Saturday, January 14, 2012

Liberty is on a ROLL!

After a solidly strong third in Iowa and a stunning 2nd in NH that left GOP and media elites gasping for air, Ron Paul and his army of liberty activists are mobilizing in SC.

WOW, we've come a long way baby since 2008 when Huckabee crushed Ron Paul in Iowa by 24 points (34% - 10%) and a weak 9% NH finish.

South Carolina, like many southern states, is the belly of the neocon-theocon beast and Ron Paul is so ready to dive right in with his awesome message of peace, liberty and prosperity. In a state dominated by lovers of big government and endless wars, South Carolina is our biggest challenge yet, as will be the rest of the south. It's critically important that Ron Paul does very well and well enough to propel him to top finishes throughout the rest of the south.

The polls are indicating that Ron Paul is surging in SC and that's awesome news. The Republican Primary has been one hell of a reality/commedy show with characters like the Angry Little Attack Muffin (Gingrich), the Oophs Candidate (Perry), Sanitorium (a socially intolerant madman), Bat Shit Crazy Bachmann (even too crazy for crazy Republicans) and the Hermanator 999 (a number possibly derived from the number of pending adultery scandals of Mr. Cain), it's looking like it's down to Mittens and Ron Paul.

America is in deep dodo and the only cure is the medicine offered by Dr. Paul. If we fail to take the medicine, America will descend into a totalitarian statist hell and our future will be grim.

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