance of saving the USA from a catastrophic collapse, but only as long as he remains determined to ruthlessly crack down on the Neocons once in power. If his hope is to distract the Neocons by appeasing them on secondary or minor issues, then his efforts are doomed and he will go down the very same road as Obama who, at least superficially, initially appeared to be a non-Neocon candidate and who ended up being a total Neocon puppet (in 2008 the Neocons had placed their bets on McCain and they only infiltrated the Obama Administration once McCain was defeated).

One way or another, we are headed for a crisis, the only open question whether the USA will come out of this crisis liberated or doomed

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Last Gasp of the Dems - Use the Courts to Nullify 2016 We the People Election Results and Make Clinton President

For most Americans, the general election of Nov. 8, 2016 is over and ended in the wee hours of Nov. 9th when AP declared Trump the president elect after reporting that Trump won PA, WI and MI.

For the Dems this election is far from over and Clinton and the Clinton Campaign are working behind the scenes to reverse the results of an election legally and constitutionally won by Trump. They've conned and/or bribed Jill Stein and the Green Party to file for recounts in PA, MI and WI, with a cumulative electoral college vote of 46.  Trump has 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232.  If the Dems can reverse Trump's victories in those states, 46 electoral votes are subtracted from Trump's column and added to the Clinton column,  Clinton wins 278-260.  The recounts aren't going too well. The MI recount was stopped by a federal and Michigan court. In PA, a federal judge will rule on Monday if a recount will take place and in WI the recount is nearing completion  and nothing has changed. Trump still leads by over 22,000 votes.

Time is running out, today is 12/10 and the counts have to be completed by December 13th.

Why the Electoral College is December 13th, - not 19th.

The Dems, Clinton and the Clinton campaign refuse to accept defeat, the will of the American voters and have been whinning about everything from 'Putin did it' to fake news to demanding that the electoral college be abolished to accusing American voters of being racists, white supremacists, misogynists, deplorables, zenophobic and worse.

The 'Putin did it' angle has been amusing to Trump supporters and although there isn't a shred of evidence that Putin or Russia interferred in any way in the election, Obama ordered an investigation on December 9th.

Obama Orders Investigation Into Election-Related Hacking

Is there an end game here?  You better believe it. With the recount game rapidly fading, the Dems believe that if they can put together a sham fake news report alleging that they have proof that Putin did interfere in the election then the courts will intervene, nullify Trump's victory and declare Clinton president.

Does this sound far fetched and delusional?  Well, not according to the Huffington Post.  While the latest scheme concocted by the Democrats and Clintonistas to steal the presidential election from Trump may appear insanely ludricous and proof of Democrat derangement syndrome, they believe there is judicial precedent to accomplish such an astounding feat. Moreover, the CIA's absolutely false allegation that Russia and Putin intervened in the election for the express purpose of delivering victory to Trump just reeks of a classic CIA disinformation operation. LOL, you know when the CIA and Washington Post are offered up as credible sources of information that the whole damn scheme is one big fat lie. Nevertheless, the Dems believe they are on to something that is big, VERY BIG.

Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority To Install Clinton

A 1995 federal court ruling out of Pennsylvania may offer some clues to Clinton supporters as to possible legal authority for removing an elected official from office and replacing them with their erstwhile opponent.

In light of late-breaking reports Friday evening that Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential election to assist Donald Trump’s victory, Clinton supporters are furiously in pursuit of remedies.

At 10:45 p.m. Friday evening, the Washington Post broke an explosive story alleging that Russians had interfered with the 2016 presidential election in order to assist Donald Trump in a victory over democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The story reveals that a CIA assessment detailing this conclusion had been presented to President Obama and top congressional leaders last week.

The development has Clinton supporters and other concerned Americans confused and hot in pursuit of potential remedies. No clear constitutional remedy exists to halt the certification of the outcome. Article II of the U.S. Constitution vests Congress with the power to determine the date by which the Electoral College will cast their votes, presently set for December 19. In recent weeks, a massive online movement asking members of the Electoral College to become “faithless” or “conscientious” electors and to vote for Clinton instead of Trump has garnered national attention.

The electors would be well within their constitutional authority to do so, say groups like Hamilton’s Electors, which claims that the purpose of the Electoral College is to prevent demagogues like Mr. Trump from assuming the nation’s highest office. A petition urging the Electoral College to make Hillary Clinton president has gained nearly 5 million signatures.

Proponents of this strategy are concerned, with good reason, about the likelihood it will succeed. With Donald Trump having won 306 Electoral College votes, 37 Republican electors would need to switch their votes to Clinton, a tall order, and in the event that no one candidate has 270 electoral votes, the decision would go to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.   
Some social media users have begun circulating the phone numbers of various state attorneys general, urging fellow citizens to contact them and request that the Electoral College voters be enjoined from casting their vote until such time that all formal investigations in Russian hacking conclude. Once the electors cast their votes on December 19, they fear, any constitutional means for preventing Trump’s road to the White House will be exhausted.

However, at least one court decision suggests there is some federal authority to invalidate the election outcome after the fact.

In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand the ruling of a federal district judge in Pennsylvania that invalidated a state senate election and ordered the vacancy be filled by the losing opponent.

The Pennsylvania state senate held a special election in November 1993 to fill a seat that had been left vacant by the death of the previous democratic senator, and pitted Republican Bruce Marks against Democrat William G. Stinson for the spot. Stinson was named the winner, but massive fraud was later uncovered that resulted in litigation.

Two of the elected officials who testified in the Pennsylvania case said under oath that they were aware of the fraud, had intentionally failed to enforce laws, and hurried to certify Stinson the winner in order to bury the story. The narrative recalls the Washington Post’s revelation that Republican Mitch McConnell was aware of the CIA’s conclusion that Russians had intervened and opted to do nothing.

In February 1994, after Stinson had already taken office, a federal judge ordered he “be removed from his State Senate office and that [his opponent, Bruce Marks] be certified the winner within 72 hours.”

Stinson appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, but ultimately, this was the first known case in which a federal judge reversed an election outcome. In January 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the ruling to stand.

