Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? America is a Culture of Death

There is probably no issue in America that inflames passions more than the abortion issue.  With nary a peep from the media on the horrifying Gosnell abortuary, most of which was taxpayer subsidized butchery, liberals and progressive just casually dubbed Gosnell's baby murder factory nothing more than 'reproductive healthcare'.  Really?  Butchering babies born alive and butchering late term fetuses is reproductive healthcare?

On the pro-life side, most of those folks are rabid warmongering neocons who advocate for our murderous wars that kill entire Muslim families including pregnant women, mothers, children and babies.  That's hardly pro-life.

The hypocrisy on both sides is loud and deafening. The real truth is that America really is a culture of death and the American people, regardless of political beliefs, abandoned a culture of life decades ago when they embraced the state and all its evil.  A gazillion years ago when I was young and pondering the Vietnam War, I would ask folks about the war that was slaughtering millions of southeast Asians.  The reply was always the same: so what, they are only gooks.  Indeed! Fast forward to today and it's so what, they are only Muslims.  Any nation that is so morally depraved that it labels genocide and mass murder a noble endeavor and patriotic act is a nation that is doomed by its own evil.  The pro-life Republicans who endorse US foreign policy may carry a Bible but these folks are anything but moral or Christ-like as they blindly worship the military has become their favorite Golden Calf.

I don't like abortion and never will.  Still, I've reluctantly supported legal early abortion while opposing late term abortions except in extraordinary circumstances when the life of the mother is at stake.  A freshly fertilized egg is scientifically deemed a zygote that transforms itself to a blastocyst, then an embryo and ultimately a fetus.  Defining precisely what constitutes a human life has always been an issue of dispute.  Some folks believe that a freshly fertilized egg is a human being that should have full constitutional protections.  These radical pro-lifers lead what is known as the Personhood Amendment movement as they seek to confer full constitutional rights and protections upon a zygote.  Others view a zygote as a form of life that has the potential to grow into a human being but at what point is quite contentious.

Many within the radical religious right absolutely support arresting, trying and executing women who had abortion as well as they physicians.  As one who opposes the death penalty because I abhor the right of the state to kill anybody, America's religious right would like nothing better than having the legal right to round up women and their abortionist physicians and kill them.

Although the abortion debate and precisely what constitutes a human life is nothing new, what is irrefutable on the abortion issue is that at some point the zygote/blastocyst/embryo/fetus is in fact an unborn human being and terminating its life is not 'reproductive healthcare' but outright murder of an unborn human being.  I read a lot from the left and the right on the abortion issue and many liberals  have morally conceded in so many words that "hey, at some point we really are dealing with an unborn human being and murdering it is outright inhumane and barbarous".

The Personhood movement comes with grave consequences and unique legal problems that no human society has ever dealt with.  If a person driving a vehicle accidentally rear ends the vehicle of a pregnant female and she loses the zygote/blastocyst/embryo/fetus, that person is guilty of some form of murder, minimally involuntary homocide or even a felony requiring prison time.  Moreover, many in the Personhood movement even oppose the birth control pill because they believe that the pill can either spontaneously terminate an unborn life or it interferes with the will of God who is creating a new human being.  If God is the perfect omnipotent creator of the universe, He is infallible and makes no mistakes according to believers.

But not all pregnancies result in a healthy bouncy baby.  God's mistake?  The woman's mistake? I saw a TV documentary a few years back about a pro-life couple who wanted a family.  Their first child was so severely deformed as a result of a congenital defect that it was bed ridden, couldn't walk, grow, talk or even feed itself.  The parents were unaware that they carried a rare gene that created a deformed child.  Although they wanted more children, they postponed the decision until a genetic test was available to ascertain if the unborn life was afflicted with the defect.  They conceived, had the test and the 2nd child was normal but they were prepared to abort despite being strongly pro-life.

The critical point here is this: Should voters, society or legislative bodies make such decisions?  Hell no!  No one should have the right to make such a decision except the parents and I can't imagine a worse decision for a pro-life couple than making the decision to terminate a deformed form of life that will never be remotely normal or ever have any meaningful quality of life.

If Americans want a better quality of life and a culture of life, they had better start with some morality jarring soul searching.

On the progressive left they celebrate the right to murder the unborn with an orgiastic fury.  Then the orgiastic fury grips the Warvangelicals as they celebrate endless wars and the killing of their perceived religious enemies.

When it comes to human life and protecting it, hardly anybody in America holds the moral high ground.

According to the polls, Americans consistently support the right to an early abortion but overwhelmingly oppose late term abortion.  But this won't satisfy the radical pro-choice or pro-life groups.

As for me, I'll never like or celebrate abortion although I would never vote to take the right to an early abortion away from any women.  I haven't lived her life or walked in her shoes and as far as I'm concerned the issue is between the woman and God.  I'm not God and playing God is morally repugnant to me.  God will be a far better judge of human actions and choices than me and that's how it ought to be.

Meanwhile, the moral cesspool that is American will continue to rupture and destroy our once great nation, its backbone and its moral fiber.

When Americans want to take about the 100 million plus folks that our foreign policy and military industrial complex has killed for defense contractor profits, I just might revisit the abortion issue.  But so long as folks on the left and right defend the right of the state to murder and commit genocide, why even raise the issue of the sacredness of a human life?

If all human life isn't sacred then no human life can be sacred.  


  1. Judy-

    Can you share some of your sources of "radical religious right" wanting to kill women who have abortions and their doctors? I know that there have been unstable people who have bombed abortion clinics, but have those been recent activities? I happen to believe the best way to deal is to love on these women and even help educate with resources of options existing besides the abortion-for-profit industrial complex solution...

    Regarding when life begins...aren't all cells not life or alive? When the egg is fertilized, the process is set forth that unless interrupted by nature (miscarriage) or some other outside forces (injury, abortion, etc.), that will yield a beautiful new life. Therefore, I think that understanding and scientific fact can lead one to believe that life begins at conception.

    Thanks for all you do, my comments are only here to challenge and cause wider range/pattern of thought. We are at "liberty" to our own opinions after all. :)


  2. barnaz78, I personally know folks who absolutely believe that women who had abortions should be tried for murder. I won't name names.

    Abortion is a very complex social issue and I support building a culture of life.


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