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The US Economy - The Mother of All Hot Button 2016 Election Issues and Why #Trump is Winning.

As an advocate for peace, liberty and prosperity, in that order because you can't have liberty without peace and you can't have prosperity without liberty, I'm shocked that so few American even care about such vitally important issues.  Sadly, the voting habits of the American people scream "I want more wars, more bankster power, more corruption, more military industrial complex, more prison industrial complex, more corporate welfare and more of the ongoing destruction of the 4th amendment and civil liberties".  But some folks seem to be waking up to various degrees and for the first time in a long time, Americans are scared enough to pay attention to some issues.

The economy sucks and largely because the US is an unfriendly place to do business; hence America is no longer a desirable place to park and utilize capital, the mothers milks of economic prosperity and free markets.  It doesn't matter if you are a small to medium business overrun with onerous regulations and taxes or a sole entrepreneur like Eric Garner who was choked to death by NYPD on a NY street while selling loose cigarettes (illegal in NYC). Every time a citizen does something to try and earn a living, the government goons are there to swoon down upon him like a bird of pray or to crucify work with taxes, regulations and even death.


The US has one of the highest corporate income tax rates in the industrialized world. Therefore, jump starting the economy requires some politically unpopular decisions like  ELIMINATING THE CORPORATE INCOME TAX.  Besides, there really is no such thing as a corporate tax because it's just an indirect consumer tax - as a cost of doing business the corporate tax is built into the price of goods and service.  Therefore, eliminating the corporate tax will indeed result in lower costs of American made goods and services.  The corporate tax is punitive, anti-business and is responsible for the off shoring of US manufacturing and the loss of millions of good paying jobs.

If you want to 'Make America Great Again', you have to make America a business friendly place.  I understand that such a proposition is offensive to some, especially those pickpockets who can't keep their grubby thieving fingers out of the pockets of individuals and businesses.  Freeing America and entrepreneurship from strangulation and oppression is the easiest and best method to achieve a goal that will restore middle class prosperity and lift the poor out of poverty.


But abolishing the corporate tax isn't the only thing that can be done to Make America A Great Place To Do Business,  Our criminal congress has actually passed laws encouraging US business to offshore by offering corporations lower tax rates if they earn their profits on foreign soil.  The US workers be damed!  The net result of this criminal congressional enterprise is that some $2 trillion in corporate profits are sitting in foreign banks and cannot be repatriated back to the US without a crushing tax liability.  US corporate profits should be repatriated back to America TAX FREE because trillions in capital would go a long way toward building or rebuilding businesses in America.

Combine tax free repatriation of trillions in corporate profits with a zero corporate tax rate and the US economy will be free to grow, restore prosperity and lift the poor out of crushing poverty.

Right now we've got the Democrats screaming for higher corporate taxes (the equivalent of higher costs for consumers and the loss of more jobs) and the Republicans are screaming for more corporatism and crony capitalism.

I don't know if Trump even understands the economy or what needs to be done but he definitely has built his campaign on the economy and nothing sings louder and clearer better than his MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN campaign slogan. It's simply brilliant in its simplicity.


Trump has raised the issue of immigration which is an important issue to many Americans because they know their wages aren't going up while the cheap labor lobby bribes congress critters to load America up with millions and millions of more cheap foreign laborers. Americans have seen their wages either plummet or go nowhere.  Even worse, many of those comprising the 'cheap foreign labor' pools are paid so little and are so poor that they qualify for welfare.  Entitlement dependent workers are a core attribute of globalization.  Corporations demand that TAXPAYERS pay the social costs of an employee and the welfare of the the poor working immigrants.

This is INSANE.  American workers are being fired and replaced with cheap entitlement dependent foreign workers but are sent the bill for their welfare.

I've heard many Libertarians literally scream for open borders and the free movement of labor but they could care less that their version of open borders is in fact statist, corporatist and actually encourages the growth of the welfare state and government power.

Solving the immigration problem starts with ending welfare for immigrants. I personally endorse deporting all welfare dependent immigrants.  We can't afford the welfare state for American citizens so extending it to encompass all imported foreign labor is fiscal and economic suicide.

