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Facebook & Social Media are Banning the Images of US War Victims, Violates Community Standards!

Images of US wars or wars that the US supports like Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen and the Houthi are increasingly being censored on social media.  I'm currently in Facebook jail for posting this image of a starving and skeletal Yemeni child.  The photo violates Fascistbook community standards. 

Photos are POWERFUL and they definitely affect public opinion.  Americans didn't notice much about what was happening in Vietnam until these photos appear, the burning Napalm Girl and the My Lai Massacre horror.  Many other horrifying images of the Vietnam War jolted Americans.  Before that horror was finally over, millions of Southeast Asians were slaughtered and they were no threat to the US or US national security.  In truth, they were slaughtered for defense contractor profits.

The media and entire US foreign policy establishment are stroking out because Trump has announced that he's pulling out of Syria and downsizing in Afghanistan. These were not Trump's wars.  Bush started the war in Afghanistan that has been raging for 18 years at a cost of $2 trillion, here.  Also, soon to be gone Secretary of Defense Mattis was planning on spending $45 billion in Afghanistan in 2018.

Pentagon: War in Afghanistan will cost $45 billion in 2018

It's also been documented by the Brown University Cost of War Project that the US has spent a staggering $5.9 trillion wars since 911, here.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are directly responsible for the carnage in Libya and Syria; their goal was to destroy 2 functioning nations that were no threat to the US and overrun them with Sunni Salafist Wahhabists, depose Assad and churn these nations into Saudi styled Wahhabist states.



Before Hillary Clinton and President Obama destroyed Libya it was prosperous and no threat to anybody.

Libya: From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO Intervention

This sad image was found on Brown University's Cost of War Project and I don't know where it was taken...could have been anywhere, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen or a number of places but it horrifyingly depicts the true face of US wars and foreign policy.  Mothers burying their children is routine and so are images of mangled human beings who survived horrific injuries..missing limbs and permanent injuries are just more faces of our inhumane foreign policy. 

This photo fittingly describes US foreign policy - the Kiss of Death.  Folks burying their dead loved ones and fellow countrymen are definitely not celebrating as they endure endless bombings that murder and destroy their towns and villages. 

Trump vs. Mattis - Mattis Blew An Awesome Opportunity

This bromance bites the dust.  Well, it should NOT shock anybody who understands Trump or Mattis, two obstinate men from radically different backgrounds who possess radically different world views.  Mattis abruptly resigned when Trump announced that he was pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan, although his departure as Secretary of Defense has been speculated for months because of policy differences.

Donald J. Trump tweeted: ‏ "When President Obama ingloriously fired Jim Mattis, I gave him a second chance. Some thought I shouldn’t, I thought I should. Interesting relationship-but I also gave all of the resources that he never really had. Allies are very important-but not when they take advantage of U.S."

Although the effective date of the resignation of Mattis was the end of February, Trump was so infuriated with his blistering resignation letter that Trump moved it up and appointed an Acting Secretary of Defense effective January 1, 2019.

What went so wrong with a relationship that started off so good?  It starts with understanding Trump. Trump is an entrepreneur and marketing genius who loves accomplishing great things and usually by taking big risks.   His presidential campaign was unlike anything any of us have ever witnessed.  Trump's uncanny ability to read and understand people and their mood was the driving force behind his populist campaign that hit the raw and angry nerves of average Americans.  He profoundly understood that American workers were being royally screwed by nasty trade deals and open borders, a theme he reinforced day after day on the campaign trail.  It's what helped Trump crush Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Trump even went so far as to invoke his 'Drain the Swamp' theme.  Make no mistake, Trump fully intended to march into DC to profoundly shake it up and create a New Deal for the American people and America, both economically and on the foreign policy front.

