Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Syria is Serious - It's Where Oil, Monetary Power and Religious Feuds Collide

Syria poses no threat to the US whatsoever and it has never committed an act of terrorism against the US.  So why is the US so hot to bomb a nation of 23 million folks that is slightly larger than the state of North Dakota and has no significant oil?  Whenever something happens we must ask ourselves "Why?".

When Nixon de-tethered the dollar from gold in 1971, the western monetary cartel colluded with Arab oil sheikdoms to make the dollar a petro-dollar.  The monetary cartel argued that the dollar was still commodity money and that gold was merely swapped for oil.  The only purpose of this oil-monetary cartel was to perpetually guarantee that the dollar would be the world's reserve currency so long as oil traded in dollar. The dollar is still the world's reserve currency.  However the global monetary cartels or 'banksters gone wild' got themselves in deep shit with endless monetary printing (inflation), mountains of fiat debt, excessive financial speculation facilitated by easy money (derivatives) and churning world financial markets into casinos that were rigged in favor of the house (banksters).

Anybody who even though about trading oil in a non-dollar currency was slated for extinction. Saddam Hussein threatened to sell Iraqi oil in Euros; he was invaded and executed for non-compliance with the international monetary cartel.  Gadhafi had similar plans to sell oil in non-dollar currency but his plan went even further and Gadhafi wanted to sell oil for gold.

Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar

Once oil traded in any currency other than the fiat dollar, the dollar would not only be toast and no longer the world's reserve currency but it would take down the entire global monetary cartel aka banksters.

Western elites and the House of Saud have been in bed with each other ever since oil came into big play in the early part of the 20th century.  Saudi Arabia not only spawned the most violent and vile form of Islam ever to exist, Sunni Salafist Wahhabist Islam, it used its petro-dollar wealth to spread its religious disease and the Saudis funded jihad madrassahs (Islamic schools) and radical mosques all over the world, including planting these institutions of hate and violence in Western nations.The West didn't care, so long as the Saudi's were swimming in oil and traded oil in dollars.  It's a marriage of convenience where western elites and savage Sunni Muslims share a bed to make love to each other.  It should be noted that not all Sunni Muslims are adherents of Saudi style Wahhabism.

With regard to oil, Saudi Arabia is widely believed to have the mother load of oil reserves.  Oil reserves and oil production are two different classifications - oil reserves are independent of oil production because they validate future oil power.  It's not only well known that Saudi oil reserves have never been independent verified but it's been widely speculated that Saudi Arabia has vastly overstated its oil reserves and may be close (within a few decades) to being pumped dry.

Saudi Arabia's resource wealth 'vastly overstated'

The Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam have been feuding forever but in recent years the division has grown more violent and not because of the Shiites but because the Sunni Salafists ruthlessly oppress Shiite minorities.  Saddam Hussein was a Sunni; however Hussein was more of a secularist and it's been documented that he drank western whiskey and watched the Goldfather movies over and over. Hussein did oppress the Shiite minority and in Iraq the Shiites comprised the majority - over 2/3 of the Iraqi population.  Ironically, Hussein protected Iraq's Christians.

When the US invaded Iraq, it was a monumental act of sheer stupidity.  By enforcing democracy, the Shiite majority now rules Iraq.  While only about 15-20% of the world's Muslim population are Shiite, the vast majority of them resides in Iraq and Iran.  Neither the Shiites nor Iran/Iraq ever committed any acts of terrorism against the US and neither ever posed any threat to US national security.  All the well documented Islamist terror attacks are acts of Sunni Salafists - 911, London bombings, Moscow bombings, Madrid bombings, Bali bombings, Mumbai bombings, the bombing of 2 US African embassies etc.  The world's most violent and murderous Islamist groups are and have always been armed and funded by the Saudis, the US, the CIA and this has been going on since the days of Jimmy Carter who armed and funded the Afghan Mujuhadeen, now the Taliban.

The Saudi's only care about 2 things - being the world's #1 oil kingpin and spreading its firebrand of Islam which includes eradicating Shiite Islam or severely marginalizing it.  If they lose their oil power, they lose their global political clout and their wealth.  Moreover, it would be unbearable if the Saudi's lost its oil power to Shiite Iraq and Iran.

According to Wikipedia the world's top oil producers are:

1.  Russia 10,900,000 barrels a day and 13.28% of world's oil
2.  Saudi Arabia, 9,900,000 barrels a day and 12.65% of world's oil
3.  United States, 8,453,000 barrels a day and 9.97 of world's oil
4.  Iran, 4,231,000 barrels a day and 4.77% of world's oil
5.  China, 4,073,000 barrels a day and 4.56 of world's oil
6.  Canada 3,592,000 barrels a day and 3.90 of world's oil
7.  Iraq, 3,400,000 barrels a day and 3.75 of world's oil
8.  United Arab Emirates, 3,087 barrels a day and 3.32% of world's oil
9.  Venezuela, 3,023,000 barrels a day and 4.74% of world's oil
10. Mexico, 2,934,000 barrels a day and 3.56% of world's oil.

The link to the world's top oil producers is here and the link to the world's oil reserves is here.

Here's the geo-political monetary conundrum - everybody knows that 'banksters gone wild' has decimated the dollar as well as other fiat currencies. Moreover, fiat central banks are teetering on brink and are unsustainable under the mountain of debt no matter how much 'out of thin air' money they create.  Many nations have reacted by pulling back on treasuries; they aren't buying and they are quietly selling.  Russia and China absolutely believe that the dollar as the world's reserve currency is on life support and both have been stockpiling gold because they understand that someday the world will be forced back into sound money and a new reserve currency will emerge.

