Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bend Over and Spread Em says the Supreme Court

Regarding the recent 5-4 SCOTUS decision to uphold strip searches, Supreme Court Justice Breyer describes a strip search in his dissent (joined by Kagan, Gingsberg and Sotomayor) as follows:

 “‘..a visual inspection of the inmate’s naked body. This should include the inmate opening his mouth and moving his tongue up and down and from side to side, removing any dentures, running his hands through his hair, allowing his ears to be visually examined, lifting his arms to expose his arm pits, lifting his feet to examine the sole, spreading and/or lifting his testicles to expose the area behind them and bending over and/or spreading the cheeks of his buttocks to expose his anus. For females, the procedures are similar except females must in addition, squat to expose the vagina.’”

 The Supreme Court has upheld the right of the police to do this to anybody for any reason who has the misfortune of ending up in police custody for any reason, including minor traffic violations. For obviously justifiable reasons, this outrageously insane Supreme Court decision has fired up anger among civil libertarians on all sides of the political ideological spectrum. Pure and simple, it's a rape, it's a sexual assault and it's designed to be as humiliating and degrading as possible. A nation where state sanctioned sexual assault is codified into the law of the land has debauched itself to a level reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the most ruthlessly oppressive totalitarian regimes ever to exist.

 America, land of the free. BARF.... America is now more like Dr. StrangeGlove probing your every body orafice for maximum human degradation because that's what government does best.

Civil liberties legal expert John W. White, Rutherford Institute, discusses the vile strip search ruling:

 Strip-Searching America: Florence v. County of Burlington

A video:

Strip-Searching America

The Supreme Court strip search decision, here


  1. Great Blog Judy.. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!


    This is what makes the individuals who populate our federal government nervous. Read about it. Share it. Talk about it.


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