Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Very Frustrating Life of a Liberty Activist!

There is nothing more frustrating than the life of a liberty activist and we understand defeat unlike anybody else. Yet, we plunge our souls and find the courage to continue despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Capitulation is not an option nor is the surrender to despotism and tyranny. 

We are not slaves and we refuse to live like compliant and docile slaves.

On most days we feel like we are buried under a mountain of shit or wallowing at the bottom of the rancid political cesspool.  Yet, we claw, we dig  and we never give up.

Every day new horrors pop up and just keeping up with them is an epic challenge.  If every issue was a ball (NDAA, the Fed, the wars, crony capitalism, the police state etc.), we'd feel exactly like the dog above - going nuts trying to keep up with it all!

We've fought many battles in the noble cause for peace, liberty and prosperity. We've educates millions of folks. For the first time in 40 freaking years, I'm optimistic that we can win this thing. We've got the Internet, social media and even a fledgling talk radio for liberty activists, all  incredibly powerful tools.

Stay strong, stay committed and never give up.  We will boot the traitorous and tyrannical elites from their thrones.

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