Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why Women Need Guns: A Woman is Raped and 911 Tells her There are No Cops to Respond

The Huffington Post has a bizarre piece about a women in Josephine County Oregon who was raped by her ex-boyfriend because when she called 911 the operator told her there were no cops on duty to help her. Of course, rape is a tragic and violent crime but if anything, this story raises the issue of the absolute necessity of women being able to defend themselves against violence.  Really, how many rapes have the cops prevented?

The Huffington Post launched into a liberal statist screed blaming the Josephine County voters for voting down a tax increase.

Michael Bellah Rapes Ex-Girlfriend After 911 Operator Tells Her There Are No Police Available To Help
A woman was raped and assaulted by her ex-boyfriend because there were no cops on duty to answer her 911 plea for help.

"I don't have anybody to send out there," the operator said. "You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away."....

Bellah later pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault and sex abuse related to the August 2012 incident, according to Think Progress. The story is making headlines now because this week, Josephine County residents narrowly defeated a ballot measure that may have prevented tragedies like this one.

Think Progress reports that, because of steep budget cuts at the federal and county level, "deputies are only available eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. The woman's desperate call came on a Saturday. The county dispatcher transferred her call to state police, but at the time of the crime, there were no state troopers available to help."

The ballot measure voted down on Tuesday would have "raised county property taxes from 59 cents per $1,000 of property value, the lowest in Oregon, to $1.48 for the next three years," according to Think Progress. The extra funds would have been used to bolster law enforcement resources in the county, which were slashed after a federal timber subsidy expired.
Of course, the anti-2nd amendment Huffington Post doesn't even mention that women who own firearms and are proficient in using them are far less likely to be a victim.  The liberal talking points go like this: you have no right to defend yourself and the police will protect you.  Moreover, anybody who has ever been a victim of a violent crime understands full well that the police don't exist to protect citizens from criminals.

Tax dollars have never bought citizen protection.  Obama's stimulus doled out a ton of money to local police departments and that money was spent on shopping sprees for fancy new equipment, vehicles, military grade weapons and all kinds of nonsense that did absolutely nothing to make citizens safe from crimes.  The federal government was obsessed with making citizens safe from the non-existent but ubiquitous terrorists who are lurking in every corner.  Well, not really!  The government was far more obsessed with funding a militarized police state and used terrorism as an excuse.

If we want less rapists committing rape, we need more armed women and who cares if rapists are shot dead?  Meanwhile, the liberal solution to rape, besides cleaning out your bank account, is:

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