Saturday, July 14, 2012

Taxation is Theft and Tyranny. The Power to Tax is the Power to Plunder and Enslave

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. Frederic Bastiat

The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else. Frederic Bastiat

Government is downright evil and shameless when it comes to taxation. These pillagers of the public just sit around all day thinking and dreaming of events and things to tax. The State of New York even exploited 911 as an opportunity to raise taxes. On 911, first responders suffered horrific deaths with FDNY losing 343 firefighters, NYPD losing 23 officers and the Port Authority losing 37 officers. The reason for these deaths is that the officers and firefighters who put their lives on the line every day had junk communication equipment and could not communicate with each other or anybody else.

For all the tax dollars raked in by NY State and city entities, spending it on methods to protect the lives of those who serve was never a political priority. Police and fire are always expendable because their lives and service don’t mean diddlysquat to the politicos. This is very odd indeed, especially in a skyscraper lined city like NY. Although the ruling politicos who refused to spend on life saving technology for police and fire had the unmitigated gall to attend the funerals of our fallen public servants for photo opts and the opportunity to gush forth with phony “I care” platitudes, 911 was soon exploited as a method to raise taxes. New York wasted no time in passing a 911 tax on cell phone users for the explicit purpose of upgrading emergency response systems throughout the entire state.

According to a Stephen Malanga article titled “Taxes dedicated to misleading taxpayers”, the state of NY collected $600 million in new 911 taxes.  How was it spent? Very little was spent on its intended purpose. Of the $600 million collected, a puny $84 million was actually spent on communications for police and fire. Most of the money was siphoned off into the State of New York general fund for the legislators to spend on pork and slop. Malanga writes:
In New York, so little money makes it to EMS centers from the tax that most counties now have their own 911 tax, on top of the state's tax.
Folks, this is how taxes really work. Taxes rarely fund what they are supposed to fund and legislators just consider tax receipts one big fat slush fund to dole out to their top campaign contributors, favorite pork projects and various special interest constituencies.

Even worse, new taxes even have magical reproductive powers and frequently manage to procreate new taxes from the original tax!

The U.S. kicked off its march to militarism and imperialism with the 1898 Spanish American War. At the time, only the rich could afford telephones and Congress passed a telecommunication tax of 3% to fund the war. In 2003, the Spanish American War tax was finally repealed after 108 years. According to USA Today, the Treasury Dept. vigorously fought repealing the tax:
Treasury said it was conceding its battle to uphold the tax after five appeals courts declared it illegal…. Phone companies hailed the move. "This is a good first step in alleviating consumers' telephone tax burden, which currently accounts for more than 18% of the average bill," Verizon Vice President Tom Tauke said.
WOW. 18% of everybody’s phone bill, mobile and landline, is taxes.

Gas taxes, alcohol taxes, cigarette taxes and “sin” taxes are huge rip-offs. In Texas, the state legislature even passed what has been dubbed the Texas “titty” tax because it assesses a $5 admission fee tax for something called “sexually oriented entertainment”. Politicians sit in their royal palaces and dream of new things to tax because they can dole out the loot to their favorite constituent groups via “special interest” welfare programs and wait for a percentage of the “loot” to come right back to their campaign coffers.

Before our nation morphed from the Land of the Free and Prosperous to the Land of the Tax Impoverished, America had previously dabbled with various federal income taxes but they were small and they were repealed because citizens didn’t want the government to have such vast powers over their lives and wealth. To be sure, lovers of big government had been salivating for a federal income tax for a long time. Hence, the government opted for a Constitutional Amendment in 1913 to codify into the Constitution the right of the government to tax perpetually and to tax at any rate. It was sold to the people as a tax on the rich because less than 1% of the population paid the income tax at the time. From the website of and a link that no longer exist, the website stated:
By 1913, 36 States had ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. In October, Congress passed a new income tax law with rates beginning at 1 percent and rising to 7 percent for taxpayers with income in excess of $500,000. Less than 1 percent of the population paid income tax at the time.Form 1040 was introduced as the standard tax reporting form…
Here’s how fast the tax grew, according to the National Taxpayers Union.

History of Federal Individual Income Bottom and Top Bracket Rates

And that’s just the federal income tax. The super-super rich always have legal ways to avoid taxes and do it by hiring tax attorneys to utilize perfectly legal tax avoidance strategies. It’s how folks like Teresa Heinz Kerry paid a paltry 12% federal tax rate on $5 million in unearned income the year her hubby ran for president. Moreover, unearned income is exempt from the SS tax and folks who are “trust fund babies” and have gobs of unearned income never have to pay FICA because FICA is a tax on lowly wage earners and certainly not the rich. FICA is a wage earner tax that takes a whopping 15.4% off the top of all wages. Yet, Social Security is just about bankrupted because Congress squandered the retirements of the American people.

