Thursday, August 30, 2012

The 2012 GOP Primary By the Numbers and the Future of Ballot Box Liberty

It's been a most disappointing 2012 Republican primary season for the dedicated liberty activists striving to restore the Constitution and liberty. Unfortunately, they hit a brick wall and that brick wall is the liberty hating Republican voting base.

2012 Republican Primary Votes:

Romney      9,809,662 or 53%
Santorum    3,909,460 or 21%
Gingrich      2,720,135 or 15%
Paul            2,063,043 or 11%

Total Votes 18,502,300

Source: Real Clear Politics

In 2008, Ron Paul got 1.1 million votes and 5.5% so his 2012 primary performance was a hugely significant improvement over 2008.  Still, establishment Republicans have declared WAR on the Republican liberty activists and claim that Ron Paul delegates deserve to be disenfranchised, which they were, because these delegates exceeded their actual representative on a proportional basis.

However, this assumption is totally flawed and contrary to how political parties operate. In fact, the social conservatives and religious right have been very successful, at least since the 1980's, in having representation in the Republican Party that exceeded their actual numbers. How did they do it? They simply became political grassroots activists, same as the Paulites, and showed up at precinct, county and state conventions to assert their power by playing by the RNC's own rules. It was a very effective strategy.

In analyzing the Republican Party, it's best to understand its ideological composition which contains 3 legs, 2 big legs and one small leg.

The 3 legs of the Republican Party:

1. The commie, neocon, fascist Rockefeller R's (Mittens, Bush) - they murder in the name of the state, empire, resources and fascism while ruthlessly imposing totalitarian tyranny everywhere, including America.

2. The commie, neocon, fascist theocratic Warvangelical R's (Sanitorium, Huckabee) - these pagan fake Christians murder in the name of a deity, while ruthlessly imposing totalitarian tyranny everywhere, including America.

3. The Constitutional liberty activists who want peace, liberty and prosperity - something you will never get from the Rockefeller and Warvangelical R's.

Furthermore, the 2 big legs of the Republican Party combined forces and declared war on the liberty activists.  It was a war that they won but what did they really win?  We'll know in November.

It's important to note that the Democratic Party is pretty much identical to the Rockefeller Republicans. However, the Warvangelicals are also quite similar to the Democratic Party with their overt and profound social intolerance being the only difference.  Still, it's a significant difference that fires up irrational passions on both sides.

So what chance does liberty stand in this cesspool of statist warmongering liberty slashing collectivists?

While Lady Liberty has definitely lost another battle, she hasn't lost the war because the liberty movement is growing and its growth is siphoning off voters from both the left and the right.

Do liberty activists have any ballot box power? It's a valid question and one that will undoubtedly be definitively answered in the November general election. In 2008, Obama defeated McCain 53% to 46% and by a staggering 9.5 million votes.

Unquestionably, the Republican Party does not have the advantage in 2012 as it lags in critical swing states according to all the polls. However, the greater question is can the Republican Party afford to lose the 2 million plus Ron Paul supporters, most of whom will not be voting Republican in November?

The Republican Party has calculated, perhaps erroneously, that it still has a solid and cohesive base that can and will deliver general election victories. Moreover, the Republican Party absolutely believes that the Paulites and liberty activist really aren't Republicans, never were Republicans and that these rogue rabble rousers attempted to illegally invade and and occupy the Republican Party.

As a liberty activist who has never voted for a Democrat, I can categorically state that I absolutely will not vote Republican in November because I'm morally compelled to reject statism, socialism, wars, empire, collectivism, corporate welfare and the wholesale destruction of civil liberties (NDAA, Patriot Act).

How alone am I? I really don't know but my guess is that I'll have 2 million or so voters standing right beside me in rejecting Republican tyranny.

Meanwhile, the Revolution for liberty continues!

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