Friday, January 27, 2012

A Modest Proposal

Crown the Angry Little Lunar Attack Muffin Emperor of the Moon. Elect Romney President of any planet except earth. Send Sanitorium the Sanctimonious on a journey through Dante's Nine Circles of Hell and leave the earth to the only earthling in the race.

From the Oophs Campaign to the guy who managed to moon himself right out of the race, the GOP primary has evolved into a most entertaining reality show and one with lots of road kill to appease a Republican base hungry for a ‘kill em’ orgasm as they cheer murder and genocide. Shockingly or not so shockingly, Republicans have even nullified the Golden Rule which was greeted with loud jeers when mentioned by Ron Paul. The cheers and jeers speak a telling but horrifying truth about the rancid soul of the GOP and its vociferous base.

Of course, the dastardly Trotsksyite totalitarian Dems are no better. Heck, it was the Dems, progressives and liberals who bought us WW I, WW II, the Korean War, Vietnam and the Balkan Wars. I haven’t calculated the death tolls from those adventures to liberate humanity by invoking massive genocide.

Having stopped voting Republican in 2006 after witnessing the GOP churn itself into the Nazi Party replete with endless wars, statism on steroids, the wholesale evisceration of the civil liberties, the massive concentration of Fedzilla powers and fascist corporatism, liberation from political parties freed me to become an independent voter. There is only one candidate advocating for my agenda of peace, liberty and prosperity and that’s Ron Paul, an earthling of uncompromising morality and justice – the only candidate who teaches that liberty absolutely does required natural rights for all people and minimalist state powers.

If we are witnessing anything it’s probably the permanent demise of the Republican Party, an organization so repugnant and vile that its death should be a welcome sigh of relief for a tortured humanity facing the constant horrors of endless missiles, invasions, occupations, bombs and drones. Ditto for the Democrat Party!

Jonathan Swift’s famous essay titled “a Modest Proposal”, a satirical proposal advocating that Irish babies should be eaten by the elites, is no longer satire. It’s a stark reality but one where human genocide hasn’t quite elevated itself to raw and absolute cannibalism. But in a world suffering under totalitarian tyranny, it won’t be long before humans are forced to consume each other just to survive.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The 7 Deadly Sins and Has the GOP Morphed into the Nazi Party?

The 7 Deadly Sins and Has the GOP Morphed into the Nazi Party?

It’s hard being a Libertarian, constitutionalist and a classical liberal. You just don’t fit into the Republican or Democratic Parties because opposing wars and totalitarianism is verboten by state sanctioned parties. But this campaign season the Republicans, except for Ron Paul, have managed the incredible feat of raising the bar in its overt advocacy for endless wars and totalitarian tyranny. Has the GOP morphed into the Nazi Party? It’s a valid question considering the level of shameless verbosity of the neocon theocratic statists that dominate the GOP.

Republican voters love big bad bullies.

Perry said he loves executing folks. The debate crowd cheers.
Somebody attacked gays in the military. The debate crowd cheers.
Somebody said let sick people just die. The debate crowd cheers.

And on and on. Gingrich attacked the media for raising the issue of his now infamous serial adulterer lifestyle. The church going crowd went wild because, well, they love adulterers. During the Fox debate Gingrich talked about just killing our enemies. He got a standing ovation.

Ron Paul talks about invoking the Golden Rule and gets BOOED!

I'm convinced that the GOP base is a gang of murderous psychopaths.

A pundit summarized it best:

“Why do I keep pointing to Gingrich as the obvious GOP nominee? It's certainly not because I prefer him or support him. Even if I voted, and even if I voted Republican, I wouldn't vote for Newt.

But, here's the thing: This is a street fight, and Gingrich is a street fightin' man. There's no attack he won't use if he thinks it will work, and there's no blow he can't absorb standing up. That's how he's going to beat Romney, and that's how he's going to try to beat Obama.

Mitt Romney is the kind of candidate who does quite well, as long as he's floating forward on a carefully crafted narrative of "inevitability."…

Ron Paul is certainly a fighter. If the GOP -- Establishment and rank-and-file alike -- hadn't let themselves get so entrenched and besieged in their crackpipe post-9/11 foreign policy errors, he'd stand a chance. Unfortunately, mistakes of that size and scope tend to self-reinforce; they're so big, ugly and stupid that people can't bring themselves to admit they were mistakes at all. And most of them just won't support a candidate who's urging them to get their heads out of their asses instead of patting them on the back and telling them they're smart.”


And there, you have it. As Republicans wallow in their delusional grandiosity, they refuse to admit that they grievously erred and opted instead to live a lie and destroy the Republican Party or what’s left of it (not much). In fact, the portly butterball turkey known as the Angry Little Attack Muffin (a phrase coined by WSJ’s Peggy Noonan to describe Gingrich) actually embraced grandiosity as a desirable personal and national characteristic “This is a grandiose country of big people doing big things.” Indeed!

Except for the only truly moral and truly Christian man in the race – Ron Paul, the GOP primary is a case study in the Seven Deadly Sins – Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Anger and Envy. Republicans lust for absolute power (some lust for both power and sex), Republicans are proud of divesting America of constitutional liberty (Patriot Act, NDAA), Republicans have an insatiable and gluttonous appetite for more government and murderous wars, Republicans are too lazy and slothful to defend our Constitution, Republicans are so greedy for the spoils of war and fascism that they routinely renounce free markets and liberty, Republicans burst into anger whenever anyone questions their corporatist, totalitarian, military industrial complex agenda and Republican envy translates into pure resentment for those who advocate for peace, liberty and prosperity.

I will proudly vote for Ron Paul, the only sane candidate in the GOP line-up, but I am also proud to not be a Republican.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Liberty is on a ROLL!

After a solidly strong third in Iowa and a stunning 2nd in NH that left GOP and media elites gasping for air, Ron Paul and his army of liberty activists are mobilizing in SC.

WOW, we've come a long way baby since 2008 when Huckabee crushed Ron Paul in Iowa by 24 points (34% - 10%) and a weak 9% NH finish.

South Carolina, like many southern states, is the belly of the neocon-theocon beast and Ron Paul is so ready to dive right in with his awesome message of peace, liberty and prosperity. In a state dominated by lovers of big government and endless wars, South Carolina is our biggest challenge yet, as will be the rest of the south. It's critically important that Ron Paul does very well and well enough to propel him to top finishes throughout the rest of the south.

The polls are indicating that Ron Paul is surging in SC and that's awesome news. The Republican Primary has been one hell of a reality/commedy show with characters like the Angry Little Attack Muffin (Gingrich), the Oophs Candidate (Perry), Sanitorium (a socially intolerant madman), Bat Shit Crazy Bachmann (even too crazy for crazy Republicans) and the Hermanator 999 (a number possibly derived from the number of pending adultery scandals of Mr. Cain), it's looking like it's down to Mittens and Ron Paul.

America is in deep dodo and the only cure is the medicine offered by Dr. Paul. If we fail to take the medicine, America will descend into a totalitarian statist hell and our future will be grim.

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