Russia would love nothing better than to see the dollar crash along with the evil US empire.  After all, it's well documented that the US had its buddies in the Middle East hyper-pump to drive down the price of oil to crash the Soviet Union and force its breakup.  While Russia did indeed suffer significantly, it got back on its feet and reinvented itself by embracing capitalist principles.  The payoff has been phenomenal for Russia and its oil and natural resource industries are booming. Under KGB turned capitalist Putin, the Russian economy is doing well.

What does the US fear more than anything? It fears the dollar losing its world currency reserve status because when that happens the US dies and is nothing more than another bankrupt banana boat republic.  America is already a bankrupt banana boat republic, the noose around our neck has been knotted and an ever so slight kick of the stool will dangle our corpse.

What can really trigger or expedite the dollar losing it's lofty reserve currency status? Only one thing - oil trading in any currency other than dollars and that has already begun.

China is Trading Oil in Non-Dollar Currencies

Iran Seeks Alternative to Dollar Amid Oil Sanctions

After sanctioning the hell out of Iran and constantly threatening to bomb and invade, America can't very well expect Iran to sell it's oil in dollars.

What's really at play with the Syria debacle really has nothing whatsoever to do with Syria, it's just that Syria is aligned with oil rich Iran who is aligned with both Syria and oil rich Iraq.  What is unique about this alliance is that Syria has a 75% Sunni majority.  Yet, a majority of Syria's Sunnis support Assad and greatly fear a violently ruthless Saudi styled Wahhabist Taliban-Al Qaeda takeover of Syria.  The US invaded Libya and now US supported Al Qaeda gangs have busted the country into bloody civil war, a situation that did not exist under the leadership of Gadaffi.

If major oil producers like Russia, Iran and Iraq start trading oil in non-dollar currencies, that kind of combined oil power would definitely expedite the death of the dollar and the empire. If the Saudi's are running out of oil and there is substantial documentation on this issue, the Sunni Saudis are definitely willing to wage wars to secure dominance over Shiite Iraqi and Iranian oil and the Saudis are not lacking in western partners in crime.  Western powers are 100% behind the evil House of Saud and even openly support and arm Al Qaeda styled Sunni Islamists. The power of the 2 biggest global cartels in human history are at stake - a fiat banking cartel dominated by the dollar being the world's reserve currency and the global oil cartel. Together they just about control everything from the monetary to the economies of every nation on earth.

The world runs on oil and money.  Oil is power.

Syria?  For the House of Saud and Al Qaeda-Taliban styled Sunni Islam, it's all about preserving their oil power and disemboweling an age old religious enemy while using the US military to do it for them. For the US, it is all about preserving the already doomed dollar, Sunni oil cartels and bankster cartels.

The House of Assad is Alewite, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.  As previously noted, the majority of Syria's Sunnis support Assad because they don't want their country taken over by violent Sunni Al Qaeda gangs.  Furthermore it's been documented that Benghazi was a CIA operation gone bad and the goal of that operation was the arming and funding of Syrian Al Qaeda rebels with the help of Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies.

The US actually believes that it can preserve the dollars' world reserve currency status by militarily intervening in Syria to use Syria as a base to invade Iran.  By controlling Iran-Iraq oil and forcing it under the control of Saudi Sunni Islam, the western marriage of Sunni Islam and the petro dollar can survive at least in the short run.

The real axis of evil is the Saudi-US-oil-central bank cartel. The real goal is to ultimately invade Iran and Iraq (again) and sever the possibility of a Russia-Iran-Iraq oil arrangement that trades oil in non-dollar currencies.  The plan is to isolate and marginalize Russia to force it to sell oil in petro-dollars.

The US and the Wahhabist Sunnis are willing to explode the entire Middle East into horrific war and even use nuclear weapons to achieve its goal of controlling oil and the preservation of the petro-dollar.

Assad and the Syrians are merely expendable pawns on the international chess board of the elite power brokers and the NWO. So are the folks of Iran and Iraq.  Syria is geographically significant because it stand between Turkey and Iraq.  The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is a hardcore Sunni Salafist with deep ties to the US and House of Saud.  However, Turkey's Sunni Muslims have been rising up against Erdogan in well publicized revolts because the Turkish Sunnis don't want to be ruled by the Saudi version of Islam.  Moreover, the Turkish people oppose war on Syria, a war that PM Erdogan emphatically supports.

This will not end well. It's clearly evident that the US and Saudi Arabia et. al. are murderous psychopathic nations. The situation holds the potential to draw in Russia and plunge a world already suffering economic misery into a global war where the only beneficiaries are a handful of elites who are more than willing to slaughter millions to maintain their oil and bankster power.

Non-stop warfare is an unspeakable evil and it's long over due for folks to bring this issue to the table. A humanity that commits genocide for oil, bankster and defense contractors is a humanity that is doomed by its own evil. 


  1. I find it interesting there are no comments. Not surprised, however. You're as hateful as the dystopia envisioned. I take issue at being called a murderous psychopathic (and citing Wikipedia as a relevant source - LOL). Your dispatch, albeit well crafted is a giant sweeping generalization, way off the mark. Each to the dictates I suppose. Opinions and Assholes and all that... Have a loving, giving, happy day. Peace.

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  3. The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is a hardcore Sunni Salafist with deep ties to the US and House of Saud.

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  5. Thank you for putting the real truth out there.
    I can only hope solar or an alternative power source to oil becomes main stream.

    If not the entire world maybe blown to pieces all for money!


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