Monday, August 27, 2012

The RNC has Plunged into Full Throttle Suicide Mode

A war is brewing within the GOP rank and file and all because insecure and paranoid Romney demanded RNC rules changes that would squash grassroots power in 2016 and concentrate all Republican decision making authority, including rule making and delegate selections, into the hands of about 10 all powerful GOP elites. Forget that Romney hasn't even been elected; he's already crowned himself emperor with absolute authority.

This issue is smoking hot and not because Republicans even care about liberty. Everybody in the GOP was silent (or cheering) when Ron Paul and the Paulites were being squashed, disenfranchised of their delegate status and churned into Satan for the crime of advocating for the restoration of the Constitution.

The religious right that loves the wars and socialism also HATE Mormonism with a passion and consider the religion a cult. Of course, the religious right Warvangelicals also hate Ron Paul, the Constitution and liberty.

But now that RNC/GOP top down command and control tyranny has turned on them, they've got their bowels in an uproar. The advocates for statist tyranny are most deserving of having tyranny imposed upon them.

This RNC rules change story has been breaking for 2 days and the mutiny is coming from some hardcore statist neocon Republican sites like Pajamas Media, no friend of Ron Paul, liberty or the Constitution.

RNC to Cull Grassroots by Changing the Rules
Social media is atwitter with protest from Republican delegates and grassroots activists as the Republican National Convention stands poised to vote on proposed rule changes which will fundamentally transform the process for nominating future presidential candidates. In an open letter to delegates in Tampa, Republican Liberty Caucus national chairman Dave Nalle summarizes what is at stake and urges opposition from the floor of the convention next week.

"One of the cornerstones of the Grand Old Party is a belief in republicanism and the idea that power is distributed and limited by checks and balances. Those values are embodied in our Constitution and they were the basis of the Republican Party when it was founded and for most of its history. Historically this has meant that most of the power in the Republican Party has rested with the party members in the states, working as delegates through their local and state caucuses and conventions to generate policy for the party in a unique collaborative process where the voice of the people could be heard strongly.

… Now there are those in Tampa who seek to overturn this traditional structure of the party, set restrictions on the free choice of party members and introduce a new and alien process which would minimize the input of the party’s rank and file and put power in the hands of party leaders and wealthy special interests who can buy the loyalty of the mob. They have borrowed the organizing structure of the Democrats and authored rules which would cause our delegates to be bound by the votes of primary voters who may not be Republicans or share our values. They have also proposed that the presumed presidential nominee could remove our elected delegates at whim. Finally they want to remove control over the rule making process from the state parties to a small elite within the national committee of the party who can change the rules under which the party operates at any time. Without fixed rules arrived at by the consent of the rank and file of the party we [state and national delegates elected at local conventions] become pawns rather than participants in the political process.

I hope that all delegates in Tampa will join me in opposing this coup within the party. If you are a [delegate], please join with others in supporting the minority report and opposing these changes which will be voted on from the floor on Monday. If you are watching from home, please realize that the media is not covering this issue and reach out to any delegates you know and encourage them to stand up for the rights of the state parties and the many dedicated Republicans who took part in the grassroots process which makes our party unique and protects the interests of all of its members."

The text of the proposed rule changes is attached to Nalle’s letter. The RNC rules committee approved the changes last week. But the rules will not go into affect unless approved by the convention this week. If passed, these rules will make it significantly more difficult for minority delegations to effectively participate in the convention process.
Basically, Nalle is saying that the rules change will effectively shutout grassroots activists and prevent the Republican Party from growing with the recruitment of new and energized conservative political activists.

Texans join uprising against RNC rules change
Republicans from Texas are leading a mutiny at their national nominating convention in Tampa and fighting proposed rule changes that they say amount to a power grab by entrenched GOP operatives at the expense of grassroots activism.
Rule changes forced through by Romney campaign at RNC provoke grassroots backlash
Rule changes pushed through by the Romney campaign that appear designed to prevent an insurgent candidacy like that of Ron Paul from mounting any meaningful challenge to the party establishment in the future are provoking a strong grassroots reaction.
This mutiny isn't going away and it's highly doubtful that RNC and GOP officials will be able to squash it as easily as they squashed Ron Paul and the Ron Paul delegates.  The Republican Party consists of 3 legs that all pretty much hate each other - the Rino New England Rockefeller Republicans, the religious right Warvangelicals and the minority Ron Paul Republicans.  The religious right Warvangelicals are a much more powerful and numerous force within the GOP than the Ron Paul Republicans and these folks can't be squashed like a bug.

I can already hear the Rockefeller Rino bait: "Don't worry, we've got to guarantee that no liberty candidate like Ron Paul ever again rises within the GOP and we love you, we support life and we love the wars too".

There's one problem.  The religious right Warvangelicals don't believe anything flowing from the lips of Mitt Romney.


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