Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Modest Proposal: Just Shut Down Everything to Appease the Globaloney Folks

I'm checking my e-mail alerts and came across two disturbing news articles.

Environmentalist: Oil Industry as Bad as Apartheid
Is the work of the American oil industry the moral equivalent of South African apartheid? Will coffee beans cease to exist before the end of this century? The most recent shrill outbursts from the environmental Left offer the latest evidence for global warming; the silly season for news is extended later and later into the fall.
The theory of manmade climate change has fallen on hard times in recent years: The Climategate scandal, ongoing questions about the quality of the science behind the theory of anthropogenic global warming, further scandals such as Glaciergate, and demands by the United Nations for as much as $76 trillion in wealth transfers from the industrialized nations to the developing world, have done much to undermine public belief in, and toleration for, the theory. Many polls in the last few years have shown a significant decline in the public belief in the climate theory, and those studies that attempted to show a reversal of that trend have been challenged on account of their significant methodological flaws.
Now, the rhetoric coming from the theory’s advocates has become even more shrill...
Greens close four Bank of America branches in anti-coal protest
In a sophisticated, peaceful action to pressure the bank to stop funding coal, nine people are risking arrest today at sit-ins at four different Bank of America locations across Charlotte. The activists are a part of Rainforest Action Network’s campaign to confront the bank’s leading role in coal financing...
Why not just give the globaloney nuts what they want? Here's my modest proposal.

Just ban all oil, coal and gas for one week. Shut down every power plant, every gas station and ban all motorized transportation. Nobody can get to work, produce, buy food, get to the doctor or do anything. The grocery store wouldn't have any electricity to run their freezers and coolers. The beer business would have nothing but warm beer. The bars, restaurants and fast food joints would all close from lack of power and inventory to sell. Folks in the hospitals would die when critical medical equipment failed as a result of no power.

But what a lovely world it would be - we'd be free of global warming!

Of course, millions would die. But let's try it for just one week anyway.

Just do it!!

The enviro-nuts would be tarred and feathered and run out of town once and for all.  Now that's a lovely thought!

Meanwhile, the most revered deity of the environmental movement will continue to be worshiped at the alter of the EPA god where religious adherents can celebrate its notoriously heinous actions.

EPA Charged With Lethal Experiments On Hundreds Of Unsuspecting Subjects

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