The high court’s decision to not interfere with the lower court’s ruling indicates at least some federal legal precedent that high courts may rule the outcome of an election invalid due to fraud or interference. Which is to say, that if after Donald Trump assumes office it is shown that Russian hacking (or any fraud, for that matter) robbed Hillary Clinton of the presidency, there is some legal authority on point that implies courts could seat Clinton instead.

Obviously both the stakes and the office in question are much higher than in the 1994 case. There has been no case of first impression with regards to the presidency being overturned to the wrongful winner’s opponent.

There is also, of course, no constitutional Electoral College process or system in Pennsylvania, so the situations are not exactly analagous. But the reasoning behind the federal court’s decision may hold muster.

It is not clear how the 1994 federal case would impact a presidential election. Furthermore, that case involved the judge throwing out all absentee ballots and requiring the vote be decided only by those ballots cast at the machine, which would be problematic in the case at present.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Campaign and the NYT - A Case Study in Profound Arrogance.

The 2016 presidential election will go down in history as an event unparalled in US election history; the shock and awe election is still reverberating everywhere. The media, the pollsters and pundits were ALL wrong.  With the media, especially the NYT and Washington Post, pimping heavily for Clinton 24-7 while dissing Donald Trump 24-7 with one vile hate piece after another, Trump's astounding victory is even all the more amazing.

Anyway, I've tried to read everything leading up to Nov. 8, 2016 as well as the post mortems after the election.  Throughout this process, there is one piece in particular that really stands out for sheer arrogance, cocky confidence and incredibly STUPID campaign strategy.  It's a New York Times piece dated Oct. 17, 2016 in which the NYT, in cahoots with the Clinton Campaign no doubt, squeals uncontrollably about a resounding anticipated victory with big margins as well as a burning desire to heap scorn and humiliation upon Trump and his supporters by winning a few red states just for the fun of it.  The NYT piece is posted in its entirety.  I've highlighted the really salient passages in yellow.  My comments are in red.

Showing Confidence, Hillary Clinton Pushes Into Republican Strongholds

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is planning its most ambitious push yet into traditionally right-leaning states, a new offensive aimed at extending her growing advantage over Donald J. Trump while bolstering down-ballot candidates in what party leaders increasingly suggest could be a sweeping victory for Democrats at every level.

The Clinton camp always thought that they had bagged the election and that there was no chance that Trump could ever win.  To the Clintonista camp, Nov. 8 really wasn't an election but the crowning of a conquering queen who had long ago vanquished all her opponents and challengers. In fact, there is considerable documented evidence that that Clinton was THRILLED when Trump won the nomination because he was perceived as the easiest Republican to defeat in a general election.

Signaling extraordinary confidence in Mrs. Clinton’s electoral position and a new determination to deliver a punishing message to Mr. Trump and Republicans about his racially tinged campaign, her aides said Monday that she would aggressively compete in Arizona, a state with a growing Hispanic population that has been ground zero for the country’s heated debate over immigration.

Mrs. Clinton is “dramatically expanding” her efforts in Arizona, her campaign manager, Robby Mook, told reporters on Monday. She is pouring more than $2 million into advertising and dispatching perhaps her most potent surrogate, Michelle Obama, for a rally in Phoenix on Thursday. 

In Indiana and Missouri, Mr. Mook said, the campaign will spend a total of $1 million to drive voter turnout, despite what he acknowledged was an “uphill battle” for Mrs. Clinton in two states that could determine control of the Senate. Mrs. Clinton is also directing more money to a series of presidential battleground states with competitive House races.

The maneuvering speaks to the unexpected tension facing Mrs. Clinton as she hurtles toward what aides increasingly believe will be a decisive victory — a pleasant problem, for certain, but one that has nonetheless scrambled the campaign’s strategy weeks before Election Day: Should Mrs. Clinton maximize her own margin, aiming to flip as many red states as possible to run up an electoral landslide, or prioritize the party’s congressional fortunes, redirecting funds and energy down the ballot?  

Amusingly, the Clinton Campaign was so confident that it actually abandoned some blue states as well as swing states in the hope that they could pile on massive landslide sized electoral victories to totally eviscertate Trump and lay him to waste. The game wasn't to win because they truly believed that they had already won, but to heap massive humiliation upon Trump, his supporters and the Republicans by ratcheting up an already anticipated whopper of a margin of victory.  For Clinton and her campaign, it was a game of humiliation and degredation and the goal was to seize several big red states to really pile it on.

Thanks to an infusion of contributions in recent weeks, and what aides describe as a war chest they had maintained in case the opportunity arose, Mrs. Clinton is in effect trying to do both. 

The double-barreled assault illustrates her priorities three weeks before Election Day. She hopes to hand Mr. Trump a loss so humiliating that it jars him and Republicans, removing any doubt about the wisdom of running on a grievance-oriented platform. But she also is demonstrating to the congressional Democrats with whom she may soon be working that she is also is dedicated to expanding their ranks.

LOL, when you run a presidential campaign that lacks issues and focuses exclusively on vengeance and humiliation, you are setting yourself up for even bigger humiliations should your strategy backfire, blowup and you lose.  

“I think it’s an act of good will, because her numbers look good and some of our races are tighter,” said Representative Dina Titus of Nevada, one of the states receiving cash. “But it’s also an important move, because she’s going to need friends to get her appointments approved, to have our help breaking through the obstruction on the other side to get legislation through.”

After nearly eight years in which Democrats on Capitol Hill grumbled about a lack of such support from President Obama, Mrs. Clinton has taken care to stay in frequent contact with Senator Chuck Schumer, her former New York colleague, about down-ballot races.

Mr. Schumer, poised to be the incoming Senate Democratic leader, and the current leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, met with Mrs. Clinton’s top campaign aides in Washington last month and pressed them to offer financial support for the Senate races, according to a Democratic official briefed on the meeting. And Mr. Schumer has not been shy since about his hope that if Mrs. Clinton clearly appeared on her way to winning the race, she would redirect some money to congressional races.

“This is one of many things that the Clinton campaign is doing to help us win a majority in the Senate,” Mr. Schumer said through a spokesman.

While party strategists are glad to have the money that Mrs. Clinton is directing from the Democratic National Committee to voter-turnout efforts in Indiana and Missouri, they have little appetite for Mrs. Clinton to visit those states, where she is likely to lose, because that would make it easier for Republicans to tie Democratic Senate candidates to her.

