Thursday, June 27, 2013

Liberty is Calling YOU! Support and Join the Liberty Calling Project.

The Liberty Calling project is about spreading the message of peace, liberty and prosperity.  Jerry Titus created the website,, and Judy Morris started posting.  Others have joined joined the Liberty Calling project and we have a Facebook page.

We believe that these are great times for liberty activists because we've got powerful and extraordinary tools that include the Internet, alternate media and social media.   We also believe that there is a huge market for liberty and getting the message out absolutely requires that liberty activists participate in spreading the message of liberty.

Our goal is to showcase liberty news and activism under the Liberty Calling umbrella.  We are ordinary citizens who are passionate about liberty.  We are citizen journalists with a passion for truth.  We are news aggregators who scour the Internet for the best and most relevant news.

We cover foreign policy (endless wars), civil liberties (Police State USA), economics (Austrian vs. Keynesian), monetary policy (Federal Reserve), fiscal policy (government spending), the contentious social issues (always nasty), the New World Order (global tyranny) and other relevant issues like voluntarism and survival in an increasingly hostile and totalitarian world.

What have we learned?  We've learned that the liberty movement is growing because the message of liberty is becoming popular everywhere.  Therefore, we are recruiting liberty folks with a passion for posting news and writing or both.  Some folks like to post news and others like to write and we welcome both, as well as liberty bloggers.

Even if you have no interest in posting, writing or blogging, you can use your powerful social media activism to advocate for the Liberty Calling Project by suggesting our Facebook page and website page to your friends and fellow liberty activists.  You can Tweet and use other social media venues to promote Liberty Calling.  Spreading the message of liberty is always just a few clicks away and it works.  It's been working since Ron Paul's 2008 campaign when liberty busted out of obscurity and started going mainstream.

It's something that we did alone and of our own initiative.  With the liberty movement being so fragmented and consequently small in media reach, Liberty Calling definitely holds the potential to challenge mainstream media and its vast powers but only if we make it happen.

Personally, I've of the opinion that there's a inner journalist in all of us.  Liberty activists crave information and we aim to deliver it on a timely and chronic basis.

Listen and see if your inner journalist is calling you to deliver the message of liberty.  For more information, message us on Facebook, Judy Morris, Jerry Titus or Bill Walker

Mainstream media and its government pimps don't have to be in control of the news.  It's our responsibility to squash tyranny, censorship and chronic attacks on the first amendment.

Liberty is calling YOU so answer the most important call you will ever get.  We alone hold the power to build a new liberty media.  Yes We Can!

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