Monday, March 28, 2016

Favorite Movie Recommendations From My Facebook Friends - Enjoy!!

I asked my Facebook friends for their favorite movies, anti-government movies and pro-liberty movies and documentaries.  Enjoy!!

8 Men After, here, Gabriel Brown

12 Angry Men, here, Stephen Bone

2012, here, Kathy Skoda

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, here, D. Frank Robinson

Akira, here, Gabriel Brown

Alongside Night, here, Stephen Bone

America: Freedom to Fascism, here, Deborah Barclay

Amistad, here, Joseph Gay

...and justice for all, here, Bryn Fish

Assault on Wall Street, here, Lorna Case

Atlas Shrugged, here, David A. Fryling

The Big Short, here, Anil Mitha

Braveheart, here, John Oetken

Brotherhood of the Bell, here, Todd Gladieux

A Bug's Life, here, Stephen Bone

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, here, Thomas E. Tollett

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, here, Kelli Lasley Brochon

Dances With Wolves, here, Audra Hughes

Dr. Stranglove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, here,  John Brierly Jr.

Eagle Eye, here, Thomas E. Tollett

Echelon Conspiracy, here, Anil Mitha

The Edge, here, Stephen Bone

Empire of the Sun, here, Audra Hughes

End of Liberty, here, Audra Hughes

Enemy of the State, here, Judy and many of her Facebook friends

Fahrenheit 451, here, Pat Jack

Fail-Safe, here, John Brierly Jr.

Following, here, Jennifer Hyatt

Footloose, here, Amanda Hughes

The Fountainhead, here, Kevin Mullis

The Game, here, Audra Hughes

Gangs of New York, here, Keith Doiron

Gattaca, here, Stephen Bone

Ghostbusters, here, Eric Frounder

The Giver, here, Donna J. Hawkins Walsh

Gran Torino, here, Stephen Bone

Harry's War, here, Ken Van Doren

The Hunger Games, here, Kyle Labore III

The Hurt Locker, here, Audra Hughes

I, Robot, here, Stephen Bone

Inside Job, here, Chuch Reichmuth

Jeremiah Johnson, here, E Christopher Carolan

Jin Roh The Wolf Brigade, here, Gabriel Brown

Kill the Messenger, here, Shawn Davis

Law Abiding Citizen, here, David Robins

Legends of the Fall, here, Michael W. Lurie

Lifting the Veil, here, Audra Hughes

Luther, here, Barbara Marie Inman

Malcolm X, here, Audra Hughes

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, here, Lori Schulz Dougan

The Man Who Would be King, here, Kathryn Weitzel

The Matrix, here, Base Aransas

Meet John Doe, here, Stephen Bone

Mercury Rising, here, Anil Mitha

The Money Masters, here, Kelli Lasley Brochon

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, here, Christopher Dillard

Network, here, Timothy Byrne

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), here, David F. Fryling

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, here, David Simchock

The Outlaw Josey Wales, here, Joseph Gay

Passport to Pimlico, here, Stephen Bone

The Patriot, here, Anil Mitha

Pelican Brief, here, Bonnie Rudzik

Persepolis, here, Michael J. Weber

Point of No Return, here, Audra Hughes

Rampage: Capital Punishment, here, Pony Bell

Red Dawn, here, Patrick Mahoney

Rendition, here, Danya Guynn Sammons

The Saint, here, Audra Hughes

Scarface, here, Audra Hughes

The Secret of Oz, here, Kelli Lasley Brochon

The Seige, here, Anil Mitha

Selma, here, Audra Hughes

Serenity, here, Stephen Bone

Shenandoah, here, Jack Jones

Shooter, here, Wolf Onnie

Slumdog Millionaire, here, Audra Hughes

Snowpiecer, here, Stephen Bone

Sound of Music, here, Liz Moser

Still Mine, here, Stephen Bone

Star Wars, here, Stephen Bone

Three Days of the Condor, here, Jack Jones

Three Kings, here, Stephen Bone

They Live, here, Estrella Eguino

Thrive,here, Anil Mitha

To Kill a Mockingbird, here, Stephen Bone

Tucker, The Man and His Dreams, here, Stephen Bone

V for Vendetta, here, Judy and many of her FB friends

Vaxxed, here, Chuck Walden

Venus Wars, here, Gabriel Brown

The Winter Soldier, here, by Thomas E. Tollett 

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