Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Ron Paul Liberty Army Marches on Tampa. Now What?

With the RNC Convention kicking off in a week, many Ron Paul supporters are flocking to Tampa in the hope that they will witness a miracle and that Republicans will come to their senses and nominate Ron Paul. Personally, I don't believe that Ron Paul will be the nominee, not unless all those Romney delegates turn out to be closeted Paulites.

Ron Paul's entire campaign for the presidency absolutely mirrors the sole purpose of his entire public career in Congress, namely, that Ron Paul has always been about waging a Revolution for Liberty by educating folks on the issues and speaking the truth.  Ron Paul is making history and there are darn few folks in American history who possess such an extraordinarily high level of ideological purity, consistency and tenacity.

The biggest problem for liberty activists is that we don't fit into the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.  We are, pure and simple, party crashers without a party that represents our commitment to peace, liberty and prosperity as clearly defined by our founders in our founding documents.  Logically, it makes far more sense to crash the Republican Party than the Democratic Party simply because the GOP claims to be anti-statist (yes, it's lying  crock of crap) while the Dems remain adamantly and openly committed to totalitarian command and control police state Marxism.  The Republicans really are no different than the Democrats they claim to oppose; it's just that what the Democrats do openly, the Republicans do by stealth.

Overall, 2012 has been a glorious year and one that we should be extremely proud of!  Compared with 2008, the liberty movement has blossomed into a new dimension of reality and instead of liberty activists being sarcastically dubbed nutjobs, we are being taken seriously because Americans are becoming seriously aware that we do indeed live under a tyrannical and oppressive government.

To be sure, Ron Paul was the sole spark who ignited the liberty movement into money bombs, Facebook pages and extraordinary grassroots activism from sea to shining sea.

In 2008 I heard the insufferable whining of Ron Paul supporters who became despondent because he didn't win.  In 2012, I'm hearing the same thing again.  Americans are not a patient people and this is a tragedy because it's going to require a long term commitment to the Ron Paul Revolution. Victory will not be easy nor will it come quickly but if we at least have a fraction of the testicular fortitude of Ron Paul who stuck it out for decades against insurmountable obstacles while enduring non-stop media and political scorn, we will at least become worthy of being a Paulite in every sense of the word.

Think 1776.  When George Washington's pathetically decrepit yeoman farmer ragtag of an army was constantly escaping and running from the far superior British Army and Navy, the strongest military power on the earth at the time, the Revolution of 1776 only survived by the sheer will of Washington's decision to refuse to surrender.  He didn't and 6.5 years later, he won.  Imagine Washington's army marching through snow and blizzards with bloody barefooted half naked solders who were starving and freezing to death.  The human misery as recorded by those who lived through it is beyond anything that any modern pampered American can even fathom.

Now is not the time to despair and give up but it's definitely time for us to embrace the character and tenacity of Ron Paul as we move forward because:


  1. Crashing The Party by Ralph Nader

    operation: RON PAUL ACTION RNC

  2. The answer lies in getting more individuals with Libertarian world views into Congress. Having a Libertarian commander in chief with 535 status quo politicians at the beck and call of lobbyists would not suffice.

  3. Spot on Liberty. We need solid liberty candidates at all levels in government - federal, state, city and county. One person can't make a difference.


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