If ever there was was a swamp creature who was the personification of the establishment, the Deep State, the military industrial complex, the US empire and America's deeply flawed foreign policy, it's Mattis who devoted his entire life to clawing his way up to the top. The warrior-scholar who was also known as the warrior monk and Mad Dog enjoyed a reputation as a tough and crusty Marine.  He was fired by Obama for supposedly clashing with Obama's civilian officials over policy, specifically the Iran Deal.  Mattis is a study in duopoly.  He's played the role of a salty Pattonesque commander who was revered by his subordinates as a tough no nonsense leader.  On the other hand, Mattis was also respected as deeply intellectual, well read and sophisticated enough to be welcomed into the highest echelons of power.

Henry Kissinger is viewed as the daddy of the US Empire, endless wars and interventionism. He's on the board of Center for the National Interest, an organization founded by neocon Irving Kristol (father of Trump hating Bill Kristol) that also publishes The National Interest. In July 2018, Mattis was honored by The Center for the National Interests and his speech spewed gobs of love for Kissinger, here.  Mattis adores Kissinger and said "I am enormously grateful for Dr. Kissinger’s strategic mentorship over many years.."

At heart Mattis was a well entrenched Deep State player, an advocate for globalist organizations and institutions like the UN and NATO.  Mattis is only viewed as a populist patriot because of his highly cultivated tough guy image and in the context of his military service and raunchy military statements that drive the meme world of blind adoration. While the outrageously crusty memes attributable to Mattis are true, documented and dazzle the average American voter, the simple soldier persona is fraudulent although I don't doubt Mattis actually believes what he says.
“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” 
“There are some people who think you have to hate them in order to shoot them. I don’t think you do. It’s just business.”

“There is nothing better than getting shot at and missed. It’s really great.”

“You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually it’s quite fun to fight them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.”

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some a**holes in the world that just need to be shot.”

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f*** with me, I’ll kill you all.”
Mattis has devoted decades of his life to organizing and methodically killing a ton of folks and it certainly isn't something that plagues his conscience.  His golden opportunity was born on September 11, 2001 with the 911 attack and the ensuing War on Terror.  For a man who believed he was destined to command battlefields, he was ready, tough as nails and pursued his duties valiantly and with vigor.  It's how he earned his 4 stars.  The combative combat man rose in the ranks but managed to get fired by 2 presidents - Obama fired him outright, and his relationship with Trump had deteriorated to the point where many believed he would be fired so he resigned.

It's ironic that Obama fired him for opposing the Iran Deal and that Trump was unhappy with Mattis for defending the Iran Deal.  For the record, I'm with Mattis on the Iran Deal because Iran isn't building nuclear bombs or enriching uranium, and Iran is in compliance.  That automatically makes the world a safer place so why nullify something that works?

Let's get back to Donald Trump, the draft dodging real estate developer turned TV reality star.  I don't doubt that Trump was impressed with the tough guy image of Mattis.  Few would question that both Trump and Mattis are tough guys but that's where the similarities end.

In April, 2018 Trump told a crowd at one of his rallies "We have spent $7 trillion — trillion with a T — $7 trillion in the Middle East, You know what we have for it? Nothing. Nothing."

Mattis could care less how many trillion we spend on wars - he's in the business of waging them so the more the better.  Trump even gave Secretary of Defense Mattis and the DOD a blank check just to appease a man who said he couldn't defend America without more money.

When Trump marched into DC and was inaugurated as the 45th president in January 2017, I doubt that Trump knew much of anything about how DC and Congress really operate. This is a guy who spent his life building condos, resorts and golf clubs.  But as a business man settling into DC, Trump does understand value and he started question US foreign policy and the enormous amount of money spent on it.

Even more alarming to the establishment and the DC Swamp, Trump was a quick study who unlike Mattis had little use for think tanks, the UN, NATO and all the globalist organizations and alliances that drive US empire and militarism.  Folks who don't especially like or value opaque, unelected and unaccountable yet extremely powerful organizations oppose the idea of hiding behind them, something Mattis is a master at doing.  Trump as a corporate CEO loves taking responsibility for his decisions, something the politicians, MIC, bureaucrats and elites abhor.

