Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Why the Media, Elites and Political Class Hate Trump and Why the American People Love Him

In 2016, Jeb Bush was supposed to be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee - 2 peas in the same elitist pod. When Republican voters nominated Trump, he was viewed as a joke that Hillary could easily defeat.  In fact, Clinton and her campaigned actually wanted Trump to be the Republican nominee because he was viewed as the easiest to defeat in a general election.  LOL, careful what you wish for!

When a nation is under the total control of a cabal of corrupt ruling elites, those folks will never voluntarily relinquish their absolute power.  Elections mean NOTHING to them because until November 8, 2016, they controlled election outcomes.  That's the date when all hell broke lose in America and a date that will go down in infamy.  Donald J. Trump achieved the impossible - he defeated Hillary Clinton in a stunning Grand Finale that literally shocked the elites and media to their core.  Before that historic election, the media marginalized and laughed at Trump by giving Hillary 90-95% probabilities of winning. She was expected to crush him in the Electoral College vote. Instead, he crushed her 306-232 by winning 6 states that Obama won TWICE - FL, OH, PA, MI, IA and WI.  Clinton only had to win 3 of them (the right 3) to thump Trump and she couldn't even do that.

What went wrong for Hillary, the media and the elites? In an astounding unexpected turn of events, We the People rose up to reject the ruling elites.  As Trump campaigned on Crooked Hillary themes, drain the swamp promises and populist messages for ordinary working class Americans, something sparked an explosion of anger with voters.  These are ordinary folks who profoundly understood and believed that they were hung out to dry in an economic system that made the rich richer and the poor and middle classes poorer.  At the core of Trump's campaign promises were: 1. a better deal for working class Americans and 2. a more peaceful foreign policy and less foreign interventions. Other issues that also weighed heavily were secure borders, immigration control, healthcare and 2nd amendment rights. 

I'm not even a Republican but a Libertarian leaning antiwar independent voter who almost always votes 3rd party. My candidates have been Ron Paul and Rand Paul, Gary Johnson (2012) and Chuck Baldwin (2008). I have nothing but utter contempt for the Republican Party.  Still, as I listened to Trump he not only grew on me but hit a lot of points that are near and dear to me like a better deal for working class Americans who have been crushed by corporatist trade agreements.  In February, 2016, I laid out my case for voting for Trump, much to the consternation of Trump haters, Libertarians and establishment Republicans.

The Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Trump

I never regretted my Trump vote and while voting for him was indeed a huge risk, the alternative was a far worse option; a Hillary Clinton presidency was just too horrifying to even contemplate.  Besides, Trump really is delivering on his campaign promises which unlike most candidates Trump did take very seriously. He has cut taxes, he's working on negotiating better trade deals, he's focused on the economy, he's cut regulations, he's trying to secure the border and his foreign policy thus far is making my heart sing.  I vigorously supported his meeting with Kim Jung Un to resolve the North Korea issue and I also endorsed Trump's meeting with Putin.  Trump seems to be 'interventionist light' and he's even talked about pulling out of Syria where Obama, Hillary and the neocons unleashed a horrific civil war by supporting ISIS Sunni terrorists.

19 months into his presidency, Trump has indeed accomplished a lot and far more than I ever expected.  If any other president had accomplished what Trump has accomplished in such a short time, they'd be praised as the Second Coming.  Precisely because Trump isn't a bona fide member of the ruling elite, he's being vilified for his extraordinary accomplishments.  We've got the entire US media calling him a traitor for the crime of working toward peace and peaceful solutions to conflict.  Go figure!

With the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment rates in history, the Trump economy is a tide that is lifting folks of all colors and races.  For that incredible accomplishment, Trump is being labeled Hitler, a Nazi and a racist, and by the very same political and media elites who had no problem advocating for impoverishing them.

Yes, all of this absolutely does reek of INSANITY. Trump is doing what he promised to do and it's helping ALL Americans.  Apparently, that is a crime according to the elites.

What Trump is actually doing is upsetting the apple cart of fascism and corporatism that have defined our economic system for far too many years.  The trade agreements that are erroneously dubbed 'free trade agreements' are really nothing more than protectionist agreements where big corporations carve out spheres of control, monopoly and influence AND all at the expense of the American worker.

The bought and paid for neocons who are on the payroll of defense contractors that feed the Military Industrial Complex and its insatiable lust for endless wars are NOT happy with Trump's peace initiatives.  Pressured to bomb Syria a 2nd time in April 2018, Trump appeased the neocons by authorizing a bombing that did very little damage and killed no one.  The neocons wanted a massive and destructive bombing and didn't care how many Syrians were murdered; they would have taken out Damascus, a city of nearly 2 million people.  Since the Russian military was operating in Syria and actually helping Syria rid itself of ISIS and Sunni Salafist Wahhabist terrorists, the mission did indeed require that Sec. Def. Mattis coordinate with the Russian military to avoid an escalation of the already volatile Russia-US relationship.  I'm no fan of Mattis but at least the dude is sufficiently sane to NOT agitate for a war with Russia.  The neocons were indeed livid that Trump's bombing was neither massive nor destructive and that it didn't result in regime change.  Regime change is a top priority of the neocons but apparently isn't high on Trump's priorities; in fact it's something that Trump has wisely avoided.

If Trump, the People's president, is making America and the world a better, more prosperous and peaceful place, this is something that any sane individual could wholeheartedly applaud UNLESS of course one happens to be a fake American, fake news, fake patriot and fake humanitarian.

