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The Bush Crime Family is Behind the Attacks on Rand Paul and Jack Hunter

MSM is buzzing with fresh attacks on Rand Paul and more specifically his association with Jack Hunter.  Suddenly, both Paul and Hunter are now being portrayed as racists and white supremacists and not just any old run of the mill racist but diehard neo-Confederate racists who never cease opining that the South lost the Civil War or the War of Northern Aggression as they say in the South.  The race baiting is timely, especially in light of the monumental race baiting extravaganza post  George Zimmerman acquittal.  Jack Hunter was a significant component of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign and at that time the race baiting was solely focused on demonizing Ron Paul.

The Washington Post is the most vile and disgusting newspaper in the world.  It's a 'go to' tabloid for statists, peddlers of government programs, bureaucrats, fascists and totalitarian thugs of all political stripes. Centralized power may destroy liberty but it also makes a ton of insiders filthy rich and very powerful. WaPo has always been controlled by CFR Nazis and the globalist New World Order crime syndicate.  WaPo consistently defends every dastardly deed of the government and has always been its primary spin machine where the truth gets laundered in a vat of feces and coal.  To dub Wapo shameless and disingenuous would be a grotesquely misleading understatement as WaPo is indeed pure concentrated evil.

WaPo's Michael Gerson penned another savage attack on Rand Paul because, well, Rand Paul makes the NWO and establishment elites very nervous.  Who is Michael Gerson?  Besides being a WaPo propagandist, Gerson is also a former Bush speechwriter with close ties to the Bush Crime Family; Gerson is fiercely loyal to the Bush gang.

It's no secret that Jeb Bush is running for president in 2016 and its also no secret that Republican voters are so fed up with establishment elitist Republicans that they are embracing Rand Paul's message.  In fact, the entire GOP establishment greatly fears the rise of Rand Paul because of his famous name as well as his advocacy for the Constitution, limited government, a non-aggressive foreign policy and opposition to NDAA and the Patriot Act.  While the American people cheered Rand Paul's historical filibuster, the Republican elites and their media pals cringed. With Rand Paul's popularity continuing to rise, he poses a clear challenge to Jeb Bush and Bush Crime Family ambitions to get another Bush in the White House as Emperor of Planet Earth. Accordingly, the Bush gang is using its enormous and far reaching  political and media muscle to crush Rand Paul and Bush loyalist, Michael Gerson and Lincoln worshiper, is one of its vicious and rabid attack dogs.

Rand Paul can never be a mainstream Republican by Michael Gerson
To this point, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has been the Republican flavor of the year. Events from the IRS scandal to NSA revelations to the Obamacare train wreck have corroborated libertarian suspicions of federal power. And Paul has shown serious populist skills in cultivating those fears for his political benefit. For a while, he succeeded in a difficult maneuver: accepting the inheritance of his father’s movement while distancing himself from the loonier aspects of his father’s ideology.
But now Paul has fallen spectacularly off the tightrope. It turns out that a senior member of his Senate staff, Jack Hunter, has a history of neo-Confederate radio rants. And Paul has come to the defense of his aide.
Another WaPo statist psycho, Jennifer Rubin, has also attacked Rand Paul and Jack Hunter.

Jack Hunter and Rand Paul ‘playing the game’ by Jennifer Rubin
This week we learned that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had hired Jack Hunter, an avowed secessionist with a history of anti-minority statements. Not only does Paul continue to employ him and refuse to renounce or even to comment on Hunter’s views but, according to Hunter, Paul was fully aware of his views and reputation when he first hired Hunter to co-write a book.

Even worse for Paul was Hunter’s accusation that his extremism has found a home with the senator, who has “learned to play the game,” such as declaring that an attack on Israel would be an attack on the United States. With a few “rhetorical flourishes,” he said, Rand Paul is more respectable than his father, Ron, and can thereby get farther in politics. That is precisely the concern that many center-right observers had in trying to decipher Rand Paul: namely, that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

What is interesting is the reaction of those who supported, cheered and hired Hunter for his avowed views — views from which he is now trying to distance himself.

It shouldn't surprise anybody that the Bush Crime Family OWNS the Washington Post as well as other MSM print and broadcast venues.  Yet, the best the Bush family and the media can come up with is nothing but a shabbily concocted false allegation of racism.  They must be channeling Al Sharpton.

The Bush family is not popular and many conservatives blame the George W. Bush years for abandoning conservative principles with its extravagant spending, deficits, debt, endless wars and government growth. Indeed, government did grow under George W. Bush who along with Republican Congress Critters gave us another multi-trillion dollar entitlement, Medicare Part D, and No Child Left Behind, a disastrous education bill written by Ted Kennedy.  Bush and the Bush era Republicans increased the national debt by $5 trillion. These days, Republicans are blaming the gargantuan pile of debt all on Obama and the Democrats as Republicans run from their own sordid record.

As unpopular as the Bush Crime Family is, it's still a formidable force within the Republican Party, the media-industrial complex and possesses an extraordinary ability to raise big special interest money.  Bush loyalists may be dwindling but the power of one of America's most enduring, evil and corrupt political families cannot be underestimated.

To be sure, Wapo isn't the only barf studded statist political and policy propaganda rag in America.  The Atlantic has definitely earned a prestigious rank in the hierarchy and its quite common for such publications to affectionately slobber over each other with outpourings of praise and undying love for members of their exclusive club that is considered so sacred it's a religion.  Not surprisingly, The Atlantic penned a puff piece on Michael Gerson, here.

It's not just the media elites that are attacking Rand Paul and Jack Hunter.  The Republican Party is swimming with nasty neocon websites that have declared war on Rand Paul.  The Washington Free Beacon is Republican neocon rag dedicated to the GOP base that gets off on wars, statism and the wholesale destruction of civil liberties.  I covered this issue at, my news website, here (Washington Free Beacon vs. Jack Hunter).  As the vitriolic attacks on Rand and Jack blossomed from the left and right, Judge Andrew Napolitano and one the most respected voices in the liberty movement defended Jack Hunter in a piece titled A word about Jack Hunter…by Andrew Napolitano.  Jude Nap wrote: 
Yesterday you saw some hawks, whose ideology is dying and whose worldview is being discredited every day, launch an attack on Senator Rand Paul by attacking one of his brilliant aides, Jack Hunter.

Jack’s sin in their eyes was having spoken favorably of states’ rights, and negatively of Lincoln. They can’t seem to recognize that states’ rights--even secession--does not equal racism; it constitutes a brake on the feds’ march to totalitarianism.
One thing is certain.  The War on Rand Paul has been declared.  There can be no question that the Bush Crime Family as well as establishment Republican elites are behind it and they will absolutely continue to escalate their war on liberty, the constitution and those who defend it.  The Republican base got suckered into blessing off on John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.  If Republican voters continue to allow themselves to be influenced and even intimidated by the Republican elites as they did in 2008 and 2012, they will be rewarded with President Hillary Clinton.  The GOP elites really don't care - Hillary Clinton is very much their man and she will continue the wars, the march to statist hell and the American Nazified NSA Police State.  The elites win and the American people lose yet again.

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  1. After Rubin explained that Rand warming up to the establishment made him like "...a wolf in sheep’s clothing", I immediately thought the opposite: It makes him more like a sheep in wolves clothing.


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