Thursday, May 31, 2012

A judge effectively rules: you have a duty to die because the right of a violent criminal to kill you trumps your right to defend your life.

Anne Bryant, sister of Jonathan Lowe, displays photos of him in his days as a Marine. (Shumita Basu / Staff Photographer)

Above Photo: Anne Bryant, sister of Jonathan Lowe, displays photos of him in his days as a Marine.

In one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever, a Philadelphia judge found a man guilty of killing a man who struck him with a metal pole, knocked him to the ground and was attempting to strangle him in the commission of a robbery. The victim is now facing up to 12.5 to 25 years in prison for the crime of defending himself.

 It all started when Jonathan Lowe, 57, a retired marine who had recently survived a heart attack and multiple strokes, was returning home from dinner with a friend. As Lowe was walking home, he was attack by 3 thugs. Although Lowe attempted to get away, they followed him and one of the assailants, Loren Manning, age 51, hit Lowe with a metal pole, knocking him to the ground and then proceeded to choke him. With Manning’s hands around his neck and strangling him, Lowe managed to retrieve a pocket knife and started stabbing Manning. Manning died. Lowe was charged with unlawfully killing him and the judge rejected legitimate self-defense as a defense.

Manning was a career criminal with 40 arrests, 18 convictions and was currently awaiting trial for knocking out a woman’s teeth while robbing her.

Lowe was not a career criminal. Although he had a rough life, he joined the Marines in 1976 and was honorably discharged in 1982. At one time, Lowe had drug problems but they were long behind him.

Lowe was just a law abiding citizen minding his own business when he was violently attacked.  For the crime of defending himself, he may very well spend the rest of his life in prison.

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  1. A Judge? Who? Why does this bastard get anonymity? Is it because someone who is fed up with this Judge's insane rulings might feel entitled to knock him to the ground with a pipe and strangle him? I assume so.

    Still I think the people deserve to know who these *^%&*(^^ a-holes are

  2. We need elected judges because at least the people get a chance to vote the judicial tyrants off the bench.


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