Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Republicans are FRAUDS on Obamacare and Entitlements

As the Republicans suddenly decide to defund the implementation of Obamacare after previously funding its implementation since the ACA was passed, folks are confused.  Liberals and ACA supporters keep asking "what are the Republicans afraid of?". From a logical point of view it makes more sense for Republicans to just let Obamacare proceed and fail.  After all, if Americans so oppose the ACA then they will be motivated to vote out of office those will gave them Obamacare and that's a boatload of Dems.

What is Obamacare? Obamacare is just another massively subsidized entitlement program that will cost an estimated $1 trillion. Do Republicans oppose new entitlements?  Of course not and Republicans have a long history of creating new entitlements and expanding existing entitlements.

The Republicans embraced and passed during the Bush years Medicare Part D or what is known as a massive prescription drug program for seniors.In fact, the program is estimated to cost a trillion bucks. Government program costs tend to be estimated over 10 years and the cost of most of these programs is vastly underestimated at the time entitlement bills pass.

Back in 2009, Forbes highlighted the hypocrisy of the Republicans.

Republican Deficit Hypocrisy
The human capacity for self-delusion never ceases to amaze me, so it shouldn’t surprise me that so many Republicans seem to genuinely believe that they are the party of fiscal responsibility. Perhaps at one time they were, but those days are long gone.....

Recall the situation in 2003. The Bush administration was already projecting the largest deficit in American history–$475 billion in fiscal year 2004, according to the July 2003 mid-session budget review. But a big election was coming up that Bush and his party were desperately fearful of losing. So they decided to win it by buying the votes of America’s seniors by giving them an expensive new program to pay for their prescription drugs.

Recall, too, that Medicare was already broke in every meaningful sense of the term. According to the 2003 Medicare trustees report, spending for Medicare was projected to rise much more rapidly than the payroll tax as the baby boomers retired. Consequently, the rational thing for Congress to do would have been to find ways of cutting its costs. Instead, Republicans voted to vastly increase them–and the federal deficit–by $395 billion between 2004 and 2013...

However, the Bush administration knew this figure was not accurate...

Just to be clear, the Medicare drug benefit was a pure giveaway with a gross cost greater than either the House or Senate health reform bills how being considered. Together the new bills would cost roughly $900 billion over the next 10 years, while Medicare Part D will cost $1 trillion.

Moreover, there is a critical distinction–the drug benefit had no dedicated financing, no offsets and no revenue-raisers; 100% of the cost simply added to the federal budget deficit....
Bad as Obamacare is and it's certainly a pending disaster, at least the Dems attempted to fund it.  The Republicans made no such effort to fund Medicare Part D.

As Republicans and their wingnut pundits continue to thrash Obamacare as a new entitlement, they are also having fun calling Obama the Food Stamp President.  I decided to look into that allegation.

Bush is the REAL Food Stamp President

It’s true that the most recent figures from the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (provided to Today) show that a record number of people—some 46.2 million—are enrolled in the program. But the same data shows that more individuals were added to the program while George W. Bush was in office than have enrolled under Obama’s presidency: Under Bush, the program grew by 14.7 million individuals; under Obama so far, it’s grown by 14.2 million, and, as of October, was declining.
So Bush wins on volume, and Obama wins on velocity: In just a few years, President Obama managed to expand the program by nearly as much as Bush. But Obama didn’t do it without some help from his Republican predecessor, who approved policy changes that set the stage for the program’s current growth.
While it's probably true that food stamp recipients have now far exceeded usage under Bush because of the miserable economy, the point is that Bush and the Republicans facilitated the massive expansion of the food stamp program.

The political parties are masters at 'bread and circus' pandering to their respective bases.  After all, when have voters ever rejected a new or expanded entitlement program?  That is the core of the disease that is eating America.  Everybody wants something for nothing or they want something at the expense of somebody else.  When voters vote, they are actually voting for the police-military powers of the government to rob and plunder others for their exclusive benefit.

At the end of the day, these programs fail and the nation is bankrupted but that won't stop voters and politicians from living a grand delusion.  Entitlements sell at the ballot box and politicians love expanding their power.

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