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Ben Swann - Another Awesome Hero in the Liberty Movement Takes a Giant Step for Liberty Media

The liberty movement has birthed some incredible heroes.  In 2008, Trevor Lyman leaped to fame, respect and admiration when he created the Money Bombs that funded Ron Paul's historic campaign.  Lyman is still very active and runs The Liberty Crier.

In the 2012 election cycle it was Ben Swann who was winning hearts and minds in the liberty movement with his incredible video journalism as a Fox News journalist.  Ben Swann is 100% committed to the liberty movement, has left Fox News and is now in the process of creating a new liberty media with his website,

Ben Swann comes with an impressive resume, documented at Widipedia, here.
Benjamin "Ben" Swann (born 17 July 1978) is an award-winning television reporter who has worked in New Mexico, Texas and Ohio.[1] While at Fox19 in Cincinnati, Ohio, he produced a fact-checking series entitled Reality Check, which gave him national coverage for his reporting about controversial issues. Swann announced he was leaving Fox19 at the end of May 2013,[2] and on 30 May, he said he would launch a crowdsource funded "Truth in Media Project" to continue production of his show Full Disclosure through a Chicago production team.....
Swann was home schooled and is a 1993 graduate of Brigham Young University with a Masters in History from California State University in 1994.
Swann has won an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2004 and an Lone Star Emmy Award in 2005, as well as journalism awards in New Mexico.[5][6][7][8]
Early in his career, he was bureau chief in Las Cruces, New Mexico.[4] Swann worked for 11 years in the television market in El Paso, Texas. He first worked at KFOX-TV as an anchor, reporter, managing editor and photographer.[4][8]
He then moved to KTSM-TV, the NBC affiliate, where he anchored the evening news for three years and became one of the top names in the market.[8][9]
He left El Paso to become a TV news presenter at Cincinnati's FOX19 Evening News at Six and FOX19 Ten O'Clock News with Tricia Macke,[10]
During the 2 and one-half years Swann was part of the news team at FOX19, it consistently placed second in ratings in the Cincinnati market.[2]  
Swann served as a panel member on a 2012 3rd party candidates forum hosted by Larry King.
Ben Swann is no ordinary journalist.  After all, many journalists have impressive resumes and credentials.  However, what sets Swann apart from the rest of the journalist pack is that he's a solid and committed liberty journalist with a passion for the truth.  Most journalists just want a big paycheck, fame and fortune so they sellout their principles for celebrity.  At that point, they cease being journalists and become highly paid propagandists for MSM and the government.

I'm a huge fan of Swann because I know his work and respect his integrity, honesty and principled convictions.  Admittedly, I've seen very few Swann videos but that's because I'm a text person and not a video person.  If I read, I remember a lot but if I hear something I remember nothing.  Since most folks don't have this peculiar affliction where the brain only connects to the eyeballs and not the ears, video has become a smashing success and most folks love it, especially the young who seem to have an insatiable appetite for video.

Swann's project is ambitious because it's a whole lot more than just slapping up a website and while there are indeed many awesome liberty websites, thus far nobody has been able to bring liberty media mainstream.  It remains widely diffused and mostly consists of small operators.

Who isn't dreaming of becoming the next Drudge Report or Huffington Post or the AP of the liberty media?  It's a barrier that we haven't been able to crack.  Is it about to crack?  The situation has never been more ripe or ready for liberty media to bust out of obscurity and become a powerful force for truth.  Presently, we're still way too fragmented.

Can Ben Swann do it?

If anybody can do it, it's will take somebody like Ben Swann and Ben Swann certainly possesses the commitment, intellect and liberty ideology to do it.  But what is Swann attempting to accomplish?   What will it take to carve out a big slice of media under the umbrella and banner of liberty?

I really don't know and it's something I've been thinking about for years along with many other liberty activists.  Most of us started out on Facebook or other social media.  We started blogging and creating websites but none of those efforts reached anywhere near a critical mass.  Personally, I was involved in the start-up several months ago of the Liberty Calling project to showcase what I do best.  I'm basically a decent but tireless news aggregator and a humble blogger who loves history, economics and research.  The Liberty Calling website, here, has a Facebook page, Liberty Calling With Judy Morris.  Although the nascent Liberty Calling news aggregator project is doing OK considering its 2 month life span, it's difficult to get Facebook LIKES without constantly pimping your FB friends and other groups and pages.

Ben Swann on the other hand has a massive built-in following.  He doesn't have to beg for Facebook Likes or struggle with a blog that is going nowhere like so many other dedicated liberty activists.  With an audience and a following, Swann is extremely well positioned to accomplish great things in the realm of liberty media.

While I'm certainly not privy to the goals of Ben Swann, I can speculate on precisely what would constitute a smashing and successful media venture.  In all probability, such a project would have to be a combination of video, news, investigative journalism, liberty blogs, opinion and resources for political activism because these are critically important factors in challenging MSM and building an enormously appealing 'go to' Internet site where liberty folks can pretty much find everything they want and need.

While MSM has definitely fallen from grace as folks increasingly view it as a form of deception and government propaganda, the folks who flee to the Internet for their information and news can indeed be difficult to figure out.

The bottom line is that selling liberty should be something that folks would welcome in these bizarrely tumultuous times because the opposite of liberty is tyranny and we're deeply buried in state sponsored tyranny.  Therefore, selling liberty is not nearly as difficult as it once was.  The alternate media has tremendously fortified and magnified our voice and reach by spreading the truth.

Consequently, I'd really love to know a whole lot more about Ben Swann's project, goals and plans.  Opportunity is calling and I am convinced that liberty media is about to bust loose, bust into mainstream, go big and capture a very significant share of the information market.

I sure hope that Ben Swann can make it happen!

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