Sunday, January 20, 2013

America's Porker Kids and the Government that Subsidizes their Obesity and Diseases

Much is being written about the epidemic of America's fat kids.  It's a real tragedy because many of these kids become insulin dependent at very early ages as a result of the food that they consume.  They are also acquiring a lot of serious health problems.

Wow—Obese Kids’ Health Is Much Worse Than We Thought
A large new study finds more health problems for very overweight children in childhood—not just later in life.

We all know the number of American kids who are overweight or obese is at a scandalous rate (childhood obesity rates doubled between 1988 and 2006). But most of us might assume that the really bad health consequences of being very overweight will come later, in adulthood, when numbers for the big killers—heart disease, stroke, and diabetes—peak. And while that is true, there’s now new research showing a much bigger effect of excess weight on kids’ health when they are young.

The new study, which appeared in Academic Pediatrics, was led by Neal Halfon, MD, MPH, director of the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities, in Los Angeles. The research looked at over 43,000 kids ages 10 to 17 around the country and asked about kids’ health issues like asthma, diabetes, and pain, as well as developmental and behavioral issues.
Kids are eating high calorie, low nutrition diets that primarily consist of simple carbohydrates, sugar, corn syrup, fats, sodium, processed foods and GMO foods. Much of what kids eat in the schools is taxpayer funded garbage.  Additionally, much of what is spent on the food stamp programs to feed the poor goes to very unhealthy junk food because subsidizing corporate profits of Big Food trumps a sound nutritional diet.  Even more horrifying is that Migration Information reported that schools actually sell advertising to junk food purveyors by signing “"pouring rights" contracts that permit snack and soft drink companies to advertise to children on school vending machines, scoreboards, book covers, t-shirts, and news programs shown on televisions in the classroom., here.

Only in America do we kill our kids for profit and do it with our tax dollars!!

Type II diabetes is attributable to lifestyle choices, obesity and is considered a lifestyle disease.  It's on the rise in America's children and at an alarming rate.

The Increase of Obesity & Diabetes in Children
In many cases, obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. Diabetes and obesity in children is on the rise....

Children are exposed to several types of instant gratification with foods throughout the day, notes Keep Kids Healthy. Aside from vending machines, unhealthy snacks may also available to students in the cafeteria at school. Some school cafeterias offer a la carte items where the child can create his own lunch with junk food and processed food rather than choosing a healthy pre-planned menu option.
Why are America's kids so unhealthy, fat, sick and diabetic from bad food?  Because the government subsidizes the deadly poison that children consume.  In many ways, it's a double special interest profit center.  Sick kids with government financed lifestyle diseases then become highly profitable customers for Big Pharm and its dangerous drugs.

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