It's the swamp, the deep state and the elites that are fake, not Trump who is so out there REAL that the fakes are soiling their panties.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

John McCain's Final Act of Revenge and Vengeance Against America

In July 2017, McCain announced that he was diagnosed with the deadly gliablastoma brain tumor - it's hard to get a more deadly medical prognosis as that type of cancer is always fatal and fairly quickly.  Factor in McCain's advanced age of 81, and it becomes even more deadly.  He left the US Senate for Christmas break December 2017 and never returned.  It wasn't likely that he would ever be well enough to return and serve the folks in Arizona.  Meanwhile, the folks in Arizona have been deprived of a Senator.

Had McCain did the right thing and resigned his Senate seat because he knew full well that he was so impaired that he was unfit to return and serve his constituents, Arizona would be holding a special election this November for his replacement.  The deadline for the special election was June 1 (May 30 according to some reports).

By McCain NOT resigning and allowing that deadline to pass, Arizona Governor Ducey will appoint his replacement and the choice of McCain loyalists is Cindy McCain.  The Hill reported on May 30, 2018, link here:
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) on Tuesday quietly met with Sen. John McCain (R) and his wife, Cindy, at the couple’s home outside Sedona, Ariz., GOP sources in the state told The Hill.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) on Tuesday quietly met with Sen. John McCain (R) and his wife, Cindy, at the couple’s home outside Sedona, Ariz., GOP sources in the state told The Hill....

The meeting took place before a key deadline in Arizona.

Under state law, Wednesday marks the final day that a vacancy for McCain's seat could trigger a special election before 2020. After Wednesday, Ducey will have the power to appoint someone to the Senate seat if it does become open.

McCain allies in Arizona and Washington have been pushing for Cindy McCain to be appointed to her husband's seat. 
The Gov. of Arizona is a friend and political ally of McCain and it's being reported that McCain's appointed replacement will not be announced until after his funeral.   It's still a matter of speculation as to who Gov. Ducey will appoint but it's believed that the deal has been struck.  Whoever replaces McCain will be an ideological clone of McCain aka a ferocious enemy of Trump and his agenda.

By refusing to resign and allowing the folks in AZ to vote on his replacement, McCain will effectively hold his senate seat until Jan. 2021, even in death. The replacement for John McCain won't be on the ballot again until Nov. 2020 and the newly elected senator won't be sworn in until Jan. 2021.

Meanwhile, the enemies of Trump are PLOTTING and PLOTTING to get rid of him and remove him from office.  Even in death McCain is doing his part.

The American Thinker wrote a most interesting piece on John McCain on June 9, 2018 titled Can someone please tell John McCain he can resign now?

So why hasn't McCain resigned? The answer is unclear, but it may boil down to one word: Cindy. McCain wants his wife, Cindy McCain, to take his place. McCain may feel that he is royalty and his Senate seat is like a throne that can be passed down to relatives...

Out of spite, he's leaving the people of Arizona without full representation in the Senate. In a tight 51-49 GOP-controlled body, the absence of one senator is critical on many votes.

McCain apparently does not care.

Yeah, John McCain is an evil rat bastard.

The Cruel, Crude and Unspeakable Evil that is John McCain

If you don't approve of everything that Israel does, does that make you an anti-Semite?

Anybody who opposes anything that Israel does is automatically dubbed an anti-Semite.  There are folks who defend Israel regardless of what Israel does. I agree that social media is full of anti-Semites but it's also a platform where nasty hatemongers of all stripes congregate to spew their venom. The biggest social media game is the blame game - everybody blames another group of folks for perceived injustice.  As one who objectively tries to understand a very complicated situation through the prism of history and facts, I'm typically accused of being both an anti-Semite and a defender of Israel depending on who is judging me and my views.

I'm neither because I have spent considerable time researching Israel, its history, Islam, its history and that volatile place known as the Middle East.  My blog posts on these issues are very long research pieces and are certainly not for the judgmental Attention Deficit Disorder folks who have already formed biased conclusions.

In fact, I frequently post a DISCLOSURE on my religious and geopolitical views that involve Israel, Judaism and Islam.
Disclosure: The patch of dirt known as Israel, a nation about the size of New Jersey, has been one of the most fought over pieces of real estate in human history because it's where Judaism, Christianity and Islam have always theologically and geo-politically collided. This paradigm is not about to change and Israel will forever be controlled by whoever maintains the military superiority to control it. That is the way it has always been and always will be unless a merciful God decides that Israel should just fall into the Mediterranean Sea and is no longer available for anybody to fight over. The issue is further complicated by the fact that nearly all organized religions are nothing more than institutionalized violence and the two most violent religions that ever existed are Christianity and Islam simply because they were militarily successful in creating powerful and brutal empires. Man and his gods will forever be etched into the inhumanity of man vs. man.
While I have been critical of Israel, I have always vigorously defended its absolute right to exist and yes, this seriously offends the anti-Semites whose Nazi views demand that Jews be purged from the human landscape.  That said, I have two huge issues with Israel.  The first issue is simple and involves the brutality of disproportionate Israel military violence against the Palestinians. Destroying the homes, hospitals, schools and lands of a deeply impoverished and suffering people is an act of inhumane and totally unjustified brutality.  I will never defend what Israel does in Gaza.

The 2nd issue is a whole lot more complicated geopolitically because it involves the sinister US-Israeli-Saudi alliance, an alliance that I have indeed labeled the real axis of evil.  I'm no fan of Saudi Arabia and view the Sunni Salafist Wahhabist nation as pure concentrated evil and a threat to human civilization everywhere.  I've blogged about it:

Iran is NOT a terrorist nation. Saudi Arabia is the Kingpin of Islamist Terrorism.

