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Can Sista Sarah the Caribou Barbi Revive the Tea Party and Smack the Republican Establishment?

As liberty activists and Paulites ponder Rand Paul and the implications of his now infamous senate filibuster, the future of liberty could very well depend on Sarah Palin.  Liberty activists and Paulites don't especially trust or respect Rand Paul but Rand did score some very significant points last week and he scored them across the political spectrum by garnering kudos from well respected liberal civil liberty activists like Glenn Greenwald.

Like it or not, Sarah Palin got behind Rand Paul early in the Kentucky primary, praised him, endorsed him, campaigned for him and raised money for him.  There can be no doubt that Rand Paul would not be sitting in the US Senate today had it not been for Sarah Palin.  What is so magical about Palin?  Very few folks are trusted or deemed credible when it comes to the rambling wasteland known as the convoluted conservative base.  Clearly, Ron Paul had a lock on the liberty factions within the GOP.  However, nobody is more trusted and respected than Sarah Palin when it comes to the grassroots religious right Republican neocons.  She draws HUGE crowds when she speaks and she's simply adored, loved and trusted on a level that few have achieved.

I'm not sure what motivated Palin to get behind Rand Paul and help get him elected to the US Senate.  In fact, Palin even praised Rand's famous father, Ron Paul, on Fox News in January 2012.

Sarah Palin Defends Ron Paul: He’s The Only One ‘Doing Something About Reining In Gov’t Growth’
Last night, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin spoke with Fox Business Network’s John Stossel about how GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul “hit the nail on the head” when he warned Barack Obama to be careful when interjecting us in other countries’ business.

Palin did note that, for all that she supports Paul on, his almost “isolationist” stance on international relations gives her pause. That said, on the domestic front, “he’s the only one who’s been so adamantly passionate about doing something about the suffocating debt, about doing something about reining in government growth and actually slashing budgets.”
Palin has also earned the label 'The Queen of Neocon' and her support of a muscular interventionist foreign policy is well known.   A Youtube video of the Evangelical Sarah Palin saying in church that the Iraq War is God's plan has gone viral on the Internet.

Has Palin changed her neocon stripes or is she just another shameless fraud attempting to capitalize on the ever increasing anti-war sentiments within the GOP? Well, the answer is yes to both.  If anything, Palin is an astute political weatherman who knows which way the political winds are blowing and and she loves keeping herself out in front as a player.  Before she became mayor of Wasilla, the governor of Alaska and ultimately the Thrilla from Wasilla as McCain's feisty running mate, Palin and her hubby had been involved in an Alaska secessionist movement because they opposed Fedzilla, who owns or controls nearly all the land in Alaska, making all the decision on Alaska land use, especially the oil and gas resource rich lands.  Palin is a tenacious fighter with a long history of enjoying a political fight.  As one who spent most of her life as an ordinary person devoid of power and money, Palin personifies rugged individualism.

When she signed on as McCain's running mate, she wasn't ready or sufficiently savvy to deal with the mostly nasty media blitz that immediately descended upon her.  She fumbled badly.  What I admire about Palin is that through it all she managed to stay Sarah Palin and absolutely nobody could mold her into their vision of what Sarah Palin ought to be.

However, there is a dark downside to Sarah Palin, namely that she so craves power and celebrity that she will haphazardly mine the opportunities wherever they are so long as they advance her quest for fame and fortune.  Moreover, Palin does indeed have some nasty ideological baggage.

I'm no fan of Palin.  In fact, I smacked her hard on an old blog.

The Crimes of Sarah Palin
For those Palininsta’s out there who consider Sarah Palin the magical elixir for a conservative revival, I want to caution that she is very much bought and paid for by the anti-sovereignty gangs that includes the United Nations, the CFR, the Bilderbergs and every other sovereignty slashing initiative devoted to global governance and the utter destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America. Simply put, Palin is an absolute fraud. Conservatives have been deceived for far too long by the likes of Bush 41, Bush 43, McCain, Palin and ilk.

Palin is on record supporting ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), a sovereignty slashing UN global governance treaty that puts 70% of the earth’s surface under UN taxing authority and control. Moreover, LOST is also the equivalent of OPEC on steroids because it actually creates a global energy cartel.

