Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Haven't Killed Any Babies

One of the nasty things about politics is that it causes ruptures in friendships. Having suffered through a painful fight with an Evangelical establishment Republican friend, I had been very careful not to discuss inflammatory issues with this individual. However, during the Todd Adkin 'legitimate rape' fiasco, here, I fired off an e-mail to the Republican friend and advised him that such highly publicized social issue positions will not bode well for the GOP at the ballot box.

To my utter astonishment, he fired back with a nasty comment accusing me of being a baby killer because of my opposition to Akin as well as my refusal to defend him.

Well, my temper flared and I accused him of advocating for the murder and genocide of babies, children, women and men because of his defense of US foreign policy. The e-mail exchange got very ugly very quickly and it was so disturbing that I refused to read the last e-mail I got from him and simply filed it away for another day.

But here's my burning question. How can a person defend human life while simultaneously advocating for mass murder of innocent civilians, including babies, who really did nothing to the US? The moral hypocrisy of America's warmongering religious right is morally incomprehensible as well as thoroughly repugnant.   Whenever you directly confront such folks on their glaring moral hypocrisy, they explode with anger because deep down they know that they can't defend their position on life when the carnage of America's wars and foreign policy are factored in.

Who is the real baby killer here?

I don't like abortion and never will. In fact, I wish the abortion rate was zero. However, I would never vote to take that right away from another woman. It's between her and God, I haven't lived her life, I haven't walked in her shoes, I refuse to judge her and I definitely oppose forcing every pregnant woman to give birth at the point of a gun.

Personally, I see no hope whatsoever for any kind of reconciliation between the constitutional liberty activists and the religious right within the Republican Party.  However, I do believe that the Evangelicals have reached their pinnacle of power and influence and that they are on the decline.  The younger liberty activists who embrace social tolerance and peace will eventually succeed in taking over the Republican Party.

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