Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is the GOP Old, White, Gray and Dying?

Republicans are a most peculiar species. They tend to be old, white, gray and dying. They also tend to be in photos carrying anti-Obama signs sporting slogans that scream 'NO Socialism' while they simultaneously scream for more socialism for themselves, notably Social Security and Medicare. It's all about socialism for me but not for thee.

Obama hatred is what drives the Republican base into an intense frenzy of raw and absolute hatred. Those damn liberals are spending our tax dollars, those damn liberals are killing the babies, those damn liberals are God hating atheists, those damn liberals hate the military and on and on. The Republican indictment against Obama and the Democrats makes the indictment against King George contained in the Declaration of Independence appear downright wimpy and empty.

As one who embraces classical liberalism, before liberals became murderous warmongers, progressives, statists, totalitarian thugs, Stalinists, Marxists and various shades of anti-liberty militaristic tyranny, I tried real hard to believe that the Republican Party was indeed the party of Jefferson, the Constitution, liberty and limited government. WOW! Was I ever wrong.

For a while it was very frustrating being an American without a political party and not fitting into the social clubs knows as the Republican and Democrat parties. But after a while, the liberation of not being affiliated with any political party became quite exhilarating. Political parties don't represent the people or liberty, they just represent hatred of the other party.

Meanwhile, the RNC and DNC machines are nothing more than money laundering operations as well as wholly owned subsidiaries of the banksters, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex and corporatist fascist special interests.

Except for the never ending social issues, there are no differences between the Republicans and the Democrats as both parties, when distilled to their raw and absolute essence, are nothing more than the theocrats vs. humanists who both embrace big bad government..

Natural rights or the right to be who you want to be so long as you don't trample the rights of another sovereign individual are conspicuously absent from most debates on human liberty. They don't exist according to the theocrats (Biblical theocrats) and humanists (statist theocrats). According to the theocrats and Biblical literalists, you don't have a right to be gay because it's considered a crime against God that must be severely punished. By contrast, the humanists have deified themselves and operate under the presumption that all rights are held collectively by the state and doled out according to bureaucratic whim. What kind of liberty is a choice between theocratic tyranny and collectivist tyranny?

In recent years, there's been an explosion in challenges to the left and right paradigms and those challenges are coming from both sides. The Ron Paul liberty movement that kicked off in 2008 is largely responsible for educating folks on issues of liberty that challenge both the state and the theocrats. Classical liberty and natural rights are back in vogue after a long hiatus and are being eagerly embraced and debated.

Back to the Republican Party. The Republican Party definitely exhibits a disconnect from the views of the majority of the American people but it also has a severe demographic problem. As old establishment Republicans die off, they are not being replaced in significant numbers with the young. The future of the Republican Party is indeed in jeopardy and that's larges because the GOP has failed to distinguish itself from the Democratic Party on core issues affecting peace, liberty and prosperity. The statist stripes of the Republican Party have been accelerating for decades as big spending Republicans played a crucial rule in America's fiscal nightmare and deficits.

Bush and the Republicans increased the national debt by $5 trillion,  Republican voters cheered when Bush and the Republican congress critters passed Medicare Part D, a monster multi-trillion dollar entitlement (if the Dems had passed it they would have been labeled socialists).  Under the Republicans, government just grew and grew like a runaway virus. Yet, there are no mea culpas flowing from the socialist and militarist Republicans who are fully committed to abandoning even the pretense of fiscal conservatism and constitutional governance.

To further rub salt into the GOP's open and oozing wounds, the crop of Republican Tea Party Congress Critters that got elected in 2010 turned out to be bigger spenders than the Democrats they replaced.

The Tea Party Republicans Spent More Than the Dems They Replaced.

Meanwhile, Republicans at the leadership and grassroots levels continue to march to the beat of their statist, socialist and militaristic drums, except for the occasional burst of bouncing from the sublime to the ridiculous with the raising of truly offensive issues like legitimate rape or forcible rape. Of course, all rape is violent and forcible and certainly not legitimate. It's why it's called rape and not sex.

Yet, the Republican Party continues to harbor the delusion that it will win the hearts and minds of the people with such insane rants. Such hallucinatory discourse, along with the notable absence of offering any solutions to our immense economic and fiscal problems, spell one thing - the pending death and demise of the Republican Party.

Maybe that's not such a bad thing. After all, the Republican Party that descended from Thomas Jefferson back when we had the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Hamiltonian Federalists is a very long way from its historical roots.


  1. This is why we need to get involved with local GOP groups. Vacancies are cropping up every day. They should be filled with liberty.

  2. Hear, hear. It's like the old saying, I didn't leave the Republican party...they left me.

    I despise the so-called 'liberal' left. But I've also grown to hate the intolerant 'right'. We need liberty. Not anti-Obama or anti-Romney rhetoric. We need change. And the best way to foment that change is to take up the positions left vacant by the 'dying' right and move the GOP back into the party of Jefferson. A party built on Liberty, justice and equal opportunity for all of America's people. Not just the minorities as the Socialcrats believe and not just the wealthy as the current Republicans seem to believe.

  3. The Soggy Mom is right - we need to stay involved with the GOP. I believe that the liberty activists can ultimately take it over.

    I hear ya Tim! I've been screaming for years that the Republican Party left me. I too am fed up with the so-called intolerant social conservatives.

  4. A TRUE conservative would NOT be a policeman of the world while a TRUE liberal would not allow Wall Street to operate like a casino. All the mud slinging they engage in is pure theater. AIN'T A DIMES DIFFERENCE!

  5. This is one of the reasons for involving in GOP groups because there are various vacancies which are cropping up. It’s very compulsory that it should be filled with liberty.

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