Mrs. Clinton is also pouring money into two congressional districts, in Nebraska and Maine, that both apportion their own presidential electoral vote and have competitive House races. And she is sending an additional $6 million to seven presidential battleground states with hotly contested Senate and House campaigns. 

Clinton started celebrating her victory long before Election Day and used her substantial warchest of special interest dough to fund Democrat House and Senate campaigns.

Democrats are also attempting to unseat Senator John McCain of Arizona from the seat he was first elected to in 1986, but Mrs. Clinton’s late decision to swoop into that state is not related to his race, which few Democratic leaders believe they can win. Her incursion there is about her own campaign — and the Democrats’ desire to focus attention on the damage Mr. Trump has done to Republicans with Hispanics.

In particular, Democrats hope to make an example of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an ardent Trump supporter, by defeating the Phoenix lawman, whose incendiary comments about Hispanics and aggressive tactics with immigrants have garnered attention far beyond his jurisdiction in Maricopa County.

“If Democrats were going to win in Arizona in 2016, you’d need a Republican who turns off Republican women, who really energizes Latinos, and you’d need other races on the ground that can really drive engagement — and we have all that,” said Andrei Cherny, a former state Democratic chairman.

Alexis Tameron, the current state Democratic chairwoman, said Republican stumbles had allowed local Democrats to “jump our own timeline” for when officials expected to make the state competitive on the presidential level.

“I give credit where credit is due,” Ms. Tameron said. “And I have been thanking a lot of people, including Donald Trump.”

Mr. Trump’s campaign did not respond to messages seeking comment on Mrs. Clinton’s plans.

Mrs. Clinton’s team had weighed for weeks how seriously to look beyond core battlegrounds like Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina, another state that Republicans carried in 2012.

Eager to torment Mr. Trump, and the Republicans straining to navigate his erratic bid, her team has also planned at least faint, attention-grabbing plays in other states with little history of Democratic success. 

Hilariously, PA, FL and NC (total of 64 electoral votes) were all key battleground states that Trump actually won because the Clinton Campaign had made the decision to look beyond them to other states just to torment Trump. 

In Texas, the campaign has prepared an ad highlighting Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement from The Dallas Morning News. And Mrs. Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, has begun sitting for local media interviews in Utah, where Mr. Trump has struggled to break away from Mrs. Clinton and an independent candidate, Evan McMullin, in recent polls. (On a conference call with reporters on Monday, Mr. Mook mentioned Mr. McMullin by name.)

The Clinton Campaign had to be totally delusional to even think that they stood a chance in TX but they went for it.  The farce candidate Evan McMullin got 21.5% in Utah to Trump's 45.5. Utah was another state the Dems thought they could easily bag.  There was no struggle for Trump in Utah and Clinton only got 27.5%.

The most brazen push, though, is in Arizona, where the campaign has also scheduled appearances on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf from her daughter, Chelsea, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Mr. Mook added that Mrs. Clinton may appear there herself in short order. “We certainly hope to get her there,” he said.

Mrs. Clinton’s aides were intrigued by both Arizona and Georgia, and they surveyed voters in each state. Arizona appeared more promising, officials said, because of its combination of Mormons, Hispanics and Native Americans and because the officials found white voters in Georgia to be more resistant to Mrs. Clinton.

Who knows what it is about AZ and GA that so fascinated the Dems but they believed they could bag them. 

Mrs. Clinton has more conspicuously emphasized congressional and state races during campaign appearances, taking particular care to mention fellow Democrats on the ballot.

Some Republicans seem inclined to capitalize on the attention. A fund-raising email on Monday from Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican in a competitive re-election race in Florida, went out under the subject line “Hillary wants me gone.”

 “Hillary Clinton’s campaign has SO much money on its hands,” the message read, “that they are now focusing on down-ballot races instead of her own campaign.”

Yes, the Clinton Campaign was swimming in a ton of money - they outraised Trump 2:1.  However the real delusion is that they didn't believe that they needed to spend campaign money in blue states like MI, WI and PA or in critical swing states.  They dumped a ton of money into red states and congressional races.  Clinton never visited WI after she won the primary. 

When this campaign is fully analyzed, the Clinton Campaign will go down in history as perhaps the most incompetent, blundering, arrogant, snooty and pompous collection of  insufferable pricks in presidential campaign history.   

In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton built a campaign team with folks who mirrored her own evil, sordid and dark soul. Forget about fake news and blaming Putin, the Clinton's campaign was done in by its own arrogance and this is what the DEPLORABLE American voters saw and came to know. The equally pompous and incompetent US media became a drug dealer for Clinton and her staff because they inhaled, injected and snorted every media utterance to keep them and their delusions flying high.  Every high is always followed by a crash.

In the end it was Clinton who crashed and was tormented and humiliated.  That's what I call a beautiful ending!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Libertarian Vote Failed to Elect Clinton, as Intended, but Cost Trump 6 States and 38 Electoral Votes

Let's be clear; those who voted for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld knew they stood no chance of winning and their goal was to siphon off Trump votes to facilitate a Clinton victory. Maybe it's even understandable on some level.  After all, the Johnson-Weld duo endorsed forced vaccinations, the TPP, carbon taxes and even gun control.  The Libertartian Party has a lot more in common with the statist Dems and neocons than it does it does with Trump and his mission to foster a more peaceful and less interventionist foreign policy,  Furthermore, Trump campaigned heavily on restoring US manufacturing because the offshoring and outsourcing of domestic manufacturing has devastated America's poor and middle classes.

Anyway, the LP hurt Trump somewhat but not nearly enough to cost him the election despite coming in with 3.2% of the vote (4,042, 291 votes, source here).   Trump easily won the states that Romney won in 2012 but what delivered him victory was the swing states - they are typically the general election kingmakers.  Also, blue states that typically aren't in play came into play for Trump's decisive victory.

Trump managed to peel off some fickle purplish states as well as some reliable blue states, all states that Obama won in 2012 with the exception of NC,  The Democrat loss of FL (29 EV), OH (18 EV), IA (6 EV),  PA (20 EV), MI (16 EV) and WI (10 EV) blasted a staggering 99 electoral votes into the Trump column.  The loss of reliable blue PA, WI and MI was especially painful for the Dems because the Dems could afford to lose big swing states like FL and OH but they couldn't afford to lose PA, MI and WI.

