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Sarah Palin Endorses K Street Establishment Lobbyist & Former Bush Adm. Official Over Anti-War Incumbent Walter Jones

The North Carolina 3rd Congressional District is no ordinary congressional district because it includes a major military base.
Camp Lejeune, located in Onslow County, is home to 40,000 Marines and Sailors. In total, the installation surrounding community is home to an active duty, dependent, retiree and civilian employee population of approximately 180,000 people. Cherry Point, in Havelock, North Carolina, is home to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and houses 7,500 Marines. Source here.
Yes, we are talking serious Republican neocon territory.  So what's all the fuss?  Cong. Walter Jones, a 10 term Congressmen, initially supported the War on Terror but after the agony of personally visiting with the families who lost loved ones in America's latest series of wars, Jones flipped his pro-war position and became vociferously anti-war.  In fact, Jones so opposes the damn wars that he has earned the endorsement of Ron Paul.  More striking is that Jones has had no problem getting re-elected in a district dominated by military personnel.

To say the least, Jones figuratively and literally drove a dagger deep into the neocon heart - attacking it on its own turf by campaigning against the wars on a military base no less, the cathedral that houses the high priests and priestesses of warmongering murderers.

Enter:  Sarah Palin the Neocon Caribou Barbi who also happens to be a total fraud.  Not only has Palin endorsed a lobbyist ex-Bush Administration official in the primary to unseat Walter Jones but she once again strives to strengthens her neocon credentials which never waned. Despite a rocky not-so-pleasant split with establishment Republicans over Palin's Tea Party activities, Palin has firmly solidified her neocon credentials (no surprise here.).

Of course, the progressive Obama worshiping warmongering media is kinda freaking out over Jones.
Walter Jones: The Antiwar Republican From North Carolina A pro–Iraq War conservative Republican now fiercely opposes the war in Afghanistan. The Nation
Wall Street, War Hawks Fund Challenger To Only Anti-War, Anti-Wall Street Republican.  The Huffington Post
Sarah Palin Endorses Challenger to Anti-War Republican Congressman.  Slate
On the wingnut right that also despises Walter Jones, the neocon Washington Examiner has taken note of Palin's endorsement of a lobbyist and calls Jones 'erratic'.

In North Carolina, an incumbent faces Sarah Palin's man from K Street Washington Examiner
Republicans in Eastern North Carolina face an interesting choice May 6. Should they keep their erratic ten-term Congressman Walter Jones? Or should they dump him for K Street lobbyist Taylor Griffin, who is backed by Sarah Palin?

Griffin is the underdog in Tuesday’s primary, but he has some wind in his sails thanks to Jones’ ever-shifting, hard-to-explain positions — and also thanks to serious support from K Street.

... it’s jaw-dropping that nearly 20 percent of Griffin’s individual donations come from K Street, by my count.

Looking through Griffin's campaign finance filings, I flagged donors who identify as lobbyists, who are registered lobbyists or who work in Washington as communications or policy consultants for corporations.

Griffin himself comes from K Street. As his website tells it, after serving in George W. Bush's administration....

The simplest explanation for Griffin's huge K Street haul is his pedigree in the Bush White House and Treasury Department. These offices naturally fed into K Street. The lobbyists and consultants on Griffin's donor lists are his former colleagues and buddies.

K Street and the GOP establishment often array themselves against candidates who are too libertarian for their liking. Rep. Justin Amash, for instance, has attracted a K Street challenger. In recent open seat races, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul encountered opposition backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Business.
Granted, Palin is somewhat vanishing from media headlines and fame after vastly enriching herself with her 5 seconds of fame that included several books and a juicy Fox News contract following her meteoric rise from the unknown Thrilla from Wasilla to McCain's running mate.  Still, Palin solidly remains the much worshiped goddess of the neocon-thecon wing of the GOP.  Having transitioned from useful idiot (McCain's running mate) to expendable (dubbed an embarrassment after she failed to win the election for the hapless and hopelessly insane McCain) and back again to useful idiot as a pimp for warmongers and K Street, Palin never misses an opportunity to make herself relevant.

Well, I guess all that Tea Party nonsense about Going Rogue was just that - nonsense.  At the end of the day, Palin is just another shabby and morally defunct opportunist who does indeed genuflect at the feet of statists, neocons and anti-liberty power.

The thrill of it all!  And yes, I'm hoping and praying that Walter Jones wins the May 6 primary because peace, liberty and prosperity cannot afford to lose Walter Jones.  As for Palin, the neocons and K Street, may they all rot in hell where they belong.

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  1. The only foreign policy consistent with restoring the Constitutional Republic is the Founders' policy of Non-Intervention. That is the policy the "Leader of the Opposition" Ron Paul always supports. It is also the only foreign policy consistent with the TEA Party's core values. Thus it is not surprising that a pretend-TEA Partier like Palin would support a RINO crony while Dr. Paul would support a pro-peace and freedom candidate.


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