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Final Thoughts on Zimmerman - Those Cracker White Supremacists Did it Again

Nearly everybody views the death of Trayvon Martin as a tragedy. The tragedy was the direct result of Martin and Zimmerman escalating an easily resolvable situation or conflict into a horrifying assault and a self-defense shot that mortally wounded Martin.   We may never know what words transpired between Martin and Zimmerman that triggered the tragedy but Martin pounced on Zimmerman, beating him, breaking his nose and pounding his head into concrete.  Zimmerman had the injuries to prove it.  Zimmerman was armed with a gun and fatally shot Martin in self-defense.   The bottom line of the entire heartbreaking nightmare that ended in the death of Martin is that just because somebody ends up dead from an altercation doesn't mean that a crime was committed.

Just about every legal system in human history uphold the concept of legitimate self-defense.  Legitimate self-defense isn't isn't vigilante justice as claimed by the anti-gun and anti-self defense media/government complex.  The Zimmerman case is far from being the only self-defense case but it's definitely a case that was exploited for maximum propaganda value.  Moving on to Oklahoma, the media totally ignored the 1st degree murder conviction of a white pharmacist by a reported white Oklahoma jury. A black youth armed with a gun entered a pharmacy with the intent to rob and possibly kill.  The pharmacist pulled out a gun and shot him; he wasn't dead but he was down and bleeding on the floor from a head wound.  The pharmacist then proceeded to empty his gun into the wounded youth which killed him.  What convicted the pharmacist wasn't shooting the perpetrator but pumping more bullets into him after he was down and no longer a threat.  The standard for legitimate self defense or justifiable homicide does not include the right to automatically kill and it's implied that disabling the perpetrator should be the goal but if he happens to die, it's not necessarily murder.

In the Zimmerman case, the shamelessly shabby race baiting by the media was intellectually dishonest, insufferably arrogant and full of mocking contempt.  Zimmerman, who is Hispanic and brown skinned, was immediately churned into an evil cracker.  Even before the Zimmerman jury reached a verdict, The Huffington Post puffed on with vile innuendos about the 'cracker' jury that was comprised of 6 women.

A look at the jurors for George Zimmerman's trial 
B-76 is a white woman who has lived in central Florida for 18 years.....
B-37 is a white woman who volunteers rescuing animals.....
E-6 is a white woman who is married and has two children.....
E-40 is a white woman who works as a safety officer and recently moved to Seminole County from Iowa.....
The 'Puff Post' did not disclose the racial identity of jurors dubbed jurors B-51 and B-29 although it did report that B-29 was described by a prosecutor as "black or Hispanic".   And thus, according to the media, the 'cracker' dominated jury of racist white women was destined to let a 'cracker' walk for murdering an innocent black teen in cold blood.  MSM everywhere jumped on the race baiting train.

When the verdict was read, the media plunged into another round of nauseatingly inflammatory race baiting.  The celebrity lunatics jumped in as cheerleaders for the media and condemned the verdict, the jury and helped to fire up the very ugly Twitter discourse.  Twitter was lit up with vile comments ranging from death threats for Zimmerman, his family, his lawyers and the jury.

Keeping the cracker themed jury going, the leftist media buzzed with nasty headlines that pretty much mirrored a piece posted at The Nation titled White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman.  The cracker white supremacists acquitted George Zimmerman!

Post verdict, CNN's reigning idiot, Piers Morgan, had the prosecution's star witness, Rachel Jeantel, on his show who gave America a lecture on the difference between a ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’.

Rachel Jeantel Explains The Difference Between ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’ To Piers Morgan.

How is it that I wasn't enlightened by Jeantel's tirade?  Apparently, there were serious problems with the prosecution's star witness, as reported by a black female journalist, Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, in a thought provoking piece titled Rachel Jeantel’s lack of literacy is a societal problem.
Rachel Jeantel’s testimony on the witness stand during the George Zimmerman murder trial was cringe-inducing, embarrassing, and mortifying to watch. As a Black woman I have been ridiculed for “talking white” and “thinking I’m white” because I navigate quite well outside of Black culture. Frankly, I would rather take that type of flack than be an embarrassment across worldwide media because of my inability to do so.

If we take nothing else away from Rachel Jeantel’s testimony, it should be this: Literacy involves more than being able to read and write. It involves the ability to effectively operate in the overall society when it matters most. Unfortunately, Rachel failed this test. We will see how it affects the outcome of this trial, and whether it helps or hurts the prosecution’s case.
Jeantel is obviously enjoying her new found celebrity.  Her pronouncements that inspired and energized MSM include "The Jury, They Old. That's Old School People. We In A New School, Our Generation" and she even the suggestion that  Zimmerman was a 'creepy ass cracka' pedophile gay rapist.

