Thursday, November 1, 2012

Entrepreneurial Food Trucks to the Rescue in Sandy Ravaged NY

Who needs FEMA and the government? The entrepreneurial food truck operators are getting the job done in New York where power, transportation and communications have not been restored on a substantial scale.

Food Trucks To The Rescue After Hurricane Sandy
Mark Perry notes that privately-operated food trucks have rushed to serve citizens in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

"There may not be power in much of lower Manhattan right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t food trucks of every kind coming to feed the masses. In fact, an armada of the hip food vending vehicles are rolling downtown this afternoon—along with food delivery trucks bringing groceries to emptied stores."

How much do you want to bet these food trucks are doing a better, more efficient job of bringing sustenance to the victims of the hurricane than official government relief efforts?
Also, Twitter has been an integral part of the post Sandy recovery.

Food Trucks Heed the Call of Twitter in NYC's Post-Sandy 'Dead Zone'
New York City’s mobile food trucks may have shifted from simply trendy to necessity as they heed the call from neighborhoods that remain without power from post-Sandy tweets....

A few trucks that don’t have food available are heading to neighborhoods anyway, offering power strips so residents in neighborhoods without power can charge mobile devices and stay connected.
Street food is becoming a real hot commodity because of its high quality and low cost.  In fact, there's a hugely popular TV show called Eat Street.  The Wall Street Journal even did a piece on street food.  Why settle for boring fast food when you can get delicious street food?

In Praise of Street Food
But in the end I wouldn’t eat street food if it didn’t please my palate. Products of specialization and repetition, the best street foods can be revelatory, offering a level of finesse more often associated with menus, tablecloths, attentive service and a wall between diners and the kitchen.
At the end of the day it's the responsive entrepreneurial spirit that gets things done and not fat cat bureaucrats luxuriating in some office and collecting a big pay check.

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