While President Trump believed that he had a tough guy Secretary of Defense to help implement his vision of evolving foreign policy views, that view was quickly shattered.  Trump the highly energized entrepreneurial creator was bound to clash with the stodgy institutional guy who viewed change as a threat the the existing world order. 

America has $22 trillion in debt and it was recently reported that the Pentagon failed an audit and couldn't account for $21 trillion.

The Pentagon Fails Audit – $21 Trillion in Transactions Could Not Be Traced, Documented, or Explained

Again, this leads back to Trump questioning spending $7 trillion in the Middle East.  Trump's antiwar instincts kicked in, as they have over the years as he asked what is the value to the US of spending so much money on wars?  Trump managed to offend our notoriously cheap allies by asking them to cough up some money for defense, defense dollars that are largely born by American taxpayers.  GASP!  Mattis was appalled as Trump ordered him to visit our allies and shake them down to pay their fair share of the big fat defense bill.

For a guy like Mattis, I'm sure that his POTUS preference is closer to Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump when ideology is factored into the equation.

1. Mattis is on recording opposing Trump getting out of the Paris Climate Accord, a nasty socialist policy that is nothing more than a wealth transfer from rich countries to poor countries.
2. Mattis opposed Trump moving the US Israel embassy to Jerusalem, something that turned out to be a non event.  Yawn!
3. Mattis opposed Trump's views on transgenders in the military.  Mattis supported the policy of allowing transgenders in the military while Trump sought to change it. I'm anything but convinced that transgenders even want to be soldiers and fight in wars.  However, since health insurance generally does not pay for transition surgeries and a lifetime of very expensive care, the military option is appealing to transgenders because taxpayers become saddled with their huge medical expenses.
4. Mattis opposed reducing the US military presence anywhere because control of turf is an obsession of empire builders, bureaucrats and military men because it's the mothers milk of their power and ability to grow it exponentially.

The Trump-Mattis marriage was doomed from the outset because one wanted change while the other demanded obedience to the status quo.

However, the world is rapidly changing and it's changing in way more ways than Mattis was willing to grasp; in many ways Mattis is a holdover relic from an era that no longer exists or at least is dying.  Specifically, the US Empire is gasping it last breath as the $22 trillion in debt to support never ending wars and the 800 military bases strung around the world under an MIC octopus is unsustainable.  America, peace and prosperity were sacrificed on the altar of empire and militarism. 

Trump is beginning to question the MIC and its vast network of globalist institutions that feed and sustain policies that are NOT in the best interest of America.

Trump the creative thinker who thinks out loud on Twitter butted heads with Mattis, an immovable object accustomed to stealth and is too dense to recognize that the world is changing beyond his ability to even understand it or where it's going.  Mattis follows the standard same old Kissinger script: sanction and destroy the economy and if whoever is targeted for whatever fake propaganda reason doesn't capitulate to the US empire then bomb them into oblivion and destroy entire nations and cities.  The murder of innocent people according to Mattis is just collateral damage.  After the US military does it's job, the DOD chiefs then turn the big pile of rubble over to the State Department and US Aid, supposedly to rebuild in the image of America.  It's frequently dubbed mop up operations.  US foreign policy is a disaster that spends a ton of money and accomplishes NOTHING except enriching defense and other crony contractors involved in wars, destruction and reconstruction - a cycle that never ever ends.

The whole game of US foreign policy, sanctions, bombings, destruction and rebuilding is a BIG FAIL.  This is something that Trump is beginning to see clearly. Mattis can't eject himself from the 'same old, same old' mold and freaks out as if his world is collapsing.

It's really tragic that Mattis, who is not stupid and is in fact well anchored in history and geopolitics, simply refused to be Trump's partner in forging a new and less interventionist foreign policy to position America for a better future.  Mattis views himself as a conquerer of turf that must be permanently occupied by the military which is in fact colonialism and empire.

Mattis is also revered in neocon and globalist circles while Trump is despised because he's a direct threat to them and their draconian powers.