Dear Muslims: Why Nobody Wants You In Their Country

Petro Dollar = ISIS Dollar, Saudi Arabia, Sunni Salafist Wahhabism and US Foreign Policy - Connect the Dots 

Exactly why the US and Israel are in bed with the savage Saudis is something that should concern all of us but it's most easily explained by understanding the petro dollar and how Saudi Arabia controls it.  The fact that the dollar is literally controlled by the Saudis, a situation so critically important that America will even genuflect before the filthy savage Saudis and fight their Wahhabist jihads for them, is an undeniable horror.  Israel goes along with anything that the US orders it to do because a lot is at stake, like Israel risking the loss of $38 billion in military aid, here.  As one who endorse ending all foreign aid to all nation including Israel, I find it appalling that US taxpayers give Israel billions every year and that the money is used to wage unjust military action against defenseless Palestinians.  Are we facilitating murder and mayhem to enrich US defense contractors?  It's a valid question.

Finally, if anybody truly seeks truth I suggest that they start with learning the truth and shedding their biased blinders and do it without the prejudice of religion.  The world is a complex and extremely volatile mixture of competing theologies, cultures and laws.  We either kill each other or figure out how to peacefully co-exist.  That is our ultimate challenge.

Meanwhile, truth seekers can start with:

With Charity Toward None, A History of Israel

A Cruise Through History: Islam, the West and the Rest of the World

The Making of the Modern Middle East 

In summary, I advocate for peace and liberty for all folks.  I am ferociously antiwar and view warmongers as the most evil and insidious folks on the planet.  

The Cruel, Crude and Unspeakable Evil that is John McCain

John McCain deserves to be remembered as one of the most diabolical and evil men in US history.  He was a mass murderer and a homicidal genocidal maniac whose foreign policy legacy is dripping with the blood of his victims.

He is also a horrid and wretched human being whose cruelty and crudity is legendary.  He's on record calling his congressional colleagues 'fucking jerks', 'shitheads' and 'assholes', and his profanity laced tirades are so well known that many in Congress questioned whether Insane McCain was sufficiently mentally stable to even become president and be empowered with the nuclear button that comes with being Commander In Chief.  The American voters apparently agreed and Obama walloped McCain in the 2008 election 365-173, a humiliating defeat that was well deserved.  I knew Republicans who refused to vote for him and some so feared McCain as CIC that they actually voted for Obama. I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008 because I also feared a McCain presidency.

His hot and volatile temper isn't just reserved for his political enemies and congressional colleagues.  He's on record calling his wife Cindy McCain a 'cunt'.  The incident which occurred on the campaign trail is well documented, here.
In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain's hair and said, "You're getting a little thin up there." McCain's face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." 
If this is how McCain treats his wife in the presence of campaign aides, imagine how he treats her in private.  He relished his nickname of 'McNasty', a title that dates back to his high school days where his arrogance and vulgarity were well known and appalling.

McCain's military record is such a disgrace that if any member of the US military behaved as badly and recklessly as McCain did, they would be disciplined and probably court martialed.  However, McCain was protected because his father was a high ranking admiral in the Navy.

McCain was directly responsible for the deaths of 134 sailors on the USS Forrestal, as well as nasty injuries to another 161 sailors.  The incident is documented here.
McCain all by himself nearly sank a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier…
McCain, when a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy was a Navy pilot (they call themselves aviators). July 29, 1967 while on the deck and in his plane on the carrier U.S.S. Forrestal he managed to screw up procedures (officially denied and covered up by him and the Navy and also even promoted on Wikipedia if you care to look–reason to follow). He did a smart ass punk attention getting trick by doing a “wet start” up of his jet.

When a pilot wants to be a wise ass or show off, this type of engine start creates a large startling flame and lots of surprise noise from the rear of a jet engine on start up–this was no accident. This and the large subsequent electrical surge and apparent (incorrect and against policy) weapon arming (by the pilot) caused the launching of a powerful Zuni rocket across the carrier’s deck hitting other parked planes (photo below) that were packing 1,000 high-explosive pound bombs. The subsequent massive explosions, fire and destruction went several decks below and nearly sunk this major 82,000 ton U.S. aircraft carrier.

This stunt and aftermath caused the death of 134 sailors and seriously injured (blow off arms legs, cause blindness and burns to another 161 sailors) and took the ship off the battle line for extensive repairs. Any other Navy pilot causing this type of death and destruction the Navy would have raped him and he would probably still be in the brig. Why not McCain? Well, first with many powerful connections this “little infraction” was covered up by the Navy (our most politically involved/connected service by the way).

You see his grandfather was a famous FOUR STAR Navy admiral and his dad was at the time of the incident was a powerful Navy FOUR STAR admiral and McCain graduated from the Navy Academy. So the old boy Navy tradition cover his ass network went into high gear immediately; and make no mistake, it does exist and it did for him.
There are other documented incidents of McCain reckless military record.

McCain had a long history of insulting and demeaning people when his volatile temper flared and it frequently did.  In Nov. 1999, the Arizona Republic reported on an incident, here:
It was election night 1986, and John McCain had just been elected to the U.S. Senate for the first time. Even so, he was not in a good mood.

McCain was yelling at the top of his lungs and poking the chest of a young Republican volunteer who had set up a lectern that was too tall for the 5-foot-9 politician to be seen to advantage, according to a witness to the outburst.

"Here this poor guy is thinking he has done a good job, and he gets a new butt ripped because McCain didn't look good on television," Jon Hinz told a reporter Thursday. At the time, Hinz was executive director of the Arizona Republican Party.

