Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Emerging Global Industrial Feudalism - The Elites Meet at the World Economic Forum to Plot the Destruction of Liberty and Prosperity

The World Economic Forum (WEF) kicks off every year in Davos, Switzerland in January.  It's where the elites of global tyranny meet to plot and implement the takeover of the world by destroying peace, liberty, property rights and prosperity while imposing a corporate industrial feudalism and militarized police states upon everyone on the planet.   The WEF is no ordinary meeting.  In fact, it's very well organized.  It's got extremely powerful players, unlimited money, an agenda and extensive plans. Furthermore, much of the WEF's goals have already been accomplished including NSA styled global surveillance, endless wars for resources and corporate monopoly, the destruction of the world's currencies by central banks, the bail-in or theft of financial assets to bailout banksters and the total annihilation of the middle class everywhere.

From it's own website, the World Economic Forum pretty much lays out in plain and simple language its purpose, players and goals.  For the uninitiated, progressives, communitarians, collectivists and Marxists, it reads like a fairy tale of an awesome plan for humanity.  For those anchored in reality, facts and history, it's a blueprint to abolish peace, liberty and prosperity on a global scale. The website is worth cruising because it's packed with relevant information on its players, partners and councils.

Global Agenda Councils
The Network of Global Agenda Councils is a unique, global community of over 1,500 premier thought leaders who are the foremost experts in their fields of academia, business, government, international organizations and society. Grouped in over 80 Councils, Global Agenda Council Members commit their extensive knowledge, expertise and passion to jointly shape the global, regional and industry agenda. The Global Agenda Councils are committed to addressing the most pressing issues and opportunities of our time and aim to provide new thinking and solutions.
Below are the Global Agenda Councils and it's clearly evident that these central planning councils cover every possible aspect of human endeavor and existence.

Advanced Manufacturing,Ageing, Anti-Corruption & Transparency, Arctic, Biodiversity & Natural Capital, Biotechnology, Catastrophic Risks, Climate Change, Competitiveness, Complex Systems, Conflict Prevention, Data-Driven Development, Design & Innovation, Digital Health, Education & Skills, Emerging Multinationals Emerging Technologies, Employment, Energy Security, Financing & Capital, Fiscal Sustainability, Food & Nutrition,Security, Fostering Entrepreneurship, Fragile States and Conflict Prevention, Future of Government, Future of Media, Future of Universities, Future of the Internet, Geopolitical Risk, Global Financial System, Global Trade & FDI, Governance for Sustainability, Human Rights, Illicit Trade, Illicit Trade & Organized Crime, Informed Societies, Infrastructure, Institutional Governance, System,s Intellectual Property System, International Monetary System, Logistics & Supply Chain Systems, Long-Term Investing, Measuring Sustainability, Migration, Neuroscience & Behaviour, New Economic Thinking, New Energy Architecture, New Growth Models, New Models of Leadership, New Models of Travel & Tourism, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons, Oceans, Organized Crime, Personal Transportation Systems, Personalized & Precision Medicine, Population Growth, Poverty & Sustainable Development, Responsible Mineral Resources Management, Robotics & Smart Devices, Role of Business, Role of Civil Society, Role of Faith, Role of the Arts in Society, Rule of Law, Social Innovation, Social Media, Social Security Systems, Space Security, Sustainable Consumption, Terrorism, Urbanization, Values, Water Security, Well-being & Mental Health,Women's Empowerment, Youth Unemployment

Strategic Partners

"Strategic Partners make a tangible impact on global issues and society by contributing to better policy-making, informing business decisions, sharing best practices and engaging stakeholders beyond commercial objectives."

The Abraaj Group
Adecco Group
Bahrain Economic Development Board
Bain & Company
Bank of America
Basic Element
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation**
Booz & Company
The Boston Consulting Group
BP Plc
Bridgewater Associates
Burda Media
CA Technologies
Clayton, Dubilier, Rice LLC
The Coca-Cola Company
Credit Suisse
Dalian Wanda Group
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Post DHL
Dogus Group
The Dow Chemical Company
Eskom Holdings SOC Limited
Fluor Corporation
Goldman Sachs
Google Inc.
Hanwha Group
HCL Technologies Ltd
Heidrick & Struggles
Huawei Technologies
Itaú Unibanco
Jones Lang LaSalle =
JPMorgan Chase Co.
KPMG International
Kudelski Group
Leighton Holdings Ltd
Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC)
McKinsey & Company
Microsoft Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation
Morgan Stanley
National Bank of Kuwait
Nestlé SA
The Olayan Group
Old Mutual
Omnicom Group
Petroleo Brasileiro SA - Petrobras
Publicis Groupe
Reliance Industries
Renault-Nissan Alliance
The Rockefeller Foundation**
Royal Philips
SABMiller *
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
SK Group
SOCAR (State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic)
Standard Chartered
Swiss International Air Lines
Swiss Re
System Capital Management
Takeda Pharmaceutical
Tata Consultancy Services
Tech Mahindra
Thomson Reuters
Toshiba Corporation
USM Holdings
Visa Inc.
Volkswagen AG
VTB Bank
Zurich Insurance Group

The biggest multinational corporations are strategic partners.

Foundation Members
The World Economic Forum’s 1,000 Foundation Member companies are at the heart of all the Forum’s activities and their support is essential in helping find truly sustainable and global solutions to improve the state of the world. The typical Member company is a global enterprise ranking among the top companies within their industry and/or country.
Global Leadership Fellows
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the once well-defined line between the public and private sectors continues to blur, making it difficult for any one organization to act effectively in isolation. To succeed in such a fast-changing environment, institutions – both private and public – must bring together numerous stakeholders to approach problems more efficiently, develop strategies and capitalize on opportunities.
The NWO is based on the marriage of big business and big government under a global governance leadership.  The Public Private Partnership is the term the global elites prefer to use because they perceive that it sounds quite harmless and benign to the public.

But in reality, the Public Private Partnership is nothing more than corporatism, fascism, protectionism, oligarchy, plutocracy and the total takeover of the world by corporations and the political class they fund.

Never before in human history has totalitarianism gone so global.  Moreover, the NWO represents the corporate domination of all resources on the planet as well as the concentration of all wealth and power.

Financial Systems
Strengthening the international monetary and financial system is a priority in the wake of the global financial crisis. 
Above all, the WEF is committed to preserving the world's central banking system that is directly responsible for creating so much impoverishment by wiping out the purchasing power of paper and central bank currency.  Effectively, central banks exist for no purpose other than to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.  The plunder attributable to central banking systems is absolutely crucial to concentrating wealth and power.  Sound money tends to concentrate in the hands of ordinary people and not the political and elite classes.

As a suffering humanity continues to be stung by rising costs for essentials like food, shelter and medicine, the ability of a person to even earn a living in a command and controlled economy dominated by corporatist and statist interests vanish quite quickly.

As the world's most powerful autocrats, bureaucrats, education-crats, corporations, corporatists, media and technology players continue to amass control as master propagandists and at the expense of property rights and individual liberty, the result will continue to be devastating.

The dominate themes of the NWO, the UN and the World Economic forum continue to be sustainability and civil society.  Yet, social unrest from economic misery continues to escalate and civil society is crumbling under the weight of corporate and bureaucratic tyranny.

Where this will end is anybody's guess but it won't be good for the earth's occupants nor will it inspire peaceful co-existence, tolerance, civil liberties or prosperity.


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