Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My Personal Story of Facebook Censorship, Abuse and Getting Banned

Anybody who is a Trump supporter, a conservative, a Libertarian or an antiwar activist has probably experienced some level of censorship on Facebook. It's bad, getting worse and to the point of outright censorship because it's becoming a systematic purge.  I've been shutdown for 1 and 3 days over NOTHING.  I'm not vulgar, I don't use foul language and while I have been sarcastic, I'm never said or posted anything that could be construed as obscene or offensive.  All that changed in the summer of 2018 when I was slapped with a 7 day suspension for calling the Saudis savages for its genocidal war on the Houthi in Yemen.  As one who is ferociously antiwar and pretty much calls all neocons and warmongers savages, I never had much of a problem with my Facebook antiwar activism UNTIL I started attacking the Saudis.  Is Facebook run by the Wahhabi Lobby?  I believe so.

Anyway, as I ratcheted up my antiwar activism that also included attacks on Trump's foreign policy (bombing Syria and threatening Iran) and the neocons in his administration (especially nasty neocons John Bolton and Nikki Haley), Facebook started going back over everything I ever posted and I've been on FB a long time, over 10 years.  My FB introduction states: Peace and Liberty Activist - No Wars, Sound Money and Free Markets.

How antiwar am I?  I'm ferociously antiwar and posted this on FB in April, 2018, without incident or a ban.
Warmongers are the lowest form of human life, the most vile and reprehensible of creatures. They have no conscience, they are sociopaths and they love the thrill of the kill. Many fill up the churches on Sundays while others embrace an arrogant moral superiority as if an intellectual foundation justifies bloodlust, evil and murder. War is the mothers milk of the state and feeds its power and tyranny. Nothing feeds the state and its evil like nationalism. Ordinary folks are victims of nationalism and blindly consent to do its bidding as they wrap themselves in the flag as a symbol of patriotism. Humanity is doomed by its own blindness or evil, or both.
Back to my Facebook story.  In June, 2018 I got a 3 day FB suspension for posting this harmless Daily Caller link on cannibalism.  There is nothing offensive or untrue about this article.  There are still a few human societies that do in fact practice cannibalism.


Why would this article violate Facebook Community Standards and even warrant a suspension?  LOL, are folks NOT allowed to know that cannibalism exists in the world today?  Apparently so and any mention of it is perceived as an insult to cannibals.

My antiwar activism against atrocities being committed by the Saudis in Yemen also included criticism of President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis for their role in helping the Saudis.  The US-Saudi relationship is something I view as an evil alliance and I'm always asking Trump and Mattis on social media NOT to be Saudi Stooges and I love using @realDonaldTrump and #SecDefMattis to do it.

My Facebook status took a turn for the worse on July 27, 2018 when I posted a story about a pregnant goat who died in India after being violently gang raped, here. The story went viral for a while because it was indeed horrifying and many posted the exact same story.  On my FB page, the discussion turned to Islam and I responded with:
Islam is a sexually dysfunctional culture because females are expected to be virgins when they marry. A non-virgin Muslim female can be murdered in an honor killing by her own family. It's a problem that has traveled to America and Europe, along with the hideous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM - look it up). Accordingly, Muslim males will have sex with animals or rape infidel women. Much has been written about the Muslim practice of sex with animals.
I also included this link titled No Joke Muslim Men Really Do Rape Goats, That particular link has disappeared but if you engine search the article title, it's out there but on different websites.  However, everything is being purged from the Internet that speaks the truth about offensive practices by some cultures.

Anyway, that FB post earned me what is now a permanent ban although FB hasn't shut down my account, it just keeps extending my 30 days bans.  Nothing in my post is untrue.  In fact, one of the primary reasons European women are being raped by Muslim men is because Muslim culture has ZERO respect for infidel women who are deemed whores who deserve to be raped.  Sweden has so many Muslim males that it's the rape capital of Europe.  All of this is being covered up by western media.

I don't care what your culture is, if you have young human males at peak testosterone levels, they need sex and it's not uncommon for them to even engage in homosexual sex with each other.  In Afghanistan, they have a custom called the bacha bazi dancing boys who dress like little girls to sexually service male pedophiles, here.

If you toss religion into the equation of sexuality, the situation gets nastier when these males cannot have sex outside of marriage with females sharing the same religion.  Heck, the priests in the Catholic Church who took a vow of lifetime chastity are being exposed as pedophiles who apparently have been sexually molesting children for decades while the Catholic Church covered it up.  Celibacy is not a natural state for most humans but exactly how those biological instincts are satisfied is a matter of culture and religion.  Repugnant as it is to most Americans, humans having sex with animals is not uncommon and even occurs in western cultures.  There are stories about how males have died having sex with a horse.   What is viewed as deviant sex in some cultures is viewed as normal in other cultures.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong with discussing Islam and sex.

If sex is normal then pregnancy is definitely also normal.  Yet, Facebook found this photo offensive and according to "Facebook has deemed this photo to be "political" and therefore not permitted to be posted to Facebook in a LifeSite summer campaign ad.", here.