McCain's temper has been quietly discussed among political insiders in Arizona since he first ran for Congress in 1982. But with the recent national focus on his temperament, more people are going public with their McCain experiences. Hinz said McCain's treatment of the young campaign worker in 1986 troubled him for years.
"There were an awful lot of people in the room," Hinz recalled. "You'd have to stick cotton in your ears not to hear it. He (McCain) was screaming at him, and he was red in the face.
Insane McCain would lash out at anybody and he didn't care who he hurt.  He viewed himself as a king or emperor.  Nobody wanted to be president more than McCain and thank God the American people rejected him.  In 2000, he sought the Republican nomination for president but got beat by George W. Bush in the primary, and when he finally won the nomination in 2008, Obama and the American people clobbered him.

As McCain's power rose and his lust for the presidency intensified, folks started speaking out about him or at least started leaking to the media.  Some in Congress went public with McCain stories while others leaked anonymously out of fear of retribution.  Yikes, this is a dangerous dude who could be president they rationalized and were duly horrified.  Stopping McCain from ever becoming president became a mission for many.

Much has been written about McCain and undoubtedly much more will be written about him now that he's dead.  Hopefully, when all the gushing from Fox News and the media about what a patriot and hero McCain is finally settles down, maybe the truth about the maniacal and depraved John McCain will surface.  Meanwhile, here's a recap of his sordid and evil life.

John McCain Is A Traitorous, Globalist, Neocon Warmonger
You have to laugh when The Washington Post, an obsolete media outlet owned by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon chief who has a $600 million contract with the CIA, lionizes John McCain for going after President Trump....

Now McCain is actively seeking to undermine the authority and effectiveness of the current President of the United States. Wasn’t it McCain who admitted to giving the FBI the infamous and completely fabricated ‘golden shower’ dossier about Trump just this past month? Is this the same John McCain who is now being reported as a major source of internal leaks from The White House?

Come to think of it, wasn’t it John McCain who relentlessly campaigned for war in Syria to topple Bashar al-Assad and who had a major footprint in the disaster that is now Ukraine? Isn’t this the same John McCain who is purportedly in pictures with ISIS and who allegedly had videos of fake beheadings on his computer? What a relief; apparently all of that is just fake news. Thank goodness we have Snopes and McCain’s press release to set the record straight. According to the 80 year old senator who has been haunting the halls of Congress for three and a half decades, he is fighting the good fight against the primary architects of evil in this world: the Russians and Vladimir Putin.

What century is this man living in? What reality is this man living in? Do we trust someone who can’t distinguish a prank call from an actual conversation about diplomacy? What about his prom date, Lindsay Graham?

Let’s cut right to the chase. John McCain is completely compromised and has been a deep state globalist sellout operative likely for decades.
With the US media being the greatest pimp for US foreign policy, endless wars, mass murder and genocide, don't expect anything from those paid operatives of the Military Industrial Complex to report any truth on the life and times of John McCain; they will enshrine him as the Second Coming of Christ and George Washington. The truth task rests with bloggers and alternative media, and when the truth bombs start detonating folks all over the world will come face to face with the face of depravity and the banality of evil. Folks in foreign countries have already experienced up close and personal the evil that is John McCain.

I don't like to speak ill of the dead because it's something that I find creepy.  However, a man who literally has devoted decades of his life to murdering folks and waging wars is not somebody who deserves a pass, not even in death.

Monday, August 20, 2018

John Brennan, CIA: Unspeakable Evil,Traitor, Communist, Hawk, Deep State Operative

By all accounts John Brennan is one evil dude. The right currently hates him because of his hatred for President Trump, as well as his role in masterminding RussiaGate aka SpyGate aka IntelGate. Brennan was clearly a critical operative who indeed did use his vast powers as CIA Director to pimp for Hillary Clinton with the hope of swinging the 2016 presidential election.

Many on the left, especially those who value civil liberties and are antiwar, also hate Brennan.  Stephen Lendman (StephenLendman.org) is liberal blogger who had some choice words to say about Brennan, in an article titled 'NBC Hires War Criminal John Brennan', here.
Brennan is a deplorable figure, a longtime imperial spear carrier, most recently serving as Bush/Cheney’s counterintelligence director, then Obama’s homeland security advisor and CIA director. 
He was Obama’s Murder, Inc. administrator, chairing a panel of National Security Council officials, along with others from the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and State Department, waging US war OF terror at home and abroad, deciding who lives or dies... 
He was involved in torture and abuse at Guantanamo and other US torture prisons. 
Russiagate is a cooked up Brennan scheme, complicit with Obama and Hillary to delegitimize Trump, trying to prevent his election, aiming to remove him from office once in power, plotting a coup d’etat against a sitting president, the way banana republics operate, rogue state America worse than any around.

Brennan reflects the worst of imperial lawlessness, a war criminal, a Russophobic/Islamophobic rogue actor, involved in cooking up phony accusations of Russian US election meddling, a serial liar, a threat to world peace – splendid credentials for an NBC News talking head contributor.
Lendman is no Trump supporter but he is a ferocious antiwar activist who has nothing but contempt for Hillary Clinton because of her murderous interventions in Libya and Syria.

With the Trump hating Brennan being hired by NBC - MSNBC, he's become a big name player and darling with the Trump hating US media and he even called Trump a traitor, a death penalty crime in America.  Exactly why high ranking government officials keep their high level national security clearances after leaving government service isn't clear but fed-up Trump finally revoked Brennan's security clearance.  The already unhinged Brennan became even more unhinged and wrote a blistering lie filled piece that the lying New York Times published.

The piece is so outrageous that it's worth quoting but the full article is:

John Brennan: President Trump’s Claims of No Collusion Are Hogwash

Before I get into quoting the unhinged Brennan and his baseless accusations that include ZERO proof of anything that he alleges, I'd like to comment on the issue of Russian collusion in the 2016 election.  I read a lot of foreign media, including Russian media.  The Russian media didn't seem too interested in the US presidential election and viewed it as a contest between the devil that they do know (Hillary Clinton) and a politically unknown American real estate magnate who had a very entertaining TV reality show.  The Russians never viewed Trump as a serious politician yet alone a competent or experienced diplomat and believed based on poll data that Clinton would easily win.  Accordingly, it's highly unlikely that the Russians would have even invested much of anything into swinging an election that they believed was already a done deal before the votes were cast on election day.

