Monday, February 18, 2013

The Economic Cost of Attacking the 2nd Amendment

As the Second Amendment debate heats up, it's the red states vs. the blue states. The blue states are aggressively introducing and/or passing legislation to restrict gun rights while the red states are considering strong legislation to protect the 2nd and even nullify any federal legislation that weakens and restricts gun rights. None of this is surprising. However, there will be a considerable economic impact on any states that pass anti-gun bills as it relates to the firearms and ammunition industry.

Colorado Company Threatens To Leave State If Gun Bill Passes

A package of gun control measures that won initial approval in Colorado’s Democratic-controlled House Friday night could result in several hundred jobs lost at the state’s largest manufacturer of high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Erie-based Magpul Industries has threatened to leave the state if lawmakers are successful in passing the sweeping gun-control package, which limits the number of rounds a magazine can hold, according to The Denver Post....

Magpul, which employs some 200 people directly and supports about 400 jobs through subcontractors, expects to contribute nearly $85 million to Colorado’s economy this year, according to The Post.
In New York, a gun manufacturer is threatening to leave over the draconian anti-gun bill passed by the NY legislature and signed into law by the governor.

Remington Arms Company threatens to pull plant out of New York in response to Bloomy-backed gun bill
ALBANY — One of the world’s major gun manufacturers is threatening to pull its plant out of New York over a gun bill pushed by Mayor Bloomberg.

Remington Arms Company, in a recent letter to Gov. Cuomo, said it may be forced to bail on the Empire State if a law requiring bullet casings to carry unique markings is enacted.

Supporters argue the technology, known as microstamping, would help solve gun crimes. Detractors say it’s unreliable, easily tampered with and costly.

Remington has a manufacturing plant that employs more than 1,000 workers in the village of Ilion, about 90 miles west of Albany.
If the economic impact of the proposed anti-gun laws in Colorado is estimated at $85 million for a small operation with 200 employees, the economic impact on larger firearms business will be very significant.

The firearms industry is a huge business in America.  According to the Washington Post "This year, the industry is expected to rack up a steady $11.7 billion in sales and $993 million in profits..", here.

If the blue states persist in hacking away at gun rights, this will translate to an economic boom in the welcoming red states as firearms manufacturers relocate to friendlier red state turf that isn't hostile to its business.

The red states are already outperforming the blue states economically as a result of lower taxes, less regulation and a business friendly environment.  Meanwhile, the blue states continue to strangle themselves economically.

The irony here is truly priceless: nothing like shooting your economy to death.


  1. Thank you Judy, for another great article and analysis of such an important topic.


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