If Mattis wasn't such a hardheaded ego driven man who tenaciously clings to the past and its failed policies and values, he would have been a valuable player in the Trump Administration. He could have been part of making history.  He should have played a critical role in building a safer, more peaceful and more prosperous future for America and the entire world.

Instead Mattis opted to do what is instinctively repugnant to any military man - cut and run.

Frankly, I doubt that the next Secretary of Defense will be any better than Mattis and is in fact likely to be far worse given that that the US Senate that confirms such nominees is largely comprised of Republican and Democrat neocon empire builders who are bought and paid for by the military industrial complex (MIC).

The real problem isn't Mattis who is just a product of an era with a long history of deeply flawed foreign policy and ideology.  The real problem is that the MIC of which Mattis is an integral player has such control over our government, foreign policy and elected Congress Critters.

Trump was ELECTED while Mattis was SELECTED.  Big difference!  Trump was elected because he campaigned on forging a more peaceful and less interventionist foreign policy.  As Secretary of Defense Mattis' only duty was to implement orders from his boss, the Commander in Chief, President Trump and give advice when asked.  Mattis is guilty of dereliction of duty.  For a military man to be insubordinate is a serious offense but Mattis the knucklehead reneged on his duties because he was convinced that he was right and Trump was wrong.

Going forward, Mattis will have lots of time to seriously engage in soul searching as he ponders his failures, his obstinate temperament, his tenure as Secretary Defense and his experience with Trump.  Mattis blew one whopper of an opportunity to be a part of something that America and the world desperately needs.  PEACE.

Mattis simply failed to be the visionary that Trump is and I'm in no way implying that Trump always gets it right but at least he's trying and fighting the good fight.  Mattis the legendary fighter simply refused to fight for America, his Commander and Chief and a saner foreign policy vision.

Of course it's sad and tragic, for America and a man who devoted his entire life to serving his country.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

12/22/2018, Back in Facebook Jail for Posting Image of Starving Yemen Child

After having been in Facebook jail for most of July and all of August and September for antiwar activism, I was finally allowed to post again on Oct. 1.  However, I'm back in FB jail as of December 22, 2018.  For how long I don't know.  Maybe 7 days.  I've been sentenced to 7 days before and despite NOT being on FB because during my numerous suspensions, FB always manages to extend my jail sentences by 30 and 60 days.

Let me be clear.  Antiwar activism is verboten on Fascistbook because according to FB, war is good, slaughter is good, starving skeletal children is good, bombs are good, destruction of humanity and their habitats are good and anybody who opposes such horror is not welcome on FB because you are automatically labeled the Great Satan.

This time, the offending post aka Facebook crime was a link that included this photo.

The article and photo that got me banned was:

Facebook Censoring Images Of Starving Children In Yemen
Social media giant Facebook has been censoring images of starving children in Yemen, claiming that pictures of malnourished girls constitute “sexual content”.  
The social network has repeatedly blocked images attached to a New York Times article about the on-going conflict, which has seen more than 100,000 people killed and over three million displaced.

The article, published earlier this month, featured a picture of Abrar Ibrahim, a 12-year-old emaciated girl in Yemen who weighs just 12.7 kilograms. She is dressed only in a diaper as her ribcage protrudes clearly through her skin.

However, several reporters and activists who attempted to share the piece on Facebook have found their posts repeatedly blocked, with the message “Your post goes against our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity”.
You gotta be kidding?  What kind of a psychopath would label a photo of a starving little girl as 'sexual content'?

Facebook has been accused of protecting pedophiles by allowing the posting of child pornography and sexual images of children.

Pedophiles are reportedly using Facebook to share images of children
An investigation by the BBC has found that secret groups on Facebook are being used by pedophiles to share images -- and Facebook doesn't seem to be doing much to control such activity.

