Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lady Liberty Gets Gang Raped by RNC, Teleprompter Approves Nazi Rule Changes

Clearly, it's been a miserable summer for liberty activists and the Paulites. We've been disenfranchised, smacked, slapped and stomped on by the Republican enemies of liberty. However, this afternoon the RNC delivered its grand gang rape to Lady Liberty via a teleprompter vote that made permanent Nazi style RNC rule changes.

 The Ayes Have It: Boehner Ignores Voice Vote, Makes Decision Via Teleprompter
“The ayes have it.”

Tuesday afternoon, House Speaker John Boehner called for a vote on a Resolution to Adopt the Rules of the Convention, as written, at the Republican National Convention. When he asked if there were any objections, it was clear from the floor and from those watching at home that delegates were objecting, but Boehner continued on, as if he had not heard them at all.

Boehner proceeded with the vote. The results of the vote were once again very clear, with a huge uproar of folks shouting, “nay!” from the floor. Boehner said, “the ayes have it”, even though it was obvious that the “nays” were far more numerous. Why?

Witnesses on the floor say that the teleprompter scrolled the words, “the ayes have it” before the nay vote was even called."
All I can say is WOW.  These draconian rules changes effectively  concentrate all GOP power into the hands of a few ruling elites for the purpose of forever banning any challenges to their CFR and NWO candidates.  The RNC will now have the absolute power to veto any delegates it doesn't like or want.

All Republicans grassroots initiatives have been systematically squashed.

Gee, silly me thought the purpose of the primary was for We the People to select our candidates.  Well, We the People just got gang raped along with the Lady Liberty.

Any sane, decent, moral and honorable person must immediately sever all ties with the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has officially morphed into the Nazi Party.


  1. Just like the democratic party has officially morphed into the stalinlist party.

  2. Freedom & Liberty always dies at the hands of the few because of the many misinformed! Nazi Germany 1933 is America 2012, history repeats!

    Thomas Maddux

  3. I totally agree with you Thomas. It's very painful to acknowledge that America is as evil as the Nazis but it's a bitter truth that we need to accept.

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