Hence, the Clinton Campaign and Jill Stein are demanding recounts in  PA, MI and WI because if successful it will swing victory to Clinton.

Trump has 306 EV to Clinton's 232. A flip of 46 EV in PA, MI and WI subtracts 46 electoral votes from Trump's column and puts them in Clinton's column.  Clinton wins.278-260.

Moving along, let's focus on the effect of the Libertarian vote. In what states did the Libertarian vote cost Trump victory:

NM - 5 EV
Trump:    40.0
Clinton    40.3
Johnson     9.3

CO - 9 EV
Trump     43.3
Clinton    48.2
Johnson     5.2

ME - 4 EV
Trump     45.1
Clinton    47.8
Johnson     5.1

NH - 4 EV
Trump    46.5
Clinton   46.8
Johnson    4.1

MN - 10 EV
Trump    44.9
Clinton   46.4
Johnson    3.8

NV - 6 EV
Trump    45.5
Clinton   47.9
Johnson    3.3


The Libertarian vote delivered 6 states and 38 electoral votes to Clinton.  Without the Libertarians, Clinton would have had a paltry 194 EV's to Trump's 344.

Also, the Libertarian vote is responsible for the razor thin Trump victory margins in WI, MI, PA, FL and also cost Trump breaking 50% in these states.

WI - 10 EV
Trump   47.5
Clinton  47.3
Johnson  3.6

MI - 16 EV
Trump   47.5
Clinton  47.3
Johnson   3.6

PA - 20 EV
Trump    48.4
Clinton   47.3
Johnson    2.4

FL - 29 EV
Trump    48.6
Clinton   47.4
Johnson    2.2

Although it's not likely that Clinton will reverse the results in PA, MI and WI (she needs all 3), what is clear is that the LP played a key role in making POTUS2016 more difficult and challenging for the Republicans. Still, it appears that the LP has failed to elect Clinton and that's a damn good thing for America and the entire world.

The Libertarians sought to play the role of spoiler in POTUS 2016, which it came close to accomplishing, despite not winning one single state.  However, America seems to be trending Republican-Libertarian.  Trump won 30 states and would have won 36 if he got the Libertarian vote. This does not bode well for the Democratic Party that only won 6 states because of the Libertarian vote.

The Democrats also got clobbered in the Senate which it expected to flip to Democrat control with the anticipated huge Clinton victory that never materialized.  The Republicans kept both houses of Congress, won a least 3 more governorships and cleaned up in state legislatures.

Finally, the mood of American voters is that government is failing them so they once again voted for hope and change.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

MSM and Pundits Have Crowned Hillary Clinton the General Election Victor - the Election is OVER They Say

As the Hillary Clinton pimping media and their elitist loving whores bash Trump non-stop 24-7, and amid allegations of outright polling fraud, here, the 3 top elections pundits are predicting not just a Clinton victory but a Clinton whopper of a landside victory.

Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics has Clinton winning 347 electoral votes to 191 for Trump, here.  It takes 270 to win and Trump isn't expected to finish close.

In 2012 Obama defeated Romney 302-206 electoral votes.

Nate Silver is giving Clinton a 77.7% probability of winning vs. 22.3 for Trump.  See Silver's prediction here.

Stuart Rothenberg, a liberal who joined the Trump hating Washington Post in May, 2016, is now predicting a Clinton landslide of 332-191 electoral votes, with only 15 electoral votes (North Carolina) considered a toss-up state.   Read his analysis here.

Basically, the media and its pundits absolutely believe that that any threat of a populist uprising is over and squashed.  Moreover, they are giving every swing state to Clinton.

The globalists, banksters, defense contractors, corporatists, UN and NWO folks are already popping the champagne corks in cities across America and around the globe.  They are indeed convinced that POTUS 2016 is a done deal and there is no need to fret over some populist candidate who might rain hellfire and brimstone upon their absolute powers to wage endless wars, commit genocide, reduce the American middle class to impoverished serfs and flood America with refugees and immigrants in sufficient numbers to totally wipe out what is left of western civilization and Judeo-Christian culture.

Are the elites and their media right? Well, the American people aren't noted for ballot box sanity despite some indications that We the People might be rising up to challenge them.  Who wins in November is all about who has the most powerful GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) machine and the Dems have a reliable and legendary GOTV machine.

Still, we live in very strange times and anything can happen. Personally, I'm not convinced that Clinton will run away with victory in November or even win.  My optimism tenuously clings to my belief that the American people will finally reject evil and do something right for a change!

The next president will be Clinton or Trump.  There are no other electable options.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Primaries Over, it's Trump vs. Clinton & all about Romancing the Swing State Voters.

The Republican voters nominated a supposedly anti-establishment populist candidate who promises to Make America Great Again by restoring the economy with good paying middle class jobs and changing foreign policy to a far less neocon interventionist approach.  The Democrats nominated a psychopathic, bankster owned, warmongering, genocidal, neocon maniac who is likely to explode the world into more wars and even nuclear wars.

All that matters now is the general election on November 8th and specifically a handful of swing states that are the general election kingmakers.  While different pundits have identified different swing states, generally, critical swing states have been loosely identified as FL, OH, VA, PA, NH, IA, NV, CO, WI and NC, here (

States are dubbed swing states because margins of victory can be close and they can go Republican or Democrat.  Indeed, many do in fact flip R or D but most states are reliably red or blue; hence predictability is never an issue.  Swing states however are quite volatile and romancing persnickety voters who tend to focus on specific issues while harboring zero party loyalty is indeed a challenge for candidates.

In 2016, the economy will be front and center because America and Americans cannot survive and thrive as a minimum wage economy that offshores its high wage manufacturing jobs.  Yes, other issues will come into play like foreign policy and war weary Americans are ready to embrace the 'America First' concept as espoused by Trump.

Interestingly, Breitbart had a remarkable piece on how Romney lost in 2012 and how only winning 4 swing state could have resulted in victory.  Swing state power is indeed formidable.

