Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why is Obama's EPA Mandating Ethanol Genocide?

When the most draconian and totalitarian global bureaucracies oppose corn ethanol because they recognize its catastrophic and deadly consequences, you have to wonder about the Obama Administration's EPA that continues to mandate ethanol.  You also have to wonder about the Democratic Party.  Liberals claim they embrace humanity and its needs, yet liberals are the driving force in engineering a global murderous famine.

The WTO, FAO, IFAD, IMF, OECD, UNCTAD, WFP, IFPRI, UN HTLF and the World Bank—all signed on to a recommendation to end bio-fuel subsidies and mandates: "Remove provisions of current national policies that subsidize (or mandate) biofuels production or consumption."

Fully 40% of America's corn production goes into ethanol and not because of a free market demand for ethanol fuel but simply because the Obama Administration mandates it. With the drought and withering corn production, America's dwindling corn supply gravely threatens the food chain at all levels. But America doesn't just produce corn for American consumption, it's a major producer of corn in the world.

According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture:
The US is the world's largest corn producer and exporter, contributing 41% of the world total corn production and 48% of the world's total corn exports. Here.
In poor and third world nations, corn is a staple food.  Moreover, folks in poor nations spend very high percentages of their meager incomes on food.  When the price of a staple food product soars, folks literally die from hunger.

US ethanol polices will massively contribute to global famine.  Meanwhile, America's farmers are among the most highly subsidized and pampered businesses on the planet who routinely fills campaign coffers for protectionism, taxpayer subsidies and ethanol mandates..

This is no longer just a situation of old fashioned American crony capitalism and corporatism that gouges American consumers, it's now a hellish global nightmare and millions will literally starve to death for lack of food.

The situation is getting noticed but Obama's EPA remains adamant - it refuses to budge on its murderous ethanol mandate  policies.  It so bad that Republican senators are now pleading with the Obama Administration to change it's ethanol mandate policies.

US Senators Begging EPA to Cut Ethanol Mandates. What's Wrong With This Picture?

Whenever the government intervenes in anything, disaster always follows. Allowing corporatists and crony capitalist to buy and own the government is quite dangerous, anti-liberty and even murderous.  

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