Also, the REAL Russian collusion story is the story of Hillary Clinton bribing the Russians to get approval for the Russian acquisition of Uranium One, a Hillary Clinton deal that literally sold 20% of US uranium to the Russians in exchange for a $145 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation.  I'd also like to add that it's reasonable to conclude that the Russians, or any foreign government for that matter, prefer US officials and presidents who are known to be corrupt and could be easily bribed.  Getting what you want with a bribe is always a hell of a lot easier and cheaper than going to war for it.

Anyway, Brennan's NYT rant against Trump is full of raw and absolute hatred for Russia and Putin.  It's also the act of a desperate man who increasingly is being pinpointed as the front man in the Obama Administration's efforts to get Clinton elected by hook or crook and that it was Brennan himself who was the grand ringleader in the schemes and scams to discredit Trump with lies so egregious that even the creepy Comey called the now infamous Steele dossier 'salacious and unverified'. Brennan lets lose with:

...these Russian operatives and agents are well trained in the art of deception. They troll political, business and cultural waters in search of gullible or unprincipled individuals who become pliant in the hands of their Russian puppet masters. Too often, those puppets are found. In my many conversations with James Comey, the F.B.I. director, in the summer of 2016, we talked about the potential for American citizens, involved in partisan politics or not, to be pawns in Russian hands. We knew that Russian intelligence services would do all they could to achieve their objectives, which the United States intelligence community publicly assessed a few short months later were to undermine public faith in the American democratic process, harm the electability of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and show preference for Mr. Trump.

Basically, Brennan is stating that the Russians are so brilliant and manipulative that they have the power to make American voters 'unprincipled individuals who become pliant' and 'pawns in Russian hands'.  He's also implying that the American voters are too stupid to think for themselves.  When Brennan speaks about harming the electability of Clinton, that in itself is worth a roaring LOL.  Clinton did an outstanding job at harming herself by being a lazy and arrogant candidate whose description of Trump voters as DEPLORABLES probably pissed off enough Americans to send them running to Trump. 

...in late July 2016, however, when Mr. Trump, then a presidential candidate, publicly called upon Russia to find the missing emails of Mrs. Clinton...
That is hilarious especially considering that the only reason Clinton had a private server in the first place was to secretly circumvent US public disclosure laws and FOIA requests because she was running an illegal play-to-play scam that clearly included shaking down the Russians for $145 million in the Uranium One deal.  As for the missing 30,000 plus emails that were wiped from her server with Bleach Bit AFTER she received a subpoena for that server, it's clear that Clinton was literally destroying evidence which is a felony.  Furthermore, it is widely speculated that the information on Clinton's unsecured server probably was hacked by various foreign entities (wasn't hard to do).  Any amateur geek could do it and that server also contained classified information. 

Brennan's coup de grace flatout accuses President Trump and his associates of outright criminal behavior without offering any proof whatsoever. 

The only questions that remain are whether the collusion that took place constituted criminally liable conspiracy, whether obstruction of justice occurred to cover up any collusion or conspiracy, and how many members of “Trump Incorporated” attempted to defraud the government by laundering and concealing the movement of money into their pockets.
Boom! One of the most deceitful and deplorable characters in US political history is accusing Trump and/or his associates of criminal collusion, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, money laundering and hiding money that somehow ended up in their own pockets! 

If anything, what Brennan accuses Trump and his associates of doing is really a very brief synopsis of the crimes of Clinton Incorporated.  Bill and Hillary Clinton have done all of that for decades and they got away with it.

Finally, it's most interesting to note that all the things that Brennan accuses Trump of doing has been under investigation by  Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his pack of rabid Trump hating pit bull prosecutorial team members for 18 months.  They have NOTHING, yet motor mouth Brennan in cahoots with the NYT believe that they can take down a legally elected sitting president with lies, false accusations, innuendo and suggestion?

Want to talk hogwash?  It's Brennan the scared, pathetic, desperate and soon to be outed traitor, provocateur extraordinaire and purveyor of fiction who is spewing hogwash.  His sorry ass doesn't deserve to be saved and it would indeed constitute an egregious and flagrant abuse of the rule of law to allow him to abuse his power and continue to get away with his crimes.

I'll end this post by providing a few more interesting links for those who are truly following this issue:

Is John Brennan The Mastermind Behind Russiagate?

John Brennan, Melting Down and Covering Up...He accuses Trump of treason. But what's his bluster really about?

Russiagate or Intelgate?The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin.

From the NWO, Shadow Government, Deep State & Media to Exposing Truth

Print and broadcast US media have always been the vanguard of statist propaganda, the New World Order, the Deep State and the sinister plots to militarily concentrate power into the hands of a few dozen ruling elites.  At the top of the pyramid of global power sits the Banksters and Military Industrial Security Complex, followed by corporatists, defense contractors, fascists and the thoroughly corrupt political class whom they literally OWN by virtue of having enough wealth to buy them.  Congress should be brandishing a neon sign on its doom that screams BOUGHT and PAID FOR.  The number of honest Congress Critters can be counted on one hand and include Rand Paul, Thomas Massie and a few others.

