Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jesse Ventura Gets It - the R's and the D's Really Are the Democrips and Rebloodlicans

Our dysfunction and corrupt to the core political system is finally getting noticed by We the People. In reality, the Donkeys and the Elephants are breeding with each other and that union has produced a slew of horrifying liberty eating monsters. Are there any differences between the Republicans and the Democrats? Of course not. When it comes to endless wars, bankster bailouts, deficit spending, chronic assaults on civil liberties and corporate welfare, the Republicans and the Democrats are all on the same page. The only differences between the falsely constructed and phony baloney left right paradigm are the contentious social issues.

So why do the American people continue to vote Republican or Democrat?  It's a valid question.  The Republican and Democrat parties are masters at hooking the hapless sheeple based on raw emotion suffused with profound fear.  Republican rants include "the Dems hate God and want to abolish your religious liberty" or "the Dems are socialists and commies" or "the Dems have declared war on Jesus, God and Christmas", and on and on.  On the flip side, the Dems fire up their base with accursed accusation that include "the Republicans will take away your SS, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps" or "the Republicans will execute homosexuals" or "the Republicans hate folks of color".

The political party game is pure 100% raw emotion and given the human affliction to be an inclusive member of the herd mentality and its accompanying manifestations, it's a strategy that works exceedingly well for the elites who are masters at the spin that ruthlessly maintains total control.  It's always about control and creating a mass movement of terrified but compliant zombie voters who offer unquestioned loyalty and obedience to their masters.

On the other hand, the Independent voters are by far the most intelligent, the most aware and the most discerning of voters.  They actually research issues, voting records and policy positions.  They may lean left or right but they consistently apply some semblance of logical sanity to their voting decisions.  They also understand that the RNC and DNC machines are in fact wholly owned subsidiaries of the same folks, namely the banksters, military industrial complex and rent seeking corporate welfare queens.

Independent voters tend to long for abolishing political parties.  It's an excellent idea because it would move candidates out of the closet of the political party protection racket and actually force them to campaign on the real issues, something the Republicans and Democrats dread.

America's most famous independent politician is Jesse Ventura, former Independent governor of Minnesota.  Ventura doesn't hide his utter contempt for the two party duopoly of one.  Ventura gets straight to the point:
Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura called for the abolition of the Democratic and Republican parties in an appearance last night on CNN, saying they are worse than violent warring street gangs.
In an interview with Piers Morgan, Ventura did not hold back, urging that “We need to abolish the political parties,” and “Make them political action committees.”
As he does in his new book, the former Navy Seal compared the current two party US political system to the infamous Los Angeles street gangs the Bloods and Crips.
Read the rest here:  Ventura: Abolish Both Political Parties 

Ventura's latest book, Democrips and Rebloodlicans, is very appropriately titled.

If frustrated Americans are fed up and disgusted with the economic misery, the DC District of Crime elites with zero accountability and the never ending arrogance of elected leaders, then Americans need to just stop supporting the Republican and Democrat parties, they need to stop voting Republican or Democrat and they need to comprehend that the present system is definitely not structured for liberty or the benefit of We the People.

The Republican and Democrat parties are two identical and corrupt peas in the same pod because they are owned and funded by the same folks.

Americans keep voting for change but the change never comes, and it never will until the corporate money is purged from the election system.  Only when our malignant political system permanently sheds its corporate control will We the People once again be back in charge.

Of course, booting Fedzilla and its draconian powers back to its constitutional limitations would go a very long way in restoring what we need more than anything else - peace, liberty and prosperity.

Judy Morris
Twitter: judy morris@judymorris3


  1. You are leaving out important facts, such as the upcoming global collapse of the economy, another false flag operation such as a phony alien invasion, and the imposition of Martial Law in the name of protecting our freedom. The government says nothing will happen on December 21. Do not worry about the Galactic Alignment. Things like the Sun, Moon, and the Big Black Hole in the Center of Our Galaxy have no influence on you. Only the government does. The stuff about the moon influencing tides will be deleted and forgotten.

  2. I try to keep my post on target and narrowly focused on its title. I blog a lot about the banksters, the wars and the economy. I don't blog about false flag operations or martial law, although I do post on Police State USA and the prison industrial complex.


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