Also, many taxes are specifically target poor and middle class wage earners. is a grassroots group fighting outrageous increases in beer taxes and reports:
Beer excise taxes are regressive, disproportionately inflicted upon lower- and middle-income Americans. In fact, the effect on households with the lowest incomes is 11 times greater than those with the highest incomes. Nearly 63% of beer in the United States is purchased by low- and moderate-income consumers and is taxed by all levels of government at a rate of more than 41 cents for every dollar spent.

By disproportionately affecting these individuals, increasing the beer excise tax would represent a tax increase on the middle-class American workforce, further increasing the burden on those paying more than ever to fill their gas tanks and their grocery bags.

Excise taxes on beer would have a serious impact on jobs and economic development in Wisconsin, an area where brewing is an important industry. In the state, there are more than 32,000 beer-related jobs in brewing, distributing and supply, and this number does not count the many thousands of jobs employed in our taverns, grocery stores and convenience stores selling beer. Nearly 34,000 more jobs exist in Wisconsin due to the induced impact of beer and beer sales. The excise tax increase under discussion would also negatively affect the total annual economic impact of the beer industry - nearly $7.7 billion - in Wisconsin.
Oregon had its citizens in a fit when it tried to increase the beer tax by 1900% (not a typo) and an anti-beer tax group reports “Beer taxes are inherently regressive – more than half of the proposed increase would be paid by Oregonians earning less than $45,000 per year”.

At the federal level, the Democrats in Congress tried to punish beer drinkers by increasing the federal beer tax from 33 to 48 cents a six pack, a whopping 45% tax increase. They also want to tax soft drinks.

Beer taxes are a huge punishment specifically levied against the poor and middle class and do you really think that Congress Critters like Pelosi ever pops a can of Bud? What she sips, we couldn’t afford to sip without winning the lottery.

Property taxes across the nation have increased at rates far surpassing the rate of population growth and inflation. It’s so out of control that local taxpayer revolts are occurring with increasing frequency. In Texas, property taxes were increased 10.4% for each year since 1999 (as of 2004) and only continue to escalate. Such situations drive the middle class and especially fixed income folks (retirees) out of their homes because they cannot afford the property taxes. Income never rises anywhere near the rate that taxes increase.

Entitlement lovers, socialists, elected representatives, statists, warmongers, corporatists, fascists, defense contractors and totalitarians of all strips vigorously oppose an end to draconian taxation because they are like parasites that have embedded themselves in a live host that they slowly devour. For humanity to flourish amidst liberty and prosperity, the parasite must die if the host is to survive.

In response to those who abhor wealth building across the entire spectrum of the population, their defense of a benevolent “cradle to the grave” totalitarian paradise is not only hogwash but contrary to history.

It is a well documented fact that Communism killed 100,000,000 folks during the 20thcentury alone, mostly by brutal murder and starvation. So much for the worker’s paradise! Not only was communism/socialism/statism a gargantuan failure, it was the biggest genocide machine ever to exist in human history – murderous, ruthless and barbaric, and all done in the name of the people and social justice.

The so-called soft socialism of western nations is just an illusion. Western nations are bankrupt, their economies are disintegrating before their very eyes and the promises of lifetime pensions, welfare and healthcare are nothing more than propaganda lies that voters willingly drink. In the end, they will have nothing and be much worse off. Such is the fate of a person who votes for the police powers of the state to steal from another to give them what they want but never earned.

The only difference between the genocidal hardcore socialism of Marx, Mao, Stalin etc. and the so-called soft and benevolent socialism of the west is that the former never had the luxury of a functioning and wealthy economy to loot and plunder.

As the west quickly approaches the state where everything has been plundered, looted and seized in the name of the state, we too will be among the totalitarian heap of a hundred million or even hundreds of millions of dead bodies tossed upon the raging pyre of the greatest lie ever told and believed. Worshipping government as the Golden Calf and the cornucopia of plenty is about as wickedly delusional as it gets, especially when the Golden Calf is facing permanent extinction from a terminal case of mad “cash” disease otherwise known as a raging case of the incurable but fatal parasite Fedzilla the Federal Reserve.. Fedzilla devours everything in its path.

For more information on how the government is skinning us alive, see:

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    We think of you as sheep

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