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The NWO, Banksters and Governments Have a new WMD - it's called the Monetary Blockade


Sanctions are evil and they never hurt the politicos in power, just ordinary folks who suffer from a lack of medicine, food and survival essentials. The New World Order crime syndicate intends to massively expand sanction through control of a global network called SWIFT, The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.  Who is SWIFT and what does it do?  SWIFT is a private member owned corporation that facilitates financial transactions and its been around for 40 years. It's website states, here:
SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed, certainty and confidence. More than 10,000 financial institutions and corporations in 212 countries trust us every day to exchange millions of standardised financial messages. This activity involves the secure exchange of proprietary data while ensuring its confidentiality and integrity.

Our role is two-fold. We provide the proprietary communications platform, products and services that allow our customers to connect and exchange financial information securely and reliably. We also act as the catalyst that brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to shape market practice, define standards and consider solutions to issues of mutual interest.

SWIFT enables its customers to automate and standardise financial transactions, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating inefficiencies from their operations. By using SWIFT customers can also create new business opportunities and revenue streams. SWIFT has its headquarters in Belgium and has offices in the world's major financial centres and developing markets. SWIFT provides additional products and associated services through Arkelis N.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of SWIFT, the assets of which were acquired from SunGard in 2010.
While sanction are indeed extremely punitive, nations have managed to somewhat skirt them.  If the US sanctioned a nation, that nation was able to secure essential goods through other nations and SWIFT is a commercial clearing house vehicle to efficiently facilitate financial transactions among nations.  However, the European Union, dubbed the Throne in Brussels, has imposed extraordinary and unprecedented rules on SWIFT.

Forbes had a fascinating piece on SWIFT and explains the Monetary Blockade.

The Payments Network As Economic Weapon
“Extraordinary and unprecedented” is how SWIFT chief executive, Lázaro Campos, describes the March 17th move by Belgium-based SWIFT to discontinue service to 30 Iranian banks. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, is a worldwide financial messaging network to facilitate the interbank transfer of funds. Now, it has become an economic weapon as well.

Campos emphasized the monetary blockade is “a direct result of international and multilateral action to intensify financial sanctions against Iran” and that SWIFT was forced by recent European Union sanctions designed to isolate Iran financially for its failure to demonstrate to Western nations that it is not developing nuclear weapons.

SWIFT has never expelled an institution in its 39-year history and in 2010 it processed 2 million messages for 19 Iranian member banks and 25 financial institutions. This is a vastly significant change in tactics and the repercussions are still unknown. Governments have long used the financial system as a method of tracking and blocking payment flow for targeted individuals and companies, but now it has been escalated to the nation-state level via the modern telecommunications network.

Mark Dubowitz is a sanctions specialist in Washington D.C. who advised U.S. lawmakers on the recent SWIFT legislation. He said the decision could limit the ability of Iran’s banks “to move billions of dollars in financial transactions and put immense pressure on Iran’s leaders to reconsider their policies” and that it underscores “the growing political isolation of Iran as it becomes the first country to be expelled from what is the financial equivalent of the United Nations.”

Highlighting and exposing the structural importance of centralized financial institutions that sit at the very top of the payments pyramid will hasten the trend to more decentralized and regional payment structures. Moreover, a single worldwide financial structure with near-absolute authority will begin to be seen as a vulnerability to many nations because they cannot always be expected to comply with U.S. and European Union directives. Now that the precedent has been set for evicting a country’s financial institutions from the prevailing global payments network, all nations will be rightly suspicious of that powerful weapon.
Few folks have even heard of SWIFT.  Heck, I never heard of it until I came a recent the Forbes article.  In 2010, The Weekly Standard, a hardcore neocon warmongering website that energetically advocates for endless wars and murder everywhere, ran a piece on SWIFT and how the Bush Administration demanded that it cooperate in the phony baloney War on Terror (WOT). The Weekly Standard took a swipe at Germany by accusing it of failing to cooperate in the WOT.

Germany’s War on the War on Terror
Last month, the European parliament rejected the so-called SWIFT agreement, which would have permitted American terrorism investigators to continue inspecting data on international financial transactions originating from European banks. The members of parliament thus shut down a program that French investigative judge Jean-Louis Bruguière concluded was a “vital counter-terrorism tool,” which had proved its worth in both elucidating terror attacks and preventing them.

Officially known as the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP), it was set up by the Bush administration after the 9/11 attacks......
The SWIFT agreement is so-named for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a Brussels-based consortium of banks. In voting down the agreement, the European parliament made use of powers freshly accorded it under the Lisbon Treaty.....
A lot has changed in the foreign policy landscape since 2010 and with the US and the EU beating the war drums for war on Syria, a non-belligerent nation that has done nothing to the US or Europe, the motivation of Europe to accelerate its sanction powers against Iran has vastly increased because Syria and Iran have always been natural allies.

For the first time in human history, nations are collaborating to create an all powerful global financial institution with the muscle and teeth to literally starve a nation and its peoples until it submits to NWO tyranny.   Such a global scheme is unprecedented in human history simply because nobody held such totalitarian financial powers until recently which is the direct result of the concentration of financial (bankster) and military power (NATO).  NATO is the military wing of the UN's global governance gang and the US military has been morphing into the UN's global military for decades.

There can be no doubt that NATO takes its orders from the financial oligarchs.

I recently saw the 2009 Movie, The International, an interesting movie about an Interpol agent attempting to track the global arms trade and the banks that facilitate the arms trade transactions.  A high level bank official told the agent point blank:
This is not about making profit from weapon sales, it’s about control. The objective isn’t to control the conflict, it’s to control the debt that the country produces, you see the real value of a conflict, the true value, is in the debt they create. You control the debt, you control everything. This is the very essence of the banking industry. To make us all whether we be nations or individuals slaves to debt.
The above quote is the most concise and articulate definition of the global banking system that I've ever read.  Indeed, the End Game is total debt slavery of every nation and every individual on the planet.  Nations must submit or they will be droned, bombed, occupied and their citizens murdered until they comply and surrender to global financial and military NATO/UN tyranny.

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