Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Talk Unemployment Benefits

As the Senate considers a $6.4 billion extension of unemployment benefits, here, the right winger are stroking out over such a gargantuan public expenditure.  Congress is a crime syndicate where bribery (pay to play) divvies up nearly $4 trillion a year to powerful special interests.  Yet, there is hardly a peep from the Republican wing-nut camp over Congress polishing off its $1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that is loaded with special interest corporate welfare.

K St. pushes to shape $1T spending bill
Lobbyists and advocacy groups are working furiously to make their mark on an upcoming $1 trillion spending bill...

Defense lobbyists are seeking to make sure their pet programs are safe...
Congress is also finalizing a $1 trillion agricultural bill that generously rewards corporatist sugar barons and other corporate pigs lined up at the public feeding trough.

Sushi Aid in $1 Trillion U.S. Farm Bill Irks Watchdogs
Tucked deep in the 629-page U.S. House agriculture policy legislation is an initiative to guarantee prices for sushi rice....
 So too is insurance for alfalfa and a marketing plan for Christmas trees. Catfish farmers also get a morsel...
 The farm bill, which benefits crop-buyers such as Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (ADM), grocers including Supervalu Inc. (SVU) and insurers including Wells Fargo & Co. and Ace Ltd (ACE), has been working through Congress for almost two years.
Recently, Congress had no problem whatsoever passing a $625 billion military spending bill to fund The Empire, its endless wars and the military industrial complex.

Really, in the grand scheme of the grand theft that is perpetrated upon the American people by Congress Critters, $6.4 billion is a small drop in the nearly $4 trillion bucket of bucks that rains like manna from the heavens upon well connected insiders who fill campaign coffers.

Yeah, unemployment benefits are abused.  But the poor smucks who snag a few crumbs from a corrupt to the core political and economic system that is stacked against them are petty thieves compared with the grand larceny that permeates America's political system.

Want to really cut spending?  Then start with big cuts in the hundreds of billions that go to the military industrial complex (murdering for defense contractor profits), assorted corporate welfare queens from Big Sugar and sushi,  and NSA contractors who grow filthy rich by eviscerating the 4th amendment.

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