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Lies, Lies and More Lies: Benghazi is pure political theater as well as a cover-up.

Benghazi has been resurrected as the hottest buzz of the week. Of course, it's all pure 100% political theater and quite timely as Congressional hearings on the Boston Bombing disclosed some incredibly embarrassing data on how the US National Security State was a big fail in preventing the Boston Bombing despite having knowledge and verification from multiple nations that the Tsarnaev brothers were dangerous radical Islamists with jihad aspirations. Even more interesting is that NBC reported that the Boston Police Chief testified before Congress that they were clueless about the Tsarnaev brothers and were focused on following the Occupy folks. The Occupy folks? Despite having no connections to terrorism, murder or violence, Boston PD and DHS fusion centers dubbed the Occupy folks a dangerous threat worth tracking while ignoring the real threat of known jihadists who apparently have no problem obtaining US citizenship and welfare benefits.

Unaware of Tsarnaev warnings, Boston counterterror unit tracked protesters
In the fall of 2011, a key Boston police counterterror intelligence unit -- funded with millions of dollars in U.S. homeland security grants -- was closely monitoring anti-Wall Street demonstrations, including tracking the Facebook pages and websites of the protesters and writing reports on the potential impact on "commercial and financial sector assets" in downtown areas, according to internal police documents.
The police monitoring of the activities of Occupy Boston -- an off-shoot of the Occupy Wall Street protests that swept the country in 2011 -- came during a period after the U.S. government received the second of two warnings from the Russian government about the radical Islamic ties of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
But back to Benghazi.  The Drudge Report, the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, has let loose with some scathing headlines that just don't quit including:
White House meets privately with press to discuss Benghazi...

ABCNEWS: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference...

Petraeus Expressed Frustration At Altered Account...

ATTORNEY: Whistleblower demoted, threatened...

There can be no question that Benghazi is one giant blame game that was hatched by Republicans to discredit Obama and the Dems.  However, Obama is not blameless.  I blogged about Benghazi in  October, 2012 and provided a lot of background information on the CIA, its nefarious but secretive missions and its long history of being in bed with radical Islamists, below and worth reading.

My Two Cents on Benghazi

However, I'd like to expand the October Benghazi blog post to include even more information.  Benghazi came under attack on September 11-12, 2012, an obviously very significant date that sends chills up and down the spines of Americans.  On November 2, 2012 a British newspaper ran an extensive piece on Benghazi and the CIA:

Benghazi consulate that came under attack by Al Qaeda militants was being used for CIA operations Mail Online

It's no secret that Benghazi was a secret but not so secret and openly known CIA operation, something even the CIA admits.

CIA confirms role in US consulate attack in Benghazi The Telegraph
The US consulate in Benghazi that came under attack by militants on September 11 was mainly a secret CIA operation, shedding new light on the deadly assault.
The Christian Science Monitor reported:

Benghazi fallout: CIA reveals secret intelligence hub was nearby

While the precise nature of the CIA mission is unclear and remains shrouded in misinformation and disinformation, such is the nature of covert operations.  However, among those who astutely understand the CIA and US foreign policy, there is no doubt whatsoever that the CIA was arming Syrian Jihad rebels.

Geraldo Rivera reported on Fox News that his sources confirmed that the Benghazi CIA operation was all about arming Syrian rebels, here, which is something that both Republicans and Democrat neocon warmongers support.

At the end of the day, Benghazi was nothing more than the CIA arming and funding Sunni Salafist Wahhabist jihadists to destabilize Syria and prep the nation for the fall of Assad and another bloody and murderous US intervention, invasion and occupation.

The CIA, an organization that is really nothing more than the private but taxpayer funded military arm of Wall Street, defense contractors, the New World Order and corporatist special interests, has a long history of creating false flag attacks to inspire the American public to embrace outrage as a pretext to march off to yet another war.  The government propaganda machine works 24/7 to romance the American public into beating the war drums and it's all done with the collusion of mainstream media, print and broadcast.

The Gulf of Tonkin fiasco was a classic false flag attacked that LBJ and the CIA engineered to further destabilize Vietnam and justify a US military invasion and massive bombing of a nation that did absolutely NOTHING to harm America in any way. It's well documented and it's definitely worth a Google because the Vietnam horror resulted in the murders of millions of Asians, the napalming of of massive swaths of real estate in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and the deaths of over 58,000 Americans.

As the US continues to beat the war drums to attack Syria, it's invoking chemical weapons as justification.

Anti-Syria hysteria? US pushes chemical weapons claim
US Secretary of State John Kerry said there is “strong evidence” proving the Syrian government used chemical weapons in its war against the militant opposition, a position at odds with recent UN findings.
The official 'lie' has been debunked by various sources in the alternate media because America's mainstream media obviously can't handle the truth but that comes as no surprise considering that MSM is the government's chief propaganda stooge.  In any event, many alternate news sources absolutely reject the US government's official story that it's the Assad regime that is using the chemical weapons.  It's far more likely that the US has provided chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels to use against Syrian citizens and then blame it on Assad.

See for Yourself: Syrian Government Likely Did Not Use Chemical Weapons

Unlike the days of the Vietnam era and pre-Internet days when ABC, CBS and NBC controlled all the news with absolute monopoly powers on all information, these days we do have access to alternative information and news sources that dramatically conflicts with the official version of anything.  Moreover, these sources are proving to be more credible that the media and the government.

We've arrived at an era where conspiracy is no longer theory.  The truth is everywhere and that's got the goon government and its media operatives running scared. With the official Boston Bombing story having more holes than Swiss cheese, it's clearly evident that any amateur citizen journalist can see with a fraction of a brain cell the great fraud being perpetrated upon us.

Benghazi?  It was just a CIA mission gone bad, like Fast and Furious where the government was supplying Mexican drug cartels with military grade weaponry and then blaming the Mexican drug violence on American 2nd amendment rights.

If you really want to read something scary, read the CIA's The Ten Commandments of Counterintelligence, a dot gov link that ends with "If there were ever to be a mascot for US counterintelligence, it should be the pit bull."

The CIA pit bulls have their fangs solidly anchored in everything.  And yes, I owe pit bulls an apology but so does the CIA.  Pit bulls are like adorable kissing puppies compared to the CIA.

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