Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Conservative Victories at the 5-4 Supreme Court - Thank Trump Voters

As a Libertarian leaning, Ron Paul supporting constitutionalist, I endorsed Donald Trump for president AFTER Rand Paul was out of the running and I documented my reasons here where I listed the top 10 reasons to vote for Trump. One of those reasons was the Supreme Court.  Trump replacing the deceased Justice Scalia instead of Hillary Clinton having that power was indeed critically important for liberty activists, constitutionalists and gun rights.

Many other big cases were pending and a string major conservative victories, most 5-4 decisions, has been awesome for conservatives even if it has left the left reeling in misery and disappointment.

Those decisions include:

Upholding Trump's travel ban: Let me be clear - this was never a Muslim ban and Trump himself said so.  However, it was a national security initiative to screen foreigners entering America.  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with a nation having the power to decide who gets to enter a country as nobody wants terrorists.  The left may be stroking out over this SCOTUS decision but it makes no sense for a country NOT to screen foreigners.

Upholding the right of a baker NOT to bake a cake: Call it a 1st amendment issue or a property rights issue but nobody should be forced to do anything that violates his/her conscience and religious beliefs.

Upheld the right of pregnancy crisis centers NOT to be forced to disclose that taxpayer subsidized abortions are available.  These pregnancy crisis centers are pro-life organizations that offer counseling and advice to pregnant women. It certainly should be their right to do so and WITHOUT being FORCED to become an advocate for abortion.

Denying public sector unions the right to force workers to pay union dues.  This case is a huge defeat for public sector unions and the Dems because union dues subsidize the Democratic Party.  SCOTUS correctly ruled that public sector workers should NOT be FORCED to pay union dues to fund things that they fundamentally oppose.  It was a 1st amendment issue.

Gerrymandering is an interesting issue.  When Democrats controlled most governorships and state legislatures, they heavily gerrymandered to carve out permanent Democrat majority districts.  Nobody complained except Republicans.  Well, now that the Republicans currently control governorships and state legislatures in most states, the Democrats have gone ballistic filing lawsuits that obviously are demanding that the courts restore their gerrymandering powers.  It was OKAY for the Dems to gerrymander but it's not OKAY for the Republicans to do the same thing.

The Supreme Court punted on the gerrymandering issue while refusing to intervene on behalf of the Democrats.  SCOTUS kicking this can down the road leaves open the possibility of future judicial action.

Anway, these are very important issues that have been conservatively and correctly decided by SCOTUS and only because Trump's presidential victory resulted in the appointment to the Supreme Court of a constitutionalist, Neil Gorsuch.  The Democrats love using the courts as a hammer to enforce their anti-liberty dictates.

With Trump, judicial power has swung back to the conservative-constitutional side which of course is a victory for liberty.

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