The BBC reportedly unearthed numerous private groups which were both run by and for men with a sexual interest in children. One group was found to have a convicted pedophile as its administrator. Despite many of the groups and images being reported to Facebook, not all of them were removed, raising the question as to whether Facebook is doing enough to combat pedophilia.
While pedophilia is indeed a repulsive crime that should indeed be criminally prosecuted, war is equally horrifying.  To say that an image of a child starved by war is 'sexual' is pretty damn sick, especially for a company that is notorious for not doing much to stop child pornography or its sick images.

My FB ban isn't about sexual content and clearly it's all about finding a pathetic excuse to censor antiwar activism.

Since I document all my ridiculous and unjustified FB bans and blog about them, I consider it important for others to do the same.

Here's a September 5, 2018 blog post on a series of previous FB bans over literally NOTHING except antiwar activism.

My Personal Story of Facebook Censorship, Abuse and Getting Banned 

Finally, I would like to add that most of my FB bans are the direct result of opposing Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen.  This of course tells me that FB is loaded with Wahhabi lobby censors.   Criticizing US wars has definitely resulted in censorship for many but criticism of Saudi Arabia seems to result in even more severe censorship.

Meanwhile, I will continue to REFUSE to stop antiwar activism even if it results in more social media bans, temporary or permanent.  The tide is turning on the issue of war and antiwar activism is strengthening, especially opposition to US foreign policy.  This is something that even President Trump seems to somewhat grasp as he announced this week that he's pulling the US military out of Syria and Afghanistan.

A person with a conscience and moral compass must continue to oppose wars, whoever starts them.  Yes, war images are indeed graphic, nasty, unpleasant, bloody and horrifying but how else do we bring the message of war to people?  The purpose of war images is to jolt and shock a person's sense of morality and values with the goal of forcing them into antiwar activism.  We the People must reject war because feeding the military industrial complex and its murderous evil is always the right thing to do.

Iconic photos like this helped to end the Vietnam War, a horror that resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent Southeast Asians.

I don't doubt that the perverts who run FB's censorship department would ban this photo as SEXUAL, something only a deranged ass wipe of a human being would do.

War is brutal, war is cruel, war is inhumane and above all, people need to sees its horrifying images. images that need to be ingrained in every human psyche if we are to ever end the never ending wars.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Michael Flynn (Victim), Hillary Clinton (Criminal) and the FBI - One was Set-up, the Other Protected

The smoking hot news this week is that the FBI told Michael Flynn that the easiest way to wrap up the January 2017 FBI interview was to NOT have a lawyer present.  This has caught the attention of the judge who is to sentence Flynn and the judge is upset enough demand FBI tapes and transcripts on the issue.  Also, Flynn was told that he wasn't under criminal investigation.

FBI to Michael Flynn: “Trust us. You don’t need a lawyer”

Also, it's been widely speculated that the FBI framed Flynn.  Flynn was financially destroyed by the FBI-Mueller war on him and it's clear that the Deep State not only did not want him to be Trump's National Security Advisor but that it also sought to destroy Flynn as well as Trump's presidency.


Most legal analyst never believed that Flynn ever committed a crime.  In fact, some believe that Flynn only plead guilty because he didn't have the financial resources to defend himself and that the government also threatened to criminally prosecute his innocent son.  Furthermore, the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn never believed that he was lying but that didn't stop Mueller and his Clintonista Trump hating loyalists pitbulls from threatening to lock up Flynn for many years.

Comey told Congress FBI agents didn't think Michael Flynn lied
In March 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey briefed a number of Capitol Hill lawmakers on the Trump-Russia investigation. One topic of intense interest was the case of Michael Flynn, the Trump White House national security adviser who resigned under pressure on Feb. 13 after just 24 days in the job....

According to two sources familiar with the meetings, Comey told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional. As a result, some of those in attendance came away with the impression that Flynn would not be charged with a crime pertaining to the Jan. 24 interview. 
Although Flynn innocently fell into the FBI trap and didn't initially believe that he was being set-up because he was only clarifying issues that were not crimes, this didn't stop Mueller from subsequently criminally prosecuting him.