333,000 Votes in 4 Swing States Would Have Given Romney the Presidency 

Other factors come into play like voter turnout according to the Breitbart article.  When folks aren't motivated to get out and vote, that's bad news for candidates.
Overall, voter turnout was down, from 131 million in 2008 to 122 million in 2012. Obama won 7.6 million fewer votes than he did in 2008, and Romney won 1.3 million fewer than McCain in 2008.
Yeah, Romney was a terrible candidate who was perceived as arrogant, uncaring, indifferent and nauseatingly elitist.   Trump however built a campaign on populist rhetoric and slogans. The GOP itself must be shocked that primary turnout for Trump set a record high.

HISTORY! Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million Votes

For Trump to win the general election all he really needs to do is focus on the economy and foreign policy in the swing states. Florida with 29 electoral votes and OH with 18 electoral votes are always the biggest general election swing state prizes.  Trump's highly successful 'Make American Great Again' slogan by emphasizing 'America First' is music to voter ears, especially with the poor and vanishing middle class. Trump also needs to reinforce his powerful themes by constantly attacking the corporatist trade agreements that are responsible for destroying high paying manufacturing jobs.

On his website, Trump emphatically states that he believe in free trade but free trade must also be fair trade.  None of our trade agreements like #NAFTA, the #TPP and proposed #TTIP are fair.  They are nothing more than protectionist corporatist boondoggles,

The Kleptocracy of Cannibal Crony Capitalism. Bill Clinton and his Republican NAFTA Baby Co-Conspirators

Winning in the swing states translates to winning over a percentage of voting constituencies - the black vote, the female vote, the Libertarian vote, the anti-war vote, the independent vote, the economic vote etc.  Never underestimate the power of a less interventionist foreign policy. actually penned an article that vigorously asserted that Romney lost in 2012 precisely because of his aggressive foreign policy.

Why Mitt Romney’s foreign policy platform might cost him the 2012 election
....for Romney to win, he’s going to have to run the table with the tiny sliver of undecided independents. 
And here is where foreign policy becomes a real problem for Mitt Romney — because if the Chicago Council results are accurate, independents basically want the exact opposite of what Mitt Romney is selling them. 
Let’s stipulate that a President Romney might not actually do what he’s promising during the campaign — certainly the smart money doesn’t believe him. Still, based on his rhetoric to date, let’s also stipulate that Romney really wants America to lead the world. He wants to boost defense spending rather than cut it. He certainly wants to give the appearance that he would pursue a more hawkish policy towards Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, China and illegal immigrants than Barack Obama. 
That’s great — except it turns out most of America — and independents in particular — want pretty much the opposite of that. Indeed, as Marshall Bouton says in the Foreword to the report: 
Over time, Independents have become more inclined than either Republicans or Democrats to limit U.S. engagement in world affairs. Because Independents are an increasing share of the electorate, this development in American public opinion warrants attention.
Clearly, the vigorous hawk talk hurt Romney and American voters are even less susceptible to hawk talk in 2016 than they were in 2012.  Even the traditionally hawkish Republican voters rejected foreign policy hawks in the primaries and embraced the least hawkish candidate (except for Rand Paul).

For reasons that make no sense, Hillary Clinton has framed her entire campaign on a muscular foreign policy.  It's a strategy that hasn't gone unnoticed on the left or the right.

Clinton’s Aggressive Foreign Policy The American Conservative

How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk New York Times
Throughout her career she has displayed instincts on foreign policy that are more aggressive than those of President Obama — and most Democrats. 
Hillary Clinton Attacks Donald Trump in Foreign Policy Speech (Video) TruthDig

Hillary Clinton Promises A More Muscular Foreign Policy As President Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton vows more aggressive foreign policy if she's President Daily Kos

Clinton is fundamentally in opposition to the foreign policy goals of the American people who seek peace and peaceful solutions to issues and problems.  Trump prefers negotiation to military intervention but Clinton is the reincarnation John McCain's BOMB, BOMB, BOMB IRAN rhetoric.

Trump holds the power to crush Clinton on the economy and foreign policy. It's all that he really has to do to win. American want peace and the restoration of good paying manufacturing jobs.

Yes, defeating Clinton really is that simple.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Favorite Movie Recommendations From My Facebook Friends - Enjoy!!

I asked my Facebook friends for their favorite movies, anti-government movies and pro-liberty movies and documentaries.  Enjoy!!

8 Men After, here, Gabriel Brown

12 Angry Men, here, Stephen Bone

2012, here, Kathy Skoda

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, here, D. Frank Robinson

Akira, here, Gabriel Brown

Alongside Night, here, Stephen Bone

America: Freedom to Fascism, here, Deborah Barclay

Amistad, here, Joseph Gay

...and justice for all, here, Bryn Fish

Assault on Wall Street, here, Lorna Case

Atlas Shrugged, here, David A. Fryling

The Big Short, here, Anil Mitha

Braveheart, here, John Oetken

Brotherhood of the Bell, here, Todd Gladieux

A Bug's Life, here, Stephen Bone

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, here, Thomas E. Tollett

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, here, Kelli Lasley Brochon

Dances With Wolves, here, Audra Hughes

Dr. Stranglove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, here,  John Brierly Jr.

Eagle Eye, here, Thomas E. Tollett

Echelon Conspiracy, here, Anil Mitha

The Edge, here, Stephen Bone

Empire of the Sun, here, Audra Hughes

End of Liberty, here, Audra Hughes

Enemy of the State, here, Judy and many of her Facebook friends

Fahrenheit 451, here, Pat Jack

Fail-Safe, here, John Brierly Jr.

