Saturday, July 6, 2013

The NWO Reacts to Egypt

Bureaucrats, politicians, policy wonks and aspiring statist thugs of all stripes covet their NWO publications and the two biggest are Foreign Affairs, the flagship publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Foreign Policy, published by the Washington Post, the premier pimp-a-donna for NWO global tyranny.

I had previously blogged about what is happening in Egypt, here and here.

With the headline grabbing week of revolts in Egypt it's interesting to observe how Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs are viewing the situation.  After all, they supported and raised Morsi, a radical Sunni Salafist Wahhabist, to power.  Now the plan is blowing in their faces and the NWO strategists and planners are forced to address their big fail.

Foreign Policy actually plastered on its front page this image that links to an article titled Downfall in Cairo.

According to the wonks at Foreign Policy this wasn't supposed to happen.  With the US, Europe and Saudi Arabia leading the charge to guarantee that the world's Muslims forever remain consigned to the imprisonment of the most radical, anti-liberty and intolerant sect of Islam in human history, the Muslim rejection of theocratic tyranny was unexpected as well as shocking.  The policy wonks are further puzzled by what recently happened in Turkey as the Sunni Muslim Turks rose up against their Sunni Salafist Wahhabist Prime Minister.

Things are not going according to plan.  Over at Foreign Affairs, the tone was more subdued as long time CFR guru Richard Haass penned a piece titled Egypt's Second Chance.  Foreign Affairs is of course buzzing with many pieces on Egypt including a piece titled Redoing the Egyptian Revolution, How to Get the Transition Right This Time.

In NWO foreign policy speak, getting it 'right this time' translates to the foreign policy NWO gang finding somebody in Egypt that will support its totalitarian agenda who is sufficiently acceptable by the Egyptian people to be electable in a western rigged general election.  Western style 'democracy' has destroyed the West by concentrating wealth and power at the expense of the people.  Accordingly, the western policy wonks are convinced that the same policies that eradicated western liberty and prosperity will work anywhere because it's a time tested formula that has never failed.

If the Muslim world feels threatened and shackled by western aggression, bombings, invasions and interventions, it alone holds the power to alleviate that threat.  By bringing down the evil US Empire and its European and Saudi partners in crime, the Muslim world could birth a new dawn by demanding sound money and divorcing itself from western invented fiat central banks that bankroll the American military industrial complex and global tyranny.

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