Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elephant Herds and Human Herds - How Progressive Statists Destroyed Both

The infographic below is probably one of the most tragic infographics I've ever seen.



70% of immates in California state prisons are former foster care youth.

68% of all males in state and federal prison do not have a high school diploma.

One of of three African American males will be incarcerated in his lifetime.

One out of six Latino males will be incarcerated in his lifetime.

Many who comprise the incarcerated are non-violent and are in prison for drug charges and other non-violent crimes.  These folks cannot get jobs when they are released from prison because they have criminal records which drives them to a life of crime as as the only means of survival.  Since most of them are already from the ranks of the poor and impoverished, their chances for economic success are quite dim.  This wasn't always the case in America.  At one time, folks, even poor folks, had a chance as well as the opportunity to succeed.  But those days are long gone.

What happened?  The $15 trillion that we've spent on building a liberal socialist progressive command and control society is a big fail.

America's War on Poverty - a $15 Trillion Big Fail

What went wrong?

Weirdly, I found my answer by watching a documentary on TV about murderous elephants gone wild.  Crazy environmentalist whacko liberals looked at a map and decided to rearrange the elephants in Africa so they broke up elephant herds and forcibly relocated all these elephants to various places where they decided they ought to be.  It turned out to be a total disaster because the elephants who were separated from their family herds went wild and embarked on violent killing rampages, killing humans and destroying their villages.

Eventually, somebody figured out what the problem was because elephants really didn't have a history of being violent.  Once these elephants were removed from their family herds where they learned socialization skills and other protocols of acceptable behavior, they were so frightened and so isolated and so lacking in social skills that they operated on sheer survival instincts alone that were largely driven by fear and adrenalin.  Of course, it was too late for the humans who were killed by the elephants and it was too late for the elephants who were doing the killing.  Many of these Elephants Gone Wild were simply killed because, well, they were killers.

And that's precisely what liberals and social planners have done to America and humanity in general. They destroyed the traditional family that taught social skills, ethics and morality.  When I see video clips of youth flash mobs going crazy, I immediately think of elephants..

Liberals and progressives truly view humanity as a herd of wild beasts that must be managed and controlled, and certainly not as free thinking sovereign individuals endowed with natural rights and abilities.  Moreover, the primary goal of progressives has always been the total destruction of the traditional family.  Their success has been staggering and now America is profoundly suffering from the poison fruits of progressive statism.  Feral youth is the end result.

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