Sunday, May 19, 2013

Waging a Revolution for Liberty and Kicking MSM and Government Ass with Social Media

OKAY, every political activist waging the Revolution for liberty has complained about Facebook and social media because their accounts have been arbitrarily shut down or their posts have been deleted.  Still, social media is and continues to be an incredibly powerful force and in the absence of a big fat bank account, it's really our only weapon because it's cost free activism.

Instead of complaining, we need to figure out how to maximize social media and grow it into an even more potent force.  MSM is bleeding readers and viewers in print and broadcast because the cozy government-MSM complex is busting loose at the seams as a result of the gargantuan growth of independent Internet media.  Independent citizen journalists, websites, bloggers and social media are in the process of rendering MSM obsolete.   We've come a long way since the days of showing up at a Ron Paul rally in 2008.  In fact, we're blossoming into a formidable force that finally has MSM and the government running a tad scared.  Yeah, the tyrants are still in control but their power and influence is growing more tenuous by the day because their crimes against liberty and humanity are finally being exposed.

What should we be doing?  Well, anybody that likes to write or post news should have a blog and/or a website, a Facebook account and a Twitter account.  Moreover, building up your Facebook and Twitter influence is absolutely critical because they combine to exponentially reach thousands upon thousands through shares and retweets.  It's this power of magnification that catapults an ordinary citizen into a super and extraordinarily effective liberty activist that directly challenged government and media power.

Although not everybody wants to blog or run a website, those folks can still wield substantial social media power merely by sharing FB posts, tweeting and Liking the pages of liberty activists because every Facebook 'Like' and 'Share' and 'Tweet' is an act of political activism.  Moreover, FB accounts can be set up to automatically Tweet so building a following on Twitter is an incredible social media magnifier.

If anything, it's the magnifier effect that renders social media such an awesomely powerful force.  Here's an example.

My Judy Morris individual FB account is maxed out at 5,000 FB friends.  However, an individual FB account doesn't really have the reach of a FB page as I recently learned because FB limits friend interactions to 250 or less.  So 5,000 FB friends really doesn't mean that you are reaching 5,000 folks.  However, a FB page is entirely different than a personal page.  FB friend and liberty activist Jerry Titus recently created the website as a joint project to built a new liberty media.  We created the Liberty Calling with Judy Morris Facebook page as a companion to the Liberty Calling website.  Both the website and new FB page have been up and running for only a few weeks.  Unlike the 250 reach with the Judy Morris personal account, the Liberty Calling With Judy Morris FB page, according to FB stats, has a reach of:

Total Likes:  583
Friends of Fans: 276,372
Weekly Total Reach: 9,229 as of 5/19

That's way more social media power than I had before I created the new Liberty Calling FB page.

Twitter is a different social media venue but it's powerful because some folks tend to hangout exclusively on Twitter.  Some folks prefer Facebook.  However, reaching out to both is critically important because they magnify each other, especially when FB posts are automatically tweeted.

Here are a few important rules for social media liberty activism:

1.  Always Like as a fan every Facebook page that is related to liberty and that includes Ron Paul supporters, liberty activists, independent voters, Libertarians, constitutionalists, paleo-conservatives, anti-war folks, anti-bankster folks, Austrian economics, voluntarists and every disgruntled Republican or Democrat.  All these folks tend to be very aware of issues, well informed and they crave news and information.  They are the heart and soul of political and liberty activism.

2.  In addition to supporting fellow liberty activists by 'Liking' their FB pages, share and Tweet their posts to magnify the power of information sharing.  This supports independent media by creating Internet hits on their websites and blogs.  Media is a mass marketing volume game and if we fail to grow our own liberty media by supporting each other, we will fail.

3.  Explore Facebook.  Explore Twitter. Explore other social media venues.  There is power in numbers and reach.

We tend to think that as individuals that we are powerless.  But we are very powerful and a few Likes a day, a few tweets a day and a few shares a days makes a huge difference because once something gets rolling in cyberspace, the impact is huge.

Finally, I absolutely am pimping for and Liberty Calling with Judy Morris.  We've got to pimp for ourselves, our work and each other simply because nobody else will.  We aren't bankrolled with MSM dough but we have talent and truth to spread and these days the cost is free and/or cheap.

That's We the People power that has never before existed in human history.  Let's roll with it! 

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