The Michael Flynn story should go down in history as one of the most corrupt and egregious abuses of power in US history.  It was clearly a Deep State war on Trump and Flynn was merely a victim or collateral damage.

Flashback: How did the FBI treat Hillary Clinton in her interview regarding the private server, missing emails and other issues relating to one of the biggest pay to play schemes in US political history and doing it all while she was Secretary of State?  Clinton actually created the private server to conduct pay to play schemes or shaking down nations and rich folks for huge contributions to the Clinton Foundation in anticipation that she would win the general election and have the power to reward the CF donors.

Anyway, Hillary Clinton showed up at her FBI interview with an army of 9 lawyers.

FBI: 'Unusual' for Clinton to bring nine lawyers to FBI interview

How Hillary’s lawyers ran roughshod over the FBI

Last August, FBI officials paid a visit to Hillary Clinton’s lawyers’ office in Washington and begged to see six laptop computers containing the former secretary of state’s classified e-mails. They were told to take a hike, and they did. 
Clinton’s lawyers “declined to provide consent” for the bureau to even search the laptops, let alone seize them, claiming they may contain “privileged communications.”

Instead of seeking to subpoena the evidence, the FBI meekly “wished to arrange for secure storage of them in a manner agreeable to both the FBI and the attorneys” — even though the attorneys lacked authorization to handle the material, which included Top Secret information.

While arrogantly stiff-arming the FBI, Clinton’s lawyers “admitted that the e-mails contained on these laptops had been viewed by attorneys who did not have a security clearance at the time,” a newly released FBI report of the incident reveals.

The embarrassing scene, which played out at the law offices of Williams & Connolly, is just one of many examples of how lawyers loyal to Clinton ran roughshod over the FBI investigation.

In the end, investigators were able to see only e-mails from certain dates on laptops owned by top Clinton aides Heather Samuelson and Cheryl Mills, who conducted the e-mail seek-and-destroy mission for Clinton. After the restricted viewing, they had to agree to destroy the evidence as part of outrageous side deals FBI Director James Comey agreed to honor, even after these key witnesses were immunized against prosecution. 
What is 100% clear is that Hillary Clinton and her associates including the Podesta brothers were treated far differently than Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Jerone Corsi and others players in Trump's orbit.  All of this points to the very real fact that the Clintons are still FEARED and that nobody is seriously investigating the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate that has existed for decades.

Financially destroying Trump associates is indeed a cruel Deep State strategy and the goal is pound them into submission and make their lives so miserable that they will say whatever Mueller wants them to say.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a huge advantage. Not only are Bill and Hillary Clinton very rich with a net worth of $125 million according to Celebrity NetWorth, they are both crooked lawyers who have a long history of lawyering up.  Moreover, they have friends in high places, especially the DOJ, FBI, State Department and Intel Agencies.  The crimes of Bill and Hill have been covered-up and protected for decades and to the point that they are so powerful that they are literally ABOVE THE LAW. 

As loyal Deep State operatives who know how to appease Wall Street, the military industrial complex, globalists and other special interests, Bill and Hill are masters at their game. Sucking up to power and money is not only their specialty, it's what drives every law and transaction in the District of Crime or DC.

Trump rides into town as an outsider who was never expected to even win the general election.  From the moment he shocked the world by winning the 2016 election, he was a marked man and so was everybody in his orbit including friends, family, campaign officials, business associates and Trump supporters.  The Deep State, DOJ, FBI, State Department and Intel Agencies all flew into high gear to destroy a man whose vision threatened to destroy their raw and absolute power. 

The message couldn't be clearer:  defy us and we will come after you and everybody who ever supported you or knows you.   Many innocent lives have already been destroyed by Mueller and many more are slated to be destroyed until the day arrives when capitulation is total and all opposition is ruthlessly crushed.

Welcome to America folks.  This is your future, a future of being a silent and compliant slave.  Don't expect JUSTICE because it will never happen until the real criminals are tried and convicted and these folks have protection at the highest level.

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