Monday, August 20, 2018

From the NWO, Shadow Government, Deep State & Media to Exposing Truth

Print and broadcast US media have always been the vanguard of statist propaganda, the New World Order, the Deep State and the sinister plots to militarily concentrate power into the hands of a few dozen ruling elites.  At the top of the pyramid of global power sits the Banksters and Military Industrial Security Complex, followed by corporatists, defense contractors, fascists and the thoroughly corrupt political class whom they literally OWN by virtue of having enough wealth to buy them.  Congress should be brandishing a neon sign on its doom that screams BOUGHT and PAID FOR.  The number of honest Congress Critters can be counted on one hand and include Rand Paul, Thomas Massie and a few others.

The elites who control, fund and own the Republican and Democratic Parties got the shock of their lives in 2016.  Republican primary voters rejected the anointed one - Jeb Bush - and nominated Donald Trump who vigorously campaigned on the themes of Drain the Swamp, better trade deals for American workers and a more peaceful foreign policy.  Still, the elites were convinced that the Democrat anointed one - Hillary Clinton - would easily defeat The Donald, a man who literally tweeted his way all the way to the White House.  Trump winning the primary and the general election was NOT supposed to happen.  The media pollsters and pundits produced hundreds of non-stop polls and analysis proclaiming that Hillary enjoyed a 90-95 % probability of smoking Trump and his army of deplorables.


So what is the Deep State to do even as it refuses to accept that for the first time ever, it and its operatives lost a presidential election?  Within days after Hillary's incredible and unexpected defeat, the Clinton Campaign, Intel Agencies led by the Communist CIA Director John Brennan, the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department and other Deep State operatives flew into the WE MUST STOP TRUMP FROM BEING INAUGURATED campaign by hatching the idiotic Russian conspiracy nonsense.  Actually, this started before the election as a strategy to discredit Trump.  After the election, it ramped up considerably and the goal was to have the federal judiciary (SCOTUS) nullify the election based on foreign interference despite not even having a shred of evidence.  They funded Green Party's Jill Stein's court challenges to Trump victories in WI, MI and PA which if reversed would have made Clinton the victor.  These cases were quickly tossed by judges on the basis that Stein had no standing, couldn't have won anyway and therefore was not an aggrieved party.  Finally, they launched a campaign pleading with the Electoral College electors to defy the will of the voters and elect Hillary.

The media and Deep State operatives have been trashing Trump ever since he announced his bid for the presidency in June, 2015.  Trump hate seriously ramped up in the months leading to election day and vastly accelerated on election night 2016 when he stunned the world with a victory.  While the accusations of Fake News and its pundits grow more and more vicious and even bizarre, what is clear is that there is an anti-establishment fervor exploding in Europe and America and it all started with Brexit.  Without Brexit, Trump may not have won.  After Brexit and Trump's ascendancy to the White House, voters in other nations commenced revolts - the Italians and Austrians elected populist anti-immigration candidates.  Angela Merkel is barely hanging on in Germany where she is increasingly unpopular.  Muslim immigration is dramatically growing European welfare rolls while the ungrateful immigrants commit violence and rape against its generous hosts nations.

When we think of the Deep State, its elites and the world order, it's fairly simple strategy that fully intends to impose a totalitarian global industrial feudalism upon every human being on the planet.  It's called globalism and its masquerading as capitalism and free markets. Yes, humanity has suffered through feudalism in the past but it's reach had been somewhat geographically limited but generally busted up with the advent of secure property rights and industrialization that deposed feudal landowners and freed humans from systemic serfdom.  The lords who lived in baronial splendor that was doled out to them for their loyalty to a king suffered setbacks.

There have been 3 major breakthrough gifts to humanity, albeit a humanity concentrated in Europe and America.  These magnificent gifts are:

1. Property rights and capitalism
2. Western Civilization
3. Judeo-Christian Culture

As they each struggled for economic, political and social change, they not only succeeded in divesting monarchs, emperors and land barons of their absolute powers, they dramatically forged a new system of laws that fueled human rights, religious rights, tolerance and a future for the common man.

