Saturday, May 19, 2012

How the Freaking Neocons Deal with Ron Paul: Ron Paul is going to die.

As one who reads, as much as possible, just about everything on the right, the left and everything in between, it's hard not to notice that the anti-liberty statist neocon Republicans can no longer ignore Ron Paul. Much of the vitriol is deafening and just arrogantly assumes that the Paulites are party crashers, that they are not real Republicans and that losing their votes in the general election will make no difference because these folks were never part of the Republican Party anyway. Other rabid anti-Ron Paul Republicans have taken the issue further.

Over at uber neocon PJ Media, they correctly deduce that there might be a Ron Paul problem and that competing ideologies for the GOP's soul could very well destroy the Republican Party.
This year’s election is for all the marbles. President Barack Obama, his administrative cronies, and his allied radicals on the Hill are hell-bent on continuing their “fundamental transformation” of America from a republic of law into a neo-feudal plantation. Most activists right of center understand the gravity of the situation and recognize a proverbial time for choosing.
However, there is another battle erupting within the Republican Party which is just as consequential. A civil war is taking place between established activists and new entrants rallied around Ron Paul. This battle for the soul of the party has the potential to leave both sides — and thus the party itself — in tattered ruins, accomplishing more than any leftist subversive could ever hope to.
THEN, PJ Media tells its readers not to worry about Ron Paul because he's going to die!

Ron Paul is going to die. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner than later, the 76-year-old civil libertarian will be no more.
As astoundingly shocking and offensive as the "Ron Paul is gonna die" comment is, PJ Media then lapses into a barage of incoherent babble about how the Paulites can participate in the unification of the Republican Party.

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PJ Media

"The Ron Paul Machine vs. the Republican Establishment: 6 Steps Toward Unity"

The primary motivating factors for folks joining the Ron Paul Revolution is that they are awakening to the stone cold reality that the banksters, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex and fascist crony capitalism now control both the Republican and Democratic Parties. They also understand that the Republicans and Democrats have been aggressively complicit in transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1%. It's precisely this insidious and massive concentration of wealth and power that is propelling the Ron Paul Revolution.

If the statist neocons and their ilk believe that the liberty activists can be deluded into believing that the Republican Party stands for constitutional liberty and small accountable government, they need new brain parts. Moreover, with or without Ron Paul, the Ron Paul Revolution will continue because it's achieved immortality.

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