America has always been a welcoming place for hardworking immigrants and that's something we should be proud of and continue but only so long as immigration benefits America, Americans and the immigrant. Neither Americans nor Trump are the evil zenophobes as portrayed by the corporatist paid political class and its lapdog media.


Trade agreements like NAFTA, TPP and TTIP are nothing but the corporatist takeover of the world's economy. These agreements are anti-free trade and requires that nations who are signatories to them relinquish significant national sovereignty.

NAFTA was a nightmare that was shoved down our throats by Bill Clinton and his Republican co-conspirators but the TPP and TTIP are NAFTA on steroids.

The Kleptocracy of Cannibal Crony Capitalism. Bill Clinton and his Republican NAFTA Baby Co-Conspirators

NAFTA resulted in the loss of millions of high paying US manufacturing jobs.

The TPP has been ferociously criticized by America's right and left because it creates tribunals controlled by multinational corporations that will have dictatorial powers over all trade.  National sovereignty will be rendered illegal.

TPP Secret Trade Agreement Puts International Tribunal Above U.S. Law

If these corporatist anti-free trade boondoggles are solidified into law, the takeover of the planet by big government and big corporations will be complete.  There are no voter referendums, just the sellout of national legislatures whose elected members have been bribed by corporations to pass these rotten economy killing deals.


The Competitive Enterprise Institute does an annual assessment on the economic cost of America's draconian regulatory state.
Regulation: The Hidden Tax....Based on the best available federal governmentdata, past reports, and contemporary studies, this report highlights estimated regulatory compliance and economic costs of $1.88 trillion annually.....Per employee regulatory costs for firms of fewer than 50 workers can be 29 percent greater than those for larger firms.....Societal regulatory costs amount to up to 29 percent of the typical household’s expenditure budget.
Read the entire well documented economy killing report here.

If America fails to reign in the regulatory state and the power of federal agencies, our economy is doomed.  Therefore, deregulation must be a top priority.  American businesses and entrepreneurs can't do business with a regulatory noose around their necks.


Trump isn't way ahead in the primaries because his ideas are so brilliant.  Besides, brilliant isn't something that Americans can grasp.  Americans know they are hurting, even if they can't fully comprehend why, and Trump understands this and is a master at capitalizing on the failures of the political class. Therein lies the genius of Trump.

Can Trump fix America, restore the prosperity of the middle class and raise the poor out of poverty? Well, the issue is so hugely complex that the simple answer is NO, nobody can, at least not singlehandedly.

What can Trump do?  Trump runs businesses, he build buildings and hires workers and has even had a popular TV reality show.  Generally, he's been very successful and has amassed a net worth in the billions from his entrepreneurial projects. The Trump name is so well known that it's legendary in America and globally.  But Trump's success with the voters isn't just his success; after all a lot of folks are successful and even more wealthy and successful than Trump.

Yes, Americans value the fact that Trump is successful but they yearn for a president that would aspire to teach America and Americans how to become successful and even great.

On some level, I do believe that Trump even cares, unlike the crass and cold political class of buffoons and liars.  For Trump it's not just about power - the dude is already powerful.  His immense ego propels him to succeed and that's an attribute that transcends the failing and fading lies of the Republican and Democrat parties.  A man like Trump can't handle failure and yes it's entirely possible that he will work very hard to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Trump is winning because he's perceived by voters as sincere and Americans are so damn desperate and fed up with politics as usual that they will gamble on a man they want to trust and probably already do trust far more than the rest of the political heap.  The beauty of the whole Trump thing is that Trump is royally bitch slapping the establishment elites and that is definitely fun to watch.

To win, all Trump has to do is continue to do what he's doing and run a 100% economic campaign because that's all Americans really care about right now.  He needs to be addressing those issues that are harming the economy while offering solutions to big problems.  He needs to focus on restoring the battered US manufacturing industries and most importantly, he needs policies that will help everybody, especially businesses, the poor and the middle class.

Trump is a man who THINKS big so I consider him qualified to tackle big problems.  It's what he does. It's what American voters want him to do.

Disclosure:  I Stand With Rand and will vote for him in the primary.

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