As standards of living soared in America and Europe precisely because of secure property rights, capitalism, western civilization and Judeo-Christian culture, it elevated the common man to unprecedented levels of power and prosperity.  He had rights and he had a future if he was willing to work hard.  While the common man born in the West enjoyed heretofore unparalleled rights and prosperity, most of humanity was languishing in the Dark Ages simply because they lacked secure economic and property rights.  The decentralization of political and monetary power was boom for the common man.  He wasn't a slave.  He wasn't anybody's property.  He was in fact legally SOVEREIGN with a bundle of rights that no government or man could take away.

Well, the feudalists are back and have become a deadly microbe that has infected America and the West in a very big way.  Their rise to power started with the concentrations of financial powers by the banksters (Wall Street) and corporatists, otherwise defined as fascists, plutocrats, oligarchs and the ruling monetary elites.  Central banking, especially the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, that facilitated the concentration of financial powers also resulted in the growth of government power.  Today, the Republican Party, Republican National Committee (RNC), Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee (DNC) are nothing more than monstrous special interest fund raising machines where the banksters, the military industrial security complex and corporatists literally buy and outright own the political system and politicians.

Astoundingly, Trump managed to squeeze through the cracks of this seemingly impenetrable monetary and political fire wall that was not only funded by special interests but also had other heavy duty artillery consisting of US intel agencies, here, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US State Department and other federal agencies.  I collectively call them Fedzilla because they wield vast unaccountable powers and are for the most part ABOVE THE LAW.  Finally, the great propaganda machine for the banksters, corporatist and Fedzilla has always been the US media that was supposed to function as a vanguard to disseminate misinformation, disinformation and outright lies.

Fast forward to the here and now.  Every since the 2016 election, the above powers have been in a state of absolute panic as they scratch their heads and literally scream WHAT WENT WRONG?

Well, the answer is pretty damn simple and doesn't include Putin or Russia.  The PEOPLE who are typically clueless sensed that things were not going well for them and they rose up to challenge the system and their masters by electing Trump, a guy who was ridiculed by everybody as unelectable but nevertheless defied all odds and defeated the SYSTEM by tweeting his way all the way to the White House with 24/7 nonstop populist messaging.   It really is that simple and it's why and how Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Still, it hasn't rolled back the anger of the elites nor their will to do anything, legal or illegal, to depose Trump or otherwise evict him from the White House.

The elites have always and specifically targeted the previous 3 biggies I mentioned as institutions that absolutely must be obliterated and replaced with global corporatist governance via the UN and its nefariously corrupt global institutions.

Let's get back to 1. property rights and capitalism, 2. Western Civilization and 3. Judeo Christian culture. All 3 have been slated for permanent extinction.  First you weaken national sovereignty by flooding nations with enough hostile immigrants that the host nation will fracture and Balkanize.  Without the cohesion of borders, language and culture, a sovereign nation becomes nothing more than a patch of dirt occupied by competing and warring tribes. Secondly, you attack the core attributes of western civilization, namely property rights and economic liberty, by promoting socialism and statist control of everything.  Once 1. and 2. have been achieved, Judeo Christian culture will automatically collapse.  The end game has always been global governance and the total eradication of the nation state.

Finally, the attacks on Trump by the Deep State and its operatives - government agencies, bought and paid for Congress Critters, the US media and even very rich players like George Soros who funds the Resistance and groups like Antifa - will continue unabated and even intensify.

Yes, those who voted for real change, as opposed to the man of fake change (President Obama), are in for the fight of their lives.

If anything, Trump's election was a sliver of hope to rollback the powers of the elites and to challenge their hideous goals.  As long as Trump continues to piss folks off, he's delivering on his campaign promises for a better deal for America and American workers.

For both sides, winning is obviously everything which is why I Stand With Trump.  He's not Rand Paul or Ron Paul and he's far from a perfect but he fights like hell for what he believes is right and that in itself is uncompromisingly refreshing in a political atmosphere that has been engineered to protect the elites and their insidious power.

Anybody who loves America has a choice:  Stand With Trump for a better economic and more peaceful sovereign future for America and Americans or vote to sellout their liberty and America to the global elites and their operatives.

Midterms will be the mother of all midterms.  The very fate and survival of America is at stake.

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