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58,272 Names on the Vietnam War Memorial, That's How Many Americans LBJ and the Democrats Sentenced to Death for Defense Contractor Profits

November 21, 1963: Before leaving on his trip to Texas, President Kennedy, after being given a list of the most recent casualties in Vietnam, says to Assistant Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff: "After I come back from Texas, that's going to change.  Vietnam is not worth another American life".
The next day, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, TX. During JFK’s presidency, Vietnam combat deaths were 182 (16 in 1961, 53 in 1962 and 118 through 11/22/63).  
October 11, 1963: President Kennedy issues National Security Action Memorandum 263, making official government policy the withdrawal from Vietnam of "1,000 military personnel by the end of 1963" and "by the end of 1965....the bulk of US personnel.".
The above quotes are straight out of the book JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass.  Douglass also wrote in the book:
We have no evidence as to who in the military-industrial complex may have given the order to assassinate President Kennedy. That the order was carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency is obvious. The CIA’s fingerprints are all over the crime and the events leading up to it.
Conspiracy is no longer theory and it is generally believed by knowledgeable JFK researchers that the highest echelons of power, including Lyndon B. Johnson and George Herbert Walker Bush, were intimately involved in President Kennedy's murder.

November 22, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder.  The smear campaign against JFK truth tellers and JFK himself has already begun and it's a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to silence the voice of truth and to disparage a man who opposed war.

The Huffington Post and MSM Have Launched Disinformation Campaigns Against JFK Truth Tellers.

Both the left wing and right wing media are heavily pimping for a new book accusing JFK of admiring Hitler.

BOOK: JFK 'ADMIRED' HITLER  Breitbart, an extremely popular Republican website and neocon huckster for big government and endless wars.

New Book Asks If JFK Was A Secret Admirer Of Hitler And The Nazis Mediaite is a leftist mouthpiece that worships the Democrats and Obama, no matter how evil their deeds.  Mediaite even went so far as to post a photo linking JFK to Nazism, well, two photos that were stitched together to portray JFK as a Nazi.

By the time November 22, 2013 rolls around, the government and media will have the entire world believing that JFK was a Nazi or heir apparent to Hitler.

The website, What Really Happened (WRH), has posted much on JFK's murder including a piece that uses a 2001 Washington Post link, of all things, to document that the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that a conspiracy was involved in JFK's murders, a fact that totally refutes the Warren Commission report.
The House Select Commitee on Assassinations concluded that John F. Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy based on the recording of the gunshots fired in Dealey Plaza, captured over a police radio. A total of 7 impulses were caught on the tape, but citing budgetary constraints, the HSCA only had 4 of them analysed. The analysis concluded that all 4 were gunshots, two of them occuring within 1/2 a second of each other, too close to be fired by one man. Comparisons of the echoes with test shots fired in Deakel Plaza confirmed that at least one of the recorded shots had indeed been fired from the Grassy Knoll. Needless to say, the existance of 5, rather than just 3, gunshots destroyed the Oswald as lone gunman cover-up. Warren supporters quickly tried to dismiss the audio record of the gunshots by claiming that the recording was actually of gunshots in another part of the city, and confused for Dealey Plaza shots because of a timing error. Without explaining just where the other shots had occured, or why the echo patterns matched matched the test shots fired in Dealey Plaza, the Warren supporters declared victory. New research has shown that the report that dismissed the audio recording of the gunshots was itself deeply flawed, and ignored evidence that confirmed both the locatrion and time of the recording as being in Dealey Plaza at the time of the JFK assassination. This means that the original House Select Committee on Assassinations conclusion is the correct one. There were at least four gunshots in Dealey Plaza, two of them within 1/2 second of each other, and at least one of the shots came from the Grassy Knoll.
The What Really Happened link is here and the Washington Post Study Backs Theory of 'Grassy Knoll' is here.

With the official government story being so full of lies and cover-ups that it's been exposed by very credible sources, researches, journalists and science, the government's last remaining strategy is to simply demonize JFK as a Nazi, and the government will have lots of MSM support.

LBJ, who is worshiped by the left as the father of The Great Society aka totalitarian socialism/Marxism/statism, authorized the massive ratcheting up of the Vietnam War to appease the military industrial complex, the mad generals and the warmongers.  It's not just the blood of 58,272 US military personnel that is on LBJ and Democrat hands, it's also the bodies millions of Southeast Asians that were murdered for defense contractor profits.

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