The elites who control, fund and own the Republican and Democratic Parties got the shock of their lives in 2016.  Republican primary voters rejected the anointed one - Jeb Bush - and nominated Donald Trump who vigorously campaigned on the themes of Drain the Swamp, better trade deals for American workers and a more peaceful foreign policy.  Still, the elites were convinced that the Democrat anointed one - Hillary Clinton - would easily defeat The Donald, a man who literally tweeted his way all the way to the White House.  Trump winning the primary and the general election was NOT supposed to happen.  The media pollsters and pundits produced hundreds of non-stop polls and analysis proclaiming that Hillary enjoyed a 90-95 % probability of smoking Trump and his army of deplorables.


So what is the Deep State to do even as it refuses to accept that for the first time ever, it and its operatives lost a presidential election?  Within days after Hillary's incredible and unexpected defeat, the Clinton Campaign, Intel Agencies led by the Communist CIA Director John Brennan, the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department and other Deep State operatives flew into the WE MUST STOP TRUMP FROM BEING INAUGURATED campaign by hatching the idiotic Russian conspiracy nonsense.  Actually, this started before the election as a strategy to discredit Trump.  After the election, it ramped up considerably and the goal was to have the federal judiciary (SCOTUS) nullify the election based on foreign interference despite not even having a shred of evidence.  They funded Green Party's Jill Stein's court challenges to Trump victories in WI, MI and PA which if reversed would have made Clinton the victor.  These cases were quickly tossed by judges on the basis that Stein had no standing, couldn't have won anyway and therefore was not an aggrieved party.  Finally, they launched a campaign pleading with the Electoral College electors to defy the will of the voters and elect Hillary.

The media and Deep State operatives have been trashing Trump ever since he announced his bid for the presidency in June, 2015.  Trump hate seriously ramped up in the months leading to election day and vastly accelerated on election night 2016 when he stunned the world with a victory.  While the accusations of Fake News and its pundits grow more and more vicious and even bizarre, what is clear is that there is an anti-establishment fervor exploding in Europe and America and it all started with Brexit.  Without Brexit, Trump may not have won.  After Brexit and Trump's ascendancy to the White House, voters in other nations commenced revolts - the Italians and Austrians elected populist anti-immigration candidates.  Angela Merkel is barely hanging on in Germany where she is increasingly unpopular.  Muslim immigration is dramatically growing European welfare rolls while the ungrateful immigrants commit violence and rape against its generous hosts nations.

When we think of the Deep State, its elites and the world order, it's fairly simple strategy that fully intends to impose a totalitarian global industrial feudalism upon every human being on the planet.  It's called globalism and its masquerading as capitalism and free markets. Yes, humanity has suffered through feudalism in the past but it's reach had been somewhat geographically limited but generally busted up with the advent of secure property rights and industrialization that deposed feudal landowners and freed humans from systemic serfdom.  The lords who lived in baronial splendor that was doled out to them for their loyalty to a king suffered setbacks.

There have been 3 major breakthrough gifts to humanity, albeit a humanity concentrated in Europe and America.  These magnificent gifts are:

1. Property rights and capitalism
2. Western Civilization
3. Judeo-Christian Culture

As they each struggled for economic, political and social change, they not only succeeded in divesting monarchs, emperors and land barons of their absolute powers, they dramatically forged a new system of laws that fueled human rights, religious rights, tolerance and a future for the common man.

As standards of living soared in America and Europe precisely because of secure property rights, capitalism, western civilization and Judeo-Christian culture, it elevated the common man to unprecedented levels of power and prosperity.  He had rights and he had a future if he was willing to work hard.  While the common man born in the West enjoyed heretofore unparalleled rights and prosperity, most of humanity was languishing in the Dark Ages simply because they lacked secure economic and property rights.  The decentralization of political and monetary power was boom for the common man.  He wasn't a slave.  He wasn't anybody's property.  He was in fact legally SOVEREIGN with a bundle of rights that no government or man could take away.

Well, the feudalists are back and have become a deadly microbe that has infected America and the West in a very big way.  Their rise to power started with the concentrations of financial powers by the banksters (Wall Street) and corporatists, otherwise defined as fascists, plutocrats, oligarchs and the ruling monetary elites.  Central banking, especially the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, that facilitated the concentration of financial powers also resulted in the growth of government power.  Today, the Republican Party, Republican National Committee (RNC), Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee (DNC) are nothing more than monstrous special interest fund raising machines where the banksters, the military industrial security complex and corporatists literally buy and outright own the political system and politicians.

Astoundingly, Trump managed to squeeze through the cracks of this seemingly impenetrable monetary and political fire wall that was not only funded by special interests but also had other heavy duty artillery consisting of US intel agencies, here, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US State Department and other federal agencies.  I collectively call them Fedzilla because they wield vast unaccountable powers and are for the most part ABOVE THE LAW.  Finally, the great propaganda machine for the banksters, corporatist and Fedzilla has always been the US media that was supposed to function as a vanguard to disseminate misinformation, disinformation and outright lies.

Fast forward to the here and now.  Every since the 2016 election, the above powers have been in a state of absolute panic as they scratch their heads and literally scream WHAT WENT WRONG?

Well, the answer is pretty damn simple and doesn't include Putin or Russia.  The PEOPLE who are typically clueless sensed that things were not going well for them and they rose up to challenge the system and their masters by electing Trump, a guy who was ridiculed by everybody as unelectable but nevertheless defied all odds and defeated the SYSTEM by tweeting his way all the way to the White House with 24/7 nonstop populist messaging.   It really is that simple and it's why and how Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Still, it hasn't rolled back the anger of the elites nor their will to do anything, legal or illegal, to depose Trump or otherwise evict him from the White House.

The elites have always and specifically targeted the previous 3 biggies I mentioned as institutions that absolutely must be obliterated and replaced with global corporatist governance via the UN and its nefariously corrupt global institutions.

