Friday, December 14, 2012

How the States Lost Their Sovereignty and 10th Amendment Rights: Revenue Sharing

Ever wonder how the states lost their sovereignty and 10th amendment rights?  As folks opine over the massive concentration of wealth and power in the DC District of Crime, they need not look any further than Fedzilla's ultimate power grab - revenue sharing.  Once the federal government started handing out money to the states, the states became compliant beggars at Uncle Sam's table.  Astute folks who analyze the pathetic State of the Union generally conclude that revenue sharing resulted in the beginning of the end of the Republic.  The states are now dependent on Fedzilla for an astronomical amount of what they spend.

Federal Aid to State Budgets
Mississippi tops the list with 49% of its general revenue coming from Washington; Alaska, by contrast, gets only 24% of its general revenue from the feds.
Much of this federal money directly funds state run Medicaid programs, other socialist programs as well as transportation and other projects.

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  1. Exactly! The minute the states signed the contract to take fed funds, they were no longer sovereign!


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