The global governance group, Citizens for Global Solutions, specifically praised George Bush and Sarah Palin for their endorsement of ratifying LOST.
A Palin Truth: Alaska's Welfare Queen and Redistributionist
As the Palinistas attempt to crown Palin the latest Republican version of an American absolute monarch, let's examine some truth.

Palin claims to be a supporter of free markets and low taxes. But in 2007 she raised the taxes on Big Oil operating in Alaska because she wanted to transfer wealth from Big Oil to Alaskans who actually get a direct annual cash stipend ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 depending on how much money is in Alaska's Permanent Fund.

Palin did what Democratics do best - redistribute wealth and this message is ballot box gold. However, instead of calling Palin's act of oil wealth confiscation an act of socialism, Republicans praised Palin for cutting a better deal for Alaska. When the Dems do what Palin did, they get bombarded by Republicans with vicious and accursed accusations that scream "socialism" and "Marxism".

Palin's oil tax has backfired because exploratory drilling in Alaska has slowed with negatiive economic consequences. Moreover, Alaska now seeks to tweak its oil tax by handing out special tax benefits.
It's fair to say that I used beat up on Palin all the time on Facebook when her supporters were trying to win her the Republican nomination.  In fact, I beat her up so badly that those who were attempting to get her nominated as the Republican nominee ganged up on me, reported me to Facebook and my account was shut down.

But moving along to the here and now, we must deal with the basic rule of politics:  We are all useful idiots unto one another.

Undoubtedly, Palin has witnessed the success of Rand Paul, the Rand Paul that she endorsed and got elected.  Palin is also well aware of the success of Ron Paul's liberty movement that took enough votes away from Romney in critical swing states that the Republican Party lost another presidential election.

Personally, Palin has been evicted from the highest echelons of Republican power.  Fox News has ditched her, she's been marginalized as a kook and now the powerful Bush/Rove machine is 100% committed to squashing the Tea Party movement, the Rand Paul's within the Republican Party and taking control of the entire GOP machine for the exclusive benefit of raising Jeb Bush as the next Republican messiah.

I used to say that the Republican Party was like a 3 legged table consisting of the social conservatives, the Rockefeller Republicans and the constitutional liberty activists.  Take one of those legs away and the table falls, as did indeed happened on election day 2012.  However, the paradigm consisting of the Republican battlefield has changed.  It's now the Bush/Rove machine, heir to the Rockefeller Republican statist NWO legacy, vs. Paul/Palin and the rest of the Republican base.

Palin is well aware that Bush/Rove played a critical role in dethroning her.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Palin fully intends to extract her pound of flesh from those who wronged her.  Palin sees OPPORTUNITY knocking and she's not the kind of gal to pass up an opportunity.  Palin is now hitching a revival of her star power to the liberty train and she doesn't care how many establishment Republicans lie dead on the battle field.

Palin reminds me of the famous Delacroix painting hanging Louvre titled Lady Liberty Leading the People.  I can see Palin's head on the heroine of the partially nude woman brandishing the American flag as she charges forward and tramples the fallen bodies of establishment Republicans and the Bush/Rove machine.

Yeah, Palin's got baggage but she can once again rise above it.  Besides, nobody has more ugly and hideous baggage than the Bush Crime Family but that's another story.  However, I did smack the Bush Crime Family by exposing their big Democratic spending ways as well as their stupendous contribution to the big $16.6 trillion pile of debt.

Can the Big Spending Bush Crime Family be Stopped, and Jeb's Love of LBJ
George H. W. Bush contribution to the mountain of debt: $1.6 trillion
George W. Bush contribution to the mountain of debt: 4.9 trillion
George W. Bush Deficit inherited by Obama: 1.3 trillion
Total contribution to debt of 2 Bush presidents: $7.8 trillion with nearly half (47%) of the $16.6 mountain of debt attributable to Bush 41 and Bush 43.
American really can't afford another Bush president.

It's always the people vs. the establishment and if Sarah Palin can strike an enduring blow at the establishment, that's a big plus for the people.  Sarah Palin isn't standing with John McCain.  In fact, she is standing with Rand and proudly tweeted: Proud to #standwithrand since 2009. GOP, we need more courage like this!

Go Sarah!  

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