Let's get back to 1. property rights and capitalism, 2. Western Civilization and 3. Judeo Christian culture. All 3 have been slated for permanent extinction.  First you weaken national sovereignty by flooding nations with enough hostile immigrants that the host nation will fracture and Balkanize.  Without the cohesion of borders, language and culture, a sovereign nation becomes nothing more than a patch of dirt occupied by competing and warring tribes. Secondly, you attack the core attributes of western civilization, namely property rights and economic liberty, by promoting socialism and statist control of everything.  Once 1. and 2. have been achieved, Judeo Christian culture will automatically collapse.  The end game has always been global governance and the total eradication of the nation state.

Finally, the attacks on Trump by the Deep State and its operatives - government agencies, bought and paid for Congress Critters, the US media and even very rich players like George Soros who funds the Resistance and groups like Antifa - will continue unabated and even intensify.

Yes, those who voted for real change, as opposed to the man of fake change (President Obama), are in for the fight of their lives.

If anything, Trump's election was a sliver of hope to rollback the powers of the elites and to challenge their hideous goals.  As long as Trump continues to piss folks off, he's delivering on his campaign promises for a better deal for America and American workers.

For both sides, winning is obviously everything which is why I Stand With Trump.  He's not Rand Paul or Ron Paul and he's far from a perfect but he fights like hell for what he believes is right and that in itself is uncompromisingly refreshing in a political atmosphere that has been engineered to protect the elites and their insidious power.

Anybody who loves America has a choice:  Stand With Trump for a better economic and more peaceful sovereign future for America and Americans or vote to sellout their liberty and America to the global elites and their operatives.

Midterms will be the mother of all midterms.  The very fate and survival of America is at stake.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Who Cares About the #NFL, If They Stand or Kneel, I Don't.

Conservatives are in a state of absolute horror over kneeling football players.  The left vigorously defends their absolute right TO KNEEL as a First Amendment issue, not that the left even cares about the First Amendment.

Personally, I don't give a flying fuck about this issue and neither should any sane human being because the FREE MARKET should be sorting it out. The NFL consists of privately owned football teams that generally operate under rules established by the NFL, something that is also their right.

Above all, football is a BUSINESS, a very big and lucrative business.  According to Forbes, the average NFL franchise is worth $2.5 billion and the Dallas Cowboys are worth nearly $5 billion, here.   If the fans don't like the actions of the players and teams, actions that are reinforced by team owners and NFL rules, then the fans can just boycott football and Walk Away.  Decisions have an economic impact.  If ticket sales and revenues nosedive because the fans revolt and cease being fans then the football teams will definitely suffer an economic consequence.

Meanwhile, we have the right demanding that the football players be FORCED to stand for the National Anthem.  Guess what?  It's NOT their right to demand anything.  Heck, even President Trump, who I generally like but disagree with on this issue, has chirped in with recent tweets:

The NFL players are at it again - taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem. Numerous players, from different teams, wanted to show their “outrage” at something that most of them are unable to define. They make a fortune doing what they love......

.....Be happy, be cool! A football game, that fans are paying soooo much money to watch and enjoy, is no place to protest. Most of that money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest. Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!
Lol, 'SUSPENDED WITHOUT PAY' for failing to worship the flag is indeed draconian and ridiculous.  Since when was the NFL required to worship Old Glory?

I 100% endorse the right of football teams to make their own business decisions and they absolutely have the right to make BAD decision that hold the potential to negatively impact revenues and profits.  That's the definition of free enterprise.

How did football even become a political football?  Why is football suddenly a prop for statism and an icon of statist values and worship?

I have a solution: Ditch the playing of the National Anthem and just pay ball! Hello, isn't that what football is supposed to do, or was until it became a stupid political hot potato issue.  Even worse, why has football become just another divisive racial issue, mostly black players vs. white fans?

Crazy Reuters even ran a piece titled:

NFL: Last sports bastion of white, male conservatives
Of people who identified themselves as part of the NFL fan base 83 percent were white, 64 percent were male, 51 percent were 45 years or older, only 32 percent made less than $60,000 a year, and, to finish the point, registered Republicans were 21 percent more likely to be NFL fans than registered Democrats. Another factoid: NFL fans were 59 percent more likely than the average American to have played golf in the last year. You think the NFL is a lunch-bucket league? Not unless the lunch bucket is from Hermes.
But football’s appeal is more than demographics. The numbers reflect the values of white conservative males.
Wait a minute...How can white football fans who embrace mostly black football athletes be racist or a 'last sports bastion of white, male conservatives'?  If white football fans were indeed racists, they certainly wouldn't be shelling out big bucks to attend football games or devote so much time to watching football on TV.  Many of the NFL's most beloved and respected players are African American but it's somehow racist for white males to be football fans in a sports industry dominated by African Americans?

Personally, my biggest problems with football and other major sports is that the teams are all welfare queens who suck up a ton of taxpayer dollars and these taxpayer dollars do in fact subsidize the fat salaries of athletes.  Furthermore, football has been used as a propaganda vehicle by the government and the military industrial complex to worship the military and its missions.  In fact, the Pentagon even pays the NFL.

The Pentagon paid 14 NFL teams $5.4 million to 'salute troops'

As an antiwar activist, it's my view that using tax dollars to endorse America's wars is wrong and immoral.  Moreover, I endorse ending our neocon foreign policy and bringing our troops home to defend America, be with their families and NOT be killed in stupid wars.  US foreign policy is nothing more than MURDERING for defense contractor profits and has nothing whatsoever to do with US national security.

Finally, it's my belief that Trump should just butt out of telling the NFL how to run its business; nobody told him how to run his businesses.  Nationalizing sports is a very dangerous thing and renders sports nothing more than bread and circuses for the state.