If you support human life in the womb, that is apparently offensive to FB and violates community standards, especially if it's a conservative ad.  However, if you support human beings including women and children being blown to bits and having their body parts strewn far and wide, that apparently does NOT violate FB community standards.

What FB really come down to is this:  it's clearly a Deep State operative that advocates for endless wars, destruction, bombings, genocide and all the horrors of war.  However, FB is more than just a warmongering Nazi styled censor of those who oppose the military industrial complex, it's also very much an advocate for global governance, open borders, multiculturalism, NATO as well as being a ferocious advocate for the  total destruction of Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian culture.  Therefore, anything that interferes with the Facebook, deep state agenda is verboten, banned and slated for purging.

To permanently shut me down without officially shutting me down, FB has put every one of my posts under a microscope.  They found very little but they found enough to justify extending my FB jail for all eternity.  I will share with you the offending posts that got me a FB notification of deletion.

On 6/29/2018 FB notified me that this offending undated post was deleted for violating community community with the message: "Only you can see this post because it goes against our standards on hate speech."   The post was made before the 2016 election, apparently a ripe period for FB scrutiny.
I'm voting for Trump because he's far less dangerous than the Hildabeast and Melania will indeed be a lovely and classy FLOTUS.  I'm hoping that Trump does better with the Hispanic vote than predicted. LOL, hot blooded macho Latino men do not like arrogant bull dyke females who are determined to emasculate them. I think she makes them cringe in horror.
I was a huge fan of civil libertarian and civil rights activist William N. Grigg who died in April 2017 - he was a brilliant man and humanitarian.  Yet, much hate was posted on FB about him, hate that apparently did conform with FB community standards.  I posted a hateful comment that some idiot made about Grigg and FB used it against me - accusing me of hate speech for pointing out the hate speech of others.  Here's the very hateful comment I posted and prefaced a comment warning folks about the hate:
In June a group of migrants landed on a beach in Spain.  A British newspaper reported on it and when I posted the link, the post was flagged as violating community standards.

Dozens of African migrants storm Spanish holiday beach popular with Brits stunning naked bathers

There was NOTHING offensive about this post - the article merely stated facts.  British tabloids are afraid to say much of anything because they also fear censorship so they tend to just mundanely report facts.

I follow a guy on Twitter called Hotep Jesus because he's witty and has interesting comments on just about everything.  I have also posted his tweets on FB. During or after the Super Bowl I posted this tweet of his which got flagged months after the post:

Hotep Jesus ‏@VibeHi Gaga look like a tranny tin man. #SuperBowl

In its quest to purge me from social media, FB is going back over every post and finding ridiculously unjustifiable reasons to keep me banned.  Moreover, many of my FB friends have posted the same links and comments without being punished.

Way back a year or two ago when folks were debating the issue of transsexual males using the ladies room, I posted this comment:
OKAY, what is the Libertarian solution to solving the school and public restroom problem for trannies and the 'I dunno' folks? Requiring a 3rd gender neutral bathroom would impose a big burden on businesses via statist dictates. In my view, a dude with a penis is still a dude even if he dresses like a woman and would prefer to be a woman. Houston voters just voted down an ordinance to abolish gender segregated restrooms.
Frankly, I had never heard of the word 'tranny' but I'll tune in to the idiot box late at night and watch stupid shows to put me to sleep.  I was watching an episode of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit when the star, Olivia, used it in a totally PC context. What is more PC than L & O?  So I used the term in a FB post and got a suspension and FB actually went back a year or two just to find this GOTCHA post.  I'm violating community standards.

Of course, this is all totally insane!   FB dug it up in the summer of 2018 and used it as an excuse to implement a ban.  These days, my FB bans a chronic, constant and ongoing. 

If FB ever lifts what now appears to be a lifetime ban, I will only use my 2 FB pages to bash this Nazi organization and then permanently shut down my pages.  I want nothing whatsoever to do with Fascistbook.

What happened to me will ultimately happen to everybody who opposes the Deep State and its agenda.  It's only a matter of time.  I've been singled out for social media extinction by FB but so have folks who share some or all of my political views.

On FB you have no recourse and you cannot protest unjust bans.

Ironically, I switched to Twitter after my FB ban.  After a few weeks of being active on Twitter I was shut down.  However, Twitter has a protest process with I initiated - I was shutdown Sunday night Sept. 3, 2018 and reinstated Monday morning and Twitter apologized for shutting me down in error.

My Twitter Lockout

The social media war on conservatives isn't about me and FB.  It's also about millions of other persecuted conservatives.  Google and Social Media are cutting them off in droves, denying them ad revenues, harming their businesses and shadowbanning like crazy, and all because they reject leftist politics, tyranny, totalitarianism, Hillary Clinton, wars, open borders and more.

Welcome to America the Nazified Police State controlled by Google, Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Supporting national defense doesn't make you a "neocon." Sometimes the only way to prevent war on our soil is to preempt it on theirs. When the choice comes down to them or us, I choose us.

  2. Replies
    1. Those who commit war are psychopaths. I voted for Trump but am glad I never voted for Romney. I cannot morally justify EVIL and MURDER and DESTRUCTION. America does it for defense contractor profits.


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