OKAY, so white majority America has been reduced to creepy ass cracka where folks don't know the difference between a ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’.  I confess that I have utterly failed to comprehend such dubious distinctions because, well, they are incomprehensible.  America has morphed into a nation of whites, blacks and browns, except when a black is killed by a brown and then the brown becomes white, a cracker or a cracka.  Got that?  The politics of race baiting are indeed flexible depending on the situation and cause du jure.

If you really want to see the face of racial injustice, you need to dig deeper.  Where was the media when a black woman, Marissa Alexander, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime of firing a firearm into the air as a warning shot when confronted by an intruder in her home?

Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots

How about the case of Jonathan Lowe, a 57 year old black retired marine who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for defending himself against an attack by armed thugs.  I had previously blogged about this injustice.

A judge effectively rules: you have a duty to die because the right of a violent criminal to kill you trumps your right to defend your life.
In one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever, a Philadelphia judge found a man guilty of killing a man who struck him with a metal pole, knocked him to the ground and was attempting to strangle him in the commission of a robbery. The victim is now facing up to 12.5 to 25 years in prison for the crime of defending himself.

It all started when Jonathan Lowe, 57, a retired marine who had recently survived a heart attack and multiple strokes, was returning home from dinner with a friend. As Lowe was walking home, he was attack by 3 thugs. Although Lowe attempted to get away, they followed him and one of the assailants, Loren Manning, age 51, hit Lowe with a metal pole, knocking him to the ground and then proceeded to choke him. With Manning’s hands around his neck and strangling him, Lowe managed to retrieve a pocket knife and started stabbing Manning. Manning died. Lowe was charged with unlawfully killing him and the judge rejected legitimate self-defense as a defense.

Manning was a career criminal with 40 arrests, 18 convictions and was currently awaiting trial for knocking out a woman’s teeth while robbing her.

Above Photo: Anne Bryant, sister of Jonathan Lowe, displays photos of him in his days as a Marine.

Where was the media and the black community when justice was needed for Marissa Alexander and Johnathan Lowe? Nowhere to be found. Why is that? It's a valid question because Marissa Alexander certainly didn't deserve 20 years for firing a warning shot and Jonathan Lowe didn't deserve to go to prison on a voluntary manslaughter conviction for the 'crime' of defending himself against dangerous thugs.

But there are other very significant issues as well.  The black community has been trained by white liberals to effectively reject arming themselves with firearms to protect themselves and their families, and this is something that I view as both racist and morally repugnant.  Gun control and the War on Drugs are both rooted in racism, another issue that I've blogged about.

Racist Origins of Gun Control and the War on Drugs

If racism is alive in America, it's not because George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, it's because blacks have been booted back to the plantation as the dependents of while liberals, their new slave masters. Growing up on the new slave plantations, the modern government subsidized plantation ghettos and government schools, has not only rendered blacks helpless, hopelessly dependent and lacking education and economic opportunity, it also creates a neurotic fight or flight mentality that results from the chronic oppression of ghetto and/or school plantation life.  When folks feel powerless, they don't think, they react because thinking is verboten in the totalitarian world of dependency.  If anything, Trayvon Martin was a victim of his own victimhood, a victimhood spawned by white liberals who view blacks as their house pets who must be cared for.  Rachel Jeantel is very much the product of white progressives -  she's stupid, inarticulate, pathetic and appears to lacks any skills whatsoever to advance herself in life. Jeantel was bred by the modern serfdom of the progressive movement.

The most bizarrely ironic riddle of it all is that nobody ever questions the system, least of all its victims.  But blame is the mother's milk of progressive statism, social engineering, the government and the media.  When their own system is a big fail, they demand that somebody's head be piked on a spike and this week, that head is the head of George Zimmerman.

Obama himself wasted no time in capitalizing on the Zimmerman verdict by reigniting the gun control issue. Of course, Obama offered no explanation on why practically gun free Chicago has the highest murder rate in America and that most of those murders are accomplished with firearms.  Disarming Americans will only result in more firearm deaths.

We live in America where the morally defunct media media mob panders to basest of raw emotions.  The wing nut media on the right was just as bad and the 'cracka' media wasted no time blasting photos of Martin exhaling marijuana smoke and posting Martin's tweets under his twitter handle of NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.  The entire Zimmerman-Martin tragedy was churned into a game of entertainment to appease and feed their respective mobs.

Civil society?  There's nothing about the Zimmerman-Martin tragedy and subsequent discourse that was civil, humane, respective, thoughtful, considerate or reflective.  Yet, the pain lives on and the anguish of both families is just another victim in the perpetual game of race baiting exploitation.  As a nation, we learned nothing from the tragedy and that's the real tragedy.

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