Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Broken is the Republican Party and Did the GOP Nail its Coffin Shut?

Unquestionably, the Republican Party has embraced strong arm Nazi tactics to squash conservative leaning liberty activists who seek to restore America to constitutional rule that parallels the originalist vision of our founders. At first, it was the ruthless disenfranchisement of Ron Paul supporters and legally elected delegates by the RNC and state GOP machines that literally evicted liberty activists from the Republican Party because of our advocacy for limited government, fiscal solvency and the restoration of constitutionally mandated gold backed currency.   But now that Romney has been anointed the Republican nominee, the focus of the Republican Party has shifted to disenfranchising 3rd parties by using the judicial system  to remove its most formidable challenger - the Libertarian Party.

Republican Use Dirty Tricks, Crack Down on Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in State Courts
In Iowa, the Republican Secretary of State is attempting to remove Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson from the presidential ballot because leaving Johnson on the ballot “will cause “irreparable harm to other candidates and political parties who must compete against him.” In Virginia, Gary Johnson was successful in fighting a GOP attempt to remove him from the ballot.

In Oklahoma, the Republican Attorney General is attempting to remove Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for President from the ballot tying him to Americans Elect. Meanwhile, in Michigan, Johnson has to sue the Republican Secretary of State because she says he missed the filing deadline by three minutes.

In Pennsylvania, the state Republican Party is challenging validity of signatures even though more than double the required number were turned in. As for Ohio and Washington D.C, the GOP is suing to remove Libertarian Gary Johnson from the presidential ballot.

Washington State's turn-a-bout is fair play. The Libertarian Party is suing the GOP that is a minority party under state law, and therefore the party’s presidential candidate does not qualify for the ballot.

In Nevada, the GOP is worried about “None of the Above” because the state Republican Party “fears “none” could siphon votes from the Republican candidates.” “None of the Above” has appeared as a choice on all Nevada ballots since 1976 as a mean for Nevadans to express dissatisfaction with the choice of candidates. “None” cannot be declared the winner even if it receives the highest number of votes.
These are indeed extreme measures that validate the premise that the Republican Party has gone full blown neurotic as the GOP is increasingly gripped with raw fear. Is the GOP sufficiently insane to believe that the urge to vote is such an overwhelming imperative that liberty activists will just give up, give in, hold their noses and vote Republican?

History speaks a telling truth. While liberty activists have always been the black sheep of the Republican family, they used to just compliantly hold their noses and vote Republican - until 2006 when they finally had enough and mustered the courage to NOT vote Republican because the the lesser of the two evils is still evil. At this juncture it's even highly debatable if the GOP is even less evil than the Democratic Party.

Republicans were stunned when they lost the House of Representatives in 2006 but still remained confident that they would win it back in 2008 along with the presidency. Establishment Republicans were stunned again in 2008 when the GOP got walloped yet again at the ballot box.

Now that it's 2012 Republicans are once again euphoric that they can defeat the Democrats even while the polls are currently showing that Obama is leading. Furthermore, the Democrats appear to be holding the advantage in critical swing states because ultimately the 2012 election results will boil down to 4-6 critical swing states.

In 2008, 132 million Americans voted in the presidential election and Obama beat McCain by 9.5 million votes. With that kind of a gap, one has to wonder about the sheer folly of the decision of the Republican Party to evict a significant chunk of its already shrinking and dwindling base. The Republican Party already enjoys a deficit with the female vote and the youth vote, and these folks are absolutely critical to ballot box success.

If the Republican Party suffers another thrashing at the ballot box in November and I believe that it will and deservedly so, one has to wonder about the viability of a party that is massively out of touch with the American people.


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  2. I definitely support Gary Johnson and plug for him all the time on my Facebook wall.


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