If the NFL and team owners make decisions that hurt them, so be it. In a free market, customers always rule and fans are indeed customers. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Iran is NOT a terrorist nation. Saudi Arabia is the Kingpin of Islamist Terrorism.

Because of the US media, the military industrial complex and the neocons who control the US government, Iran is a nation that is constantly but unjustifiably vilified. The hate against Iran is so intense that the ignorant masses who believe the government and media are lusting to bomb to smithereens a nation of over 80 million folks who are guilty of NOTHING. Yet, nothing less than mushroom clouds over Iran will satisfy their appetite for mass murder and genocide. They are all singing to the tune of John McCain's Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran. Insane McCain is an evil rat bastard whose chronic lust for war renders him a dangerous sociopath. It's time to set the record straight on Iran and we need to start with Islamic terrorism and who is really guilty. Neither Iran nor Iranians nor Shiite Muslims are responsible for any acts of Islamist terrorism. All Islamist terrorism has been committed by Sunni Salafist Wahhabists who practice the most vile, deadly and intolerant form of Islam ever to exist. Wahhabism was spawned on the Arabian Peninsula and is the religion of Saudi Arabia, here. Let's briefly recap Islamic terror attacks. The list is EXTENSIVE, here, and everybody should read it but I'll list the major Islamist attacks, all of which were committed by Sunni Salafist Wahhabists and NOT Iran or Iranians or even Shiite Muslims. 08/07/1998 Tanzania and Kenya - 2 US embassies blown up, 224 dead
09/11/2001 World Trade Center bombing, 2,996 dead
10/12/2002 Bali bombings of resort area, 202 dead
10/23/2002 Moscow theatre attack, 129 dead
03/11/2004 Madrid train bombings, 192 dead
09/01/2004 Beslan, Russia school massacre, 385 dead
07/07/2007 London, 4 terror attacks on trains/bus, 50 dead
07/11/2006 Mumbai, India train bombing, 209 dead
11/26/2008 Mumbai financial district attack, 166 dead
11/13/2015 Paris Bataclan night club attacks, 137 dead
07/14/2016 Nice, France, Bastille Day attack, 86 dead

I REPEAT, neither Iran nor Iranians nor Shiite Muslims were responsible for any of these terror attacks. Yet, the kingpin of Islamist terror, Saudi Arabia, constantly gets a pass on its terrorism and the West blames Iran. Of course, it's a boldfaced lie. Exactly why the West genuflects before the evil terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia and behave like Saudi Stooges is complicated and involves the petro-dollar, explained here: Petro Dollar = ISIS Dollar, Saudi Arabia, Sunni Salafist Wahhabism and US Foreign Policy - Connect the Dots

Although I frequently speak the truth on Iran, Saudi Arabia and Islamist terrorism, I'm constantly attacked on social media by neocons, Saudi Bots, Saudi apologists, American Warvangelicals and assorted other uninformed folks who believe the government, neocon and Saudi narrative. It's OKAY, I'm used to attacks like this, a recent Twitter attack:

"You’re a fake MAGA supporter. Likely a troll account subsidized my the mullahs, designed to make our push for regime change look bad. Go back to polishing the ayatollah’s butt plug." LOL, now who is polishing the 'butt plug' of Islamist terrorists? NOT ME!!

Never FORGET that 15 of the 19 911 terrorists were Saudi nationals; 2 were from the UAE, 1 was from Egypt and 1 was from Lebanon. None were Iranians or Shiite Muslims. Recently, I posted a ton of stuff on Saudi Arabia committing genocide against the Houthi in Yemen. It's made even more despicable because the US is helping the Saudis commit genocide and I have criticized Trump and his administration on this issue. Facebook shut me down and I'm now pretty much in permanent Facebook jail because I do expose the horrors of war and war crimes, regardless of who does it. What does this tell me? It tells me that Facebook is not only a Saudi apologist but is also staffed with Saudi defenders and apologists who will shut down anybody who exposes the truth about the Saudis and Sunni Salafist Wahhabism. The social media war on truth is very real, especially for antiwar peace activists. As one who advocates for peace, liberty and prosperity for all people along with many others, it's true that we are being singled out and purged from social media. Despite my abhorrence of Wahhabism and much of Islam which I view as a very dangerous anti-liberty and intolerant ideology, I have consistently OPPOSED bombing, invading and attacking Muslim countries. They have problems and issues that only Muslims can solve. Western interventions only result in creating more jihadists and more terrorism. Facebook, Twitter, Google and gang are all Deep State operatives. Oppose the global system controlled by the military-industrial-security complex, banksters and NWO corporatists, then be prepared to suffer the consequences. I'm not about to give up or give in. As a citizen who researches and loves history, I will always pursue truth and justice. For more information on the issue of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Islamist terrorist, please read: Saudi Arabia and Sunni Wahhabism are Islamist Terrorists and NOT Iran, Shiite Islam, Shiites and Iranians

OH, and by the way, Iran is NOT enriching uranium nor does it have nuclear bombs, something that even the most hardcore Iran haters in the Trump Administration will even admit. Obama did 2 things that I like - he negotiated the JCPOA and opened up a US embassy in Cuba, something that was long over due. Regarding the JCPOA or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it's been severely twisted by western neocons and even the Trump Administration. The goal of the JCPOA was to get Iran to give up its nuclear weapon ambitions in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. Iran is in compliance with the deal and it's the US that has reneged. For more on the JCPOA, please read.
Trump, Iran and the JCPOA - What it is and what isn't it. Well, that's my 2 cents for today. I come in peace, advocate for peace and pray for peace. Murdering folks for defense contractor and bankster profits DOES NOTHING for the cause of peace or peaceful co-existence.

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