Following, here, Jennifer Hyatt

Footloose, here, Amanda Hughes

The Fountainhead, here, Kevin Mullis

The Game, here, Audra Hughes

Gangs of New York, here, Keith Doiron

Gattaca, here, Stephen Bone

Ghostbusters, here, Eric Frounder

The Giver, here, Donna J. Hawkins Walsh

Gran Torino, here, Stephen Bone

Harry's War, here, Ken Van Doren

The Hunger Games, here, Kyle Labore III

The Hurt Locker, here, Audra Hughes

I, Robot, here, Stephen Bone

Inside Job, here, Chuch Reichmuth

Jeremiah Johnson, here, E Christopher Carolan

Jin Roh The Wolf Brigade, here, Gabriel Brown

Kill the Messenger, here, Shawn Davis

Law Abiding Citizen, here, David Robins

Legends of the Fall, here, Michael W. Lurie

Lifting the Veil, here, Audra Hughes

Luther, here, Barbara Marie Inman

Malcolm X, here, Audra Hughes

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, here, Lori Schulz Dougan

The Man Who Would be King, here, Kathryn Weitzel

The Matrix, here, Base Aransas

Meet John Doe, here, Stephen Bone

Mercury Rising, here, Anil Mitha

The Money Masters, here, Kelli Lasley Brochon

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, here, Christopher Dillard

Network, here, Timothy Byrne

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), here, David F. Fryling

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, here, David Simchock

The Outlaw Josey Wales, here, Joseph Gay

Passport to Pimlico, here, Stephen Bone

The Patriot, here, Anil Mitha

Pelican Brief, here, Bonnie Rudzik

Persepolis, here, Michael J. Weber

Point of No Return, here, Audra Hughes

Rampage: Capital Punishment, here, Pony Bell

Red Dawn, here, Patrick Mahoney

Rendition, here, Danya Guynn Sammons

The Saint, here, Audra Hughes

Scarface, here, Audra Hughes

The Secret of Oz, here, Kelli Lasley Brochon

The Seige, here, Anil Mitha

Selma, here, Audra Hughes

Serenity, here, Stephen Bone

Shenandoah, here, Jack Jones

Shooter, here, Wolf Onnie

Slumdog Millionaire, here, Audra Hughes

Snowpiecer, here, Stephen Bone

Sound of Music, here, Liz Moser

Still Mine, here, Stephen Bone

Star Wars, here, Stephen Bone

Three Days of the Condor, here, Jack Jones

Three Kings, here, Stephen Bone

They Live, here, Estrella Eguino

Thrive,here, Anil Mitha

To Kill a Mockingbird, here, Stephen Bone

Tucker, The Man and His Dreams, here, Stephen Bone

V for Vendetta, here, Judy and many of her FB friends

Vaxxed, here, Chuck Walden

Venus Wars, here, Gabriel Brown

The Winter Soldier, here, by Thomas E. Tollett 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sleazy Lying Ted Cruz Attacks Trump for Being Grandson of Successful Immigrants

Every day Ted Cruz reaches new lows in outright lies, misinformation, disinformation and twisting the facts. His latest rant has been interpreted as an attack on Donald Trump because his immigrant grandparents were successful immigrants.

Cruz Mocks Trump’s Wealthy Upbringing

It's true that Donald Trump was raised in upper middle class comfort in a house in Jamaica Estates in Queens NY.   Trump's childhood house.

The real issue however is how it happened that Donald Trump was lucky enough to grow up in comfort.  The answer is that his grandfather was hardworking and successful immigrant who instilled those values into his son.

Trump's grandfather immigrated from German to the US in 1885. He worked as a barber in NYC for 6 years according to Wikipedia, here.  He moved to Seattle where he leased a storefront and opened a restaurant.  He eventually opened hotels and restaurants in mining towns in Washington, British Colunbia and the Yukon Territories and yes his hotels-restaurants-bars were also viewed as brothels, a vital service in mining towns.

In 1901 Frederick Trump returned to Germany and married but he ran into troubles with the German government who accused him of leaving Germany to avoid taxes and conscripted military service, something any freedom loving, anti-statist Libertarian would cheer.  In 1904 he returned to the US with his wife, baby and worked as a barber and restaurant manager.  He lived in the Bronx and died of the flu in 1918 at the age of 49.

His son Fred (father of Donald Trump) started a business with Trump's grandmother and widow of Frederick.  They built modest homes in the Queens that sold for $3,900. They were very successful and  expanded into commercial construction which was also successful.  It's that success that bought Fred the house in the Queens that seems to enrage folks like Cruz who object to the success of immigrants.  Donald Trump's grandfather was a hardworking entrepreneurial man who strove to achieve the American dream for his family.  That dream and success was further magnified by Fred Trump.

The so-called silver spoon in Donald Trump's mouth is a classic American immigrant success story that would generate praise had the successful immigrant been anybody but Trump's grandfather and father.

For Ted Cruz to insinuate such a disparaging attack on Trump and his successful immigrant heritage is appalling to the point of being evil.  The father of Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, is some brand of a firebrand Pentacostal Dominionist preacher whose views on Christian theology would terrify anybody. The Daily Beast has an excellent summary of the religious beliefs of Raphael Cruz and ilk.

Does Ted Cruz Think He’s the Messiah?
Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, is a preacher of the far-right doctrine of dominionism, which holds that Christians should take over the government and save it from the wicked. 
When Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president, many assumed he would quietly distance himself from his father, Rafael Cruz, since the elder Cruz has long been extreme in his religious views, and outspoken in proclaiming them.

But the opposite has been the case. Rafael Cruz has been the senator’s primary surrogate on the campaign trail, particularly with the evangelical voters who are now Ted Cruz’s base....

Historically, dominionism began as an offshoot of Christian Reconstructionism, the sect founded in the 1960s by defender-of-slavery R.J. Rushdoony that seeks to replace secular law with Biblical law, stonings and all. More moderate versions of Reconstructionism began to take hold in the New Christian Right, which began in the 1970s as an effort to re-engage evangelicals in politics and fight back against the sexual revolution and the civil rights movement. Dominionism was one such version.
Many Evangelicals in America are indeed concerned enough about the religious beliefs of Ted Cruz that they voted for Trump.  The Evangelical south was supposed to be the impenetrable firewall of the Cruz campaign but Trump smashed it and won the south and its Evangelicals.

Cruz is unelectable in a general election because he's a firebrand religious zealot.  In addition to being very scary and a direct threat to the tolerance that we value, Cruz seeks to impose some version of a Biblical theocracy on America.  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Two Cents on 3/5 Super Saturday - a bad night for Trump and a Great Night for the Establishment and Religious Right But it's Far From Over

While Trump won Louisiana and Kentucky as Cruz won Kansas and Maine, it was Cruz who cleaned up on delegates on the 3/5 Super Saturday.  Cruz won 64 delegates, Trump 49, Rubio 13 and Kashich 9.   Trump leads the total delegate count with 382, followed by Cruz with 300; Rubio has 128, Kasich 35 and Carson 8, here.  

A recap of Super Saturday States from Politico, here:

Kansas: Cruz thumps Trump - 48% and wins 24 delegates, Trump 23% with 9 delegates, Rubio 17% with 6 delegates and Kasich 11% with 1 delegate.

Kentucky: Trump narrowly squeaks by 36-32, Trump, 36% with 17 delegates, Cruz 32% with 15 delegates, Rubio 16% with 7 delegates and Kasich 14% with 7 delegates.

Louisiana: Trump squeaks by 41-38.  Trump 41% with 15 delegates, Cruz 38% with 14 delegates and zero delegates for Rubio and Kasich.

Maine: Cruz thumps Trump 46-33. Cruz 46% with 12 delegates, Trump 33% with 9 delegates, Kasich 12% with 2 delegates and zero delegates for Rubio.

It was an ugly night for Trump as his 2 victories were narrow but the victories of Cruz were blowouts.

With regard to Trump's 382 total delegates thus far, it should be noted that the combined delegates of Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Carson total 471.  Yes it's a trend and it's also entirely possible and highly probable that the RNC-GOP machine are indeed delighted that Trump can be denied the nomination at the RNC Convention.

For the record, I'm personally supporting Trump for reasons outlined in The Top Ten Reasons To Vote For Trump.

That said, certain trends and patterns are emerging.  Specifically, Trump seems to perform poorly in caucus states and the mid west. Ironically, Cruz viewed the south as his solid Evangelical firewall but Trump demolished it.  With Trump cleaning up big in the south from the South Carolina primary (winner take all where Trump bagged all 50 delegates) and Super Tuesday, it appears that the momentum is shifting away from Trump and toward Cruz.

Both Cruz and Trump are disdained by the establishment RNC-GOP but for different reasons. Trump is disdained by the Republican elites because he's an independent thinker, he's not likely to take orders, he's bashed Republican foreign policy and he vigorously oppose the nasty corporatist trade agreements that will continue to decimate US manufacturing and high paying middle class jobs. Cruz is disdained because as a fundamentalist Domionist religious right whackjob, he's unelectable in a general election.  On the other hand, bat shit crazy as Cruz is, he's a solid neocon that has the support of Wall Street and the banksters.

The top 2 candidates of the RNC-GOP elites were Jeb Bush (now out of the race) and the backup Rubio who is floundering badly in the primaries.  If Rubio can't change the momentum by winning his home state of Florida 3/15 and start racking up primary victories, he's toast.  It's appearing that Rubio is already toast.

So what will the RNC-GOP elites do?  Well, they are rather delighted because they now see a real clear path to general election victory with a bankster loving, warmongering Democrat named Hillary Clinton - a favorite of Wall Street, defense contractors and the military industrial complex.  Many Republicans have publicly stated that they would support Clinton over Trump.

If Cruz can win the Republican nomination, the RNC-GOP elites won't have to worry about the nasty business of endorsing a psychopathic Democrat over a Republican; all they have to do is wait for Clinton to demolish Cruz in the general election.

However, it's far from over for Trump.  While I predict that Trump momentum will continue to decline for a while, I also believe that Trump momentum holds the potential to accelerate once the primary moves out of the mid west and into late primary states like Pennsylvania, New York and California where the Dominionist religious right tends to perform poorly.  Also, except for Nevada which Trump won big with 46%, the west hasn't voted and will become a primary wild card.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting with baited breath for March 15 when Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio vote.  Florida and Ohio are viewed as the most significant Republican primary states because they are the home states of Florida Senator Rubio and  Gov. Kasich, the sitting governor of Ohio, in addition to being winner take all states.  If anything, March 15 will indicate how long and drawn out the Republican primary season will be.  If Rubio can't win Florida, he will have to drop out and it's clear that he really doesn't even have a path to victory regardless of what happens in Florida.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait as the Domionist religious right and RNC-GOP elites temporarily celebrate their victories as they plot their strategies to defeat Trump - the only real game on the GOP agenda because Cruz can be dispatched in the general election.  Trump can't.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Trump

As a Ron Paul and Rand Paul supporter, I'm disillusioned with the political system, the systemic corruption of the RNC and DNC machines, the obnoxious elites of the political cesspool and their media, and every policy decision promulgated by the sellouts of America. I long for an America that works for Americans and American workers.  I also care deeply about other issues so I've outlined them and have included Trump's positions on these issues.

To be clear, Trump is no liberty activist, Libertarian or constitutional purist.  Moreover, it's 100% accurate to assume that most Americans could care less about the issues that are important to us. Liberty doesn't win at the ballot box, never has.  That said, Trump does hold positions on a lot of issues that are important to the American people to various degrees and I find myself in agreement with a lot of Trump's positions.  They hold the potential to rollback a lot of nasty policy decisions that have decimated America and American workers.  More importantly though is that Trump is truly kicking GOP establishment ass and I love it.  So do the American people.

#10 Common Core Trump has consistently blasted Common Core and vows that he is determined to repeal it.

#9 Vaccines I personally oppose forced vaccinations and do share Trump's concerns over their safety. Trump has stated that vaccines cause Autism, here, and there is ample evidence to support his assertion. Trump obviously isn't owned by Big Pharm who peddles poison.

#8 Marijuana Legalization Trump 100% supports medical marijuana and believes that the states should have the right to make the decisions on recreational marijuana.  That's a position that will make a ton of voters happy!

#7 Immigration: Trump has raised the issue of immigration. America keeps getting flooded with low wage immigrants and many of them are taking jobs from Americans who are actually getting fired and replaced with cheap foreign labor. Moreover, many of those comprising the 'cheap labor' workers are in fact so impoverished by low wages that they are entitlement dependent. I blogged about the immigration issue in depth - Let's Talk IMMIGRATION.

With 92 million Americans out of the workforce, here, I absolutely believe that we should make it a top priority to get Americans back to work.  Besides, many of those Americans are weighing down the welfare system.  Americans need jobs and if that translates to a temporary halt on immigration, then so be it - it makes sense.

There are many situations like the now well publicized Disney case where Disney fired American workers and forced them to train their foreign replacements.  Even the open border immigrant loving NYT penned a piece on this absurdity.

Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements

It's as if war has been declared on American workers who are being cast aside as irrelevant and expendable scum.  This is simply wrong.

#6 Trade Agreements America's nasty, job-destroying trade agreements that began with NAFTA and are now ballooning have decimated US manufacturing and those good paying middle class jobs. Trump is on record vociferously opposing these trade deals. Trump said "I am all for free trade, but it's got to be fair" and the "TPP is a horrible deal; no one has read its 5,600 pages".

On NAFTA, Trump says "I think NAFTA has been a disaster. I think our current deals are a disaster. I'm a free trader. The problem with free trade is, you need smart people representing you."

Trump has blasted the loss of US manufacturing jobs and the off-shoring of America's once legendary manufacturing industries that produced a prosperous middle class.

#5 2nd Amendment  Trump is fairly solid on the 2nd Amendment and his position on the issue from his website is here.

#4 Trump Is The Only Republican Who Stands a Chance of Defeating Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) in a General Election The POTUS general election is likely be close, very close, and will boil down to 6-8 critical swing states.  The POTUS kingmakers will be independent voters (they always are) and whoever can win over a percentage of the African American vote.  While the Dems tend to have a lock on both constituencies, there is no guarantee that they will vote Democrat.  In fact, polls have disclosed that 20% of Dems would vote for Trump over Clinton.

"Trump Could Win It All": 20% Of Democrats Say They'd Vote For Trump Over Hillary

20% is an incredible percentage and definitely is sufficient to swing the results in a swing state that are typically very close.

With POTUS 2016 almost entirely focusing on the economy, Trump is rapidly winning over the voters who view the economy as their top concern.  American voters are indeed very worried about their jobs, futures and prosperity because they view the present elitist run system as exclusively beneficial to Wall Street, mega-corporations and the cheap labor lobby.

#3 Foreign Policy The damn wars that have cost American taxpayers trillions are a thorn in everybody's side except the hardcore neocon nutjobs.
Trump is not a hardcore neocon like Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Clinton and even Sanders; in fact the neocons hate his guts. He's on record opposing the Iraq War and way back when Bush started the damn war. Trump opposed the Iraq War when it was popular and long before the horrors of Abu Ghraib emerged.

Not only is Trump on record opposing the Iraq War, during a GOP debate he blasted the Iraq War, its cost and the horrid damage to the Middle East:
"We've spent $4 trillion trying to topple various people that, frankly, if they were there and if we could have spent that $4 trillion in the United States to fix our roads, our bridges, and all of the other problems — our airports and all the other problems we have — we would have been a lot better off, I can tell you that right now.

We have done a tremendous disservice not only to the Middle East — we've done a tremendous disservice to humanity. The people that have been killed, the people that have been wiped away — and for what? It's not like we had victory. It's a mess. The Middle East is totally destabilized, a total and complete mess. I wish we had the 4 trillion dollars or 5 trillion dollars. I wish it were spent right here in the United States on schools, hospitals, roads, airports, and everything else that are all falling apart!"
For a Republican candidate to make such an anti-war statement during a Republican primary debate is no less than astounding but what is even more astounding is that his remark didn't hurt him in the least and he continued to rise in the polls despite the consternation of the neocons. I remember when Ron Paul got dissed in a South Carolina debate for suggesting that America follow the Golden Rule on foreign policy. He got booed. But the times they are a changing! Even Republican voters seem to have finally lost their appetite for never ending wars. Trump doesn't suffer in the polls when he attacks US foreign policy and on GOP sacred turf no less.

#2 Supreme Court Nominations  Few folks pay attention to this critically important issue. Even if Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians etc. seem blind to this issue, the left certainly isn't.  In fact, the left is freaking out over it because it believes that the next president could appoint 4 Supreme Court Justices.

How could the next president reshape the Supreme Court?
In the next few years, the Supreme Court may face as many as four vacancies as some of the justices age or enter retirement. That means the outcome of November's elections could be critical in determining the court's future composition.

Nearly half of the court -- four of the nine justices -- has served on it for 20 to 30 years and are either over the age of 80 or approaching it.

While stumping for Hillary Clinton on the New Hampshire campaign trail on Monday, former President Bill Clinton mentioned the next president could nominate between one and three justices. His wife's campaign posted a blog post last month titled, "A Republican president could nominate as many as 4 Supreme Court justices. That should terrify you."
Who in their right mind wants Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders nominating up to 4 Supreme Court Justices?  Considering the extreme longevity of their lifetime tenure, a progressive takeover of SCOTUS would have profound effects on America, Americans and the constitution that would require decades and generations to undo and unravel.

While I haven't the slightest clue who Trump would appoint, whoever he appoints to SCOTUS won't be as bad as a Sanders or Clinton appointee.

What few liberty oriented and/or sane rulings that are decreed by SCOTUS presently come with 5-4 decisions. A few days ago, SCOTUS shot down an Obama's climate change order that was supposed to be implemented by the EPA in a 5-4 decision.

Supreme Court deals blow to Obama by putting his climate change rules on hold

It's becoming increasingly apparent that Trump is succeeding in winning over Republican primary voters. Moreover, he's probably the best candidate to defeat Clinton or Sanders in a general election. Even if I hated Trump on every issued, which I don't, I'd take the chance and vote for him based on Supreme Court Justice nominees alone.

And the #1 reason to vote for Trump is to royally bitch slap the RNC-GOP elites who lord over us like a Nazified crime syndicate.  If Americans want change, a better future, the restoration of the American Dream and a chance reversing all the damage that has been done to the American people then they need to reject the bankster lovers, warmongers, open border advocates, globalists, one world government supporters, corporatists, fascists and the Republican elites responsible for destroying America (along with their Democrat partners in crime). 

Is Trump the man?  I don't know but he's certainly raised a lot of issues that are very important to the American people, issues that were formerly verboten and banned from discussion by the RNC elites. Trump has given the average American a powerful voice and while delivering will indeed be a challenge, if anybody has the courage, smarts and determination to try and fix all that is wrong with America and our corrupt to the core political system, Trump is the only option.  I believe he will try but succeeding in that pit of vipers known as the District of Crime (DC) will require one tough and seasoned son of a bitch.  Trump is tough, seasoned and READY.

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