Saturday, January 26, 2019

Warsaw Conference, Iran Obsession, Neocon War Drum Beating and European Snubs

A long, long time ago America was the most respected nation on the planet because the people were free and enjoyed economic and civil liberties. Those days are long gone and America is now viewed as a dangerous and menacing threat to humanity everywhere.  America is now viewed as a bully with a deadly military and a refusal to give up the empire, whatever the cost.

While Trump's presidency has been interesting to say the least, he's had some extraordinarily lucid moments like advocating for pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.  On the other hand his neocon administration that includes Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton are all hardcore neocon interventionists.

One of the dumbest things that Trump ever did was nullify the JCPOA or Iran Deal. Iran agreed to NOT enrich uranium or build nuclear bombs in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.  Iran was in total compliance yet Trump and the neocons rescinded a very sane treaty that made the world a safer place.  It's my belief that the forces behind rescinding the JCPOA is the real axis of evil, the US-Saudi-Israeli alliance. 

Yes, the US is still plotting against Iran and would love nothing better than to go to war.  However, Americans are sick of the never ending wars and Europe isn't cooperating either.   Europe was devastated by 2 world wars.  America, protected by 2 big oceans, was spared the devastation that ravished European cities and soil.  A war on Iran would constitute WW 3, a major conflagration involving the US and ???? against Iran and probably Russia, China, Turkey and others.

Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, Turkey and Iran are all close to each other, and some within easy missile striking distance. Most of these nations have also been destroyed by wars and revolutions.  As the US turns more militaristic, the rest of the world is turning to peace and trade.

Based on the trajectory of valid national interests, largely TRADE, being a motivating factor to avoid war at all costs, the US remains the immovable object that just dishes out endless ultimatums, threats and sanctions.

The latest, beside the Trump Administration attempting to engineer a coup in Venezuela, evolves around ratcheting up ally support for War on Iran.  Pompeo and the Trump Administration have organized what is called the Warsaw Conference which is being held in Warsaw, Poland in February.  It's was expected to be a critically important foreign policy event attended by foreign ministers and very high ranking government officials.  The purpose of the event was to dupe traditionally allies into a war on Iran.

There's only one problem.  Europe is pretty much shunning the event by keeping high ranking official away and sending low ranking nobodies.  This is indeed a slap in the face to America's neocons.

The American Conservative has a very interesting piece on the Warsaw Conference.

Another Setback for Trump’s Bankrupt Iran Policy
An international backlash has forced the Trump administration to back away from describing next month’s gathering in Warsaw as an anti-Iran conference...

Much like Nikki Haley’s failed anti-Iran Security Council meeting last fall, the Warsaw conference has been rebranded to avoid calling attention to how internationally isolated the U.S. is in its hostility to Iran...

The damage to the administration’s conference has already been done, and many other governments aren’t sending representatives or will probably send only low-ranking officials. Russia has already announced that their government is boycotting the event. The fact that Iran still isn’t invited to participate tells everyone that the gathering was intended to be an anti-Iranian one.
More importantly, everybody is noticing something that rarely happens.  Other nations, especially European nations, are finally standing up to and actually defying bully America and for damn good reasons.  News sites that specialize on the Middle East are also taking notice.  Al Monitor, a DC based site that specializes on the Middle East, also comprehends that the purpose of the Conference was to rally support to tougher measures against Iran.

US allies try to dilute anti-Iran agenda for Warsaw summit 
An international conference in Poland next month that the Donald Trump administration had intended to showcase global unity and resolve to isolate Iran is instead highlighting wariness among US allies. European allies are scrambling for excuses to send lower-level diplomats instead of their foreign ministers to the Feb. 13-14 Warsaw conference and also are looking for ways to dilute the agenda... 
What is really happening?  The negative response of the international community to the real purpose of the Warsaw Conference, ratchet up support for War on Iran, has been changed by the US to a less incendiary purpose like promoting peace and stability in the Middle East. LOL, what a freaking joke...the US NEVER intends to promote peace and stability anywhere.  US foreign policy really hasn't changed much and the neocons still control it.  However, what has changed is the courage of the world to stand up to the US and reject its dictates and threats.

Europe understands that trade is the path to peace and given it's proximity to all the players in the region like Russia (loaded with gas), Turkey, oil rich Iran, India (buys Iranian oil) and even further away oil/gas hungry China, these folks share a monstrous landmass that houses most of humanity.  As the EU plans for its own military for purposes of defense, the US no longer controls Europe and Europe no longer fears its neighbors.

Meanwhile, everybody fears the crazy US and they are scrambling to assert their own sovereignty and national interests by disobeying their long time masters. It's a very wise decision.

The neocons haven't lost yet but they are beginning to lose because the American people and the world are just sick of these evil rat bastards.


  1. Excellent as always, Judy!

    I hadn't known about the Euro-Snubbing that the U.S. is getting with respect to the upcoming Warsaw Conference. That's fantastic news and hopefully, it signifies the path that the rest of the planet will be taking in every case